g18 | either: O – (P+D) = L ~or~ (P+D) – O = L

Mariners 2 | Twins 4 

disjointed 2
Seems the theme of the season is . . .
~ when the M’s get pitching and defense, they get NO hitting
~ when the M’s get hitting, they get NO pitching OR defense

WAY past time to get it all together! Here’s to a successful road trip


Roenis’ first start (called up due to Kuma’s DL stint: grade1 lat strain, out 2-4 weeks) was,  a l m o s t  a QS. He had runners on base in every inning but the 5th but, was able to get out of jam after jam. And, according to Lloyd (who was ejected) and the numerous “umps in the stands”, it should have been MUCH better 😉
FIVE.TWO innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

The bully got a work out today . . .
} Carson, Tyler, Danny, Nando combined for THREE.ONE innings, giving up only TWO hits and TWO walks and ZERO runs
} Tyler posted a 1-2-3 10th but lost it with a walk, a bunt, an IBB and a TWO-run triple

XBH were once again plentiful (THREE doubles and a homer). Alas, OH fer TWELVE w/RISP and they stranded a runner at 3B in FOUR different innings (TWICE w/less than TWO outs)
~ Robbie breaks his ELEVEN game hitting streak
~ Seth with his first homer as a Mariner and, there was NO doubt about it . . .

Well .  . .
* at lease no errors today but, a few less than stellar attempts in the OF
* nice Strike-em-Out, Throw-em-Out DP to end the 3rd

tweets of the game . . .