g33 | Vedder Cup = split

Mariners 2 | Padres 4

ducks on the pond

Basically . . .
the Friars got ’em on, got ’em over, got ’em in
the M’s just got ’em on

Taijuan posted a solid, quality start (though he needs to get more efficient – 102 pitches) allowing only a solo homer and a sac fly . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

} Joe allowed a run in the 7th and a lead off single in the 8th who would score after Carson came in and allowed a steal and a WP (his first of the season) but got a couple of K’s and a line out
} Danny shaky again – a HBP on the first pitch to the lead off batter and then a single but then a strikeout and a couple of great plays by our resident 3B GG’er ❤

Well . . .
ONE for THIRTEEN w/RISP sorta tells ya all you need to know about the bats tonight 😦
~ Brad continues his hot hitting (maybe this DH thing will stick) – as he gets BOTH RBI – a homer and an RBI double
~ Zu also had a double (but, also THREE K’s)

* Kyle with not ONE but TWO charging plays (7th and 9th)
* Nellie with a great throw from RF to get the runner going to 3B (unfortunately, there was a runner ahead of him who scored)
* Robbie with a great shoe string catch of a liner

tweets of the game . . .