g37 | Power arms + Power bats = shutout VICTORY!

Mariners 5 | Red Sox 0


Just how you would write it up . . . 
:: strong and long starting pitching
:: shutdown relief
:: a timely hit and more power than actually needed
:: solid defense

What a day for James!
He not only pitched a career high EIGHT full innings, he shutout the Red Sox and has now posted 20 consecutive scoreless innings this season! AWE.SOME
EIGHT innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Carson being Carson: ONE scoreless inning w/a strikeout

Only EIGHT total hits but, THREE for extra-bases (a double and TWO homers)

But, all they would really need came in the 2nd inning when Kyle and LoMo both singled and Kyle scored from 3B on a passed ball. Then for a little insurance, Zu singles in LoMo.
The score would stay 2-0 until the bottom of the 5th . . .

Brad decided to do what Brad does these days: homer (third in TWO games, fourth of the home stand!)
The score would stay 3-0 until the bottom of the 8th . . .

Kyle, not to be outdone, greeted the new pitcher (on his first pitch) w/a 2-run jack (Nellie had walked)
The score would remain 5-0 forever 🙂

Over all solid defense today . . .
* DP of Robbie-Brad-LoMo
* Brad (his first game at short in awhile) made a great diving stop
* LoMo with a rather scary play in which the runner collided with him but, he hung on to the ball and tagged him out and they were both OK (whew!)
* interesting “sun ball” in the 8th when Ack broke to right and then lost the ball in the sun but Justin came to the rescue (whew! probably was his ball anyway) for the 3rd out

tweets of the game . . .