g43 | uP, UP . . . down

Mariners 2 | Blue Jays 8

Just when you think they are getting somewhere . . . 

up and down

Tai had his share of walks (THREE in the first FOUR innings) but, didn’t give up his first hit until the 5th . . .
unfortunately, he also gave up FOUR other hits in that inning – including TWO 2-run homers 😦
in the 6th, Tai appeared to have righted the ship, getting TWO quick outs but, then a walk and a single lead to bringing on the bullpen. His final line . . .
FIVE.TWO innings ~ SIX hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Danny’s struggles continue – ugh
} Joe unusually off-kilter
} Mark, the loan pitching bright spot w/ another SOLID outing:  NO hits/runs  ~ THREE strikeouts in his ONE.ONE inning

EIGHT hits, including a homer and a double but, O’fer w/RISP (in this case FIVE) . . .
~ Kyle continuing to heat up: his second homer in as many games
~ Robbie, on the other hand, is about as cold as you can get: O’fer the series 😦

* Brad did a pretty nice job at 2B (w/Robbie getting a bit of a rest at DH)
* Ack with a not so pretty play in center when the ball took a HIGH bounce and it went over his head in the fated 5th

tweets of the game . . .