g57 | of super solid pitching, inept situational hitting and, don’t get me started on the base-running

Mariners 1 | Rays 3

If you had said that the M’s were going to give up SEVEN runs in the FOUR game series, you’d have to think at least a split or even THREE wins . . . think again 😦

home sour home

Another solid outing by “Monty” (only his second big league start) and he did NOT deserve to take the loss. . .
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Tom, Vidal and Joe held ’em at bay (the ONE run allowed by the BY was unearned) combining for TWO innings of no hits, no walks and ONE strikeout

Nothing much to see here . . .
~ LoMo extended his hitting streak to FOURTEEN – singled in the 9th to make things interesting with runners at the corners but, Brad flied out to end the game
~ SEVEN total hits – only ONE for extra bases (another double for Seth, who leads the team in doubles w/14)
~ oh brother, are the CS’s getting annoying (TWO more today)  😦

but, to be fair, it’s not like they were facing chopped liver . . .

* Some great DEE (on both sides) including a great, leaping grab of a liner by Kyle and a couple of nice plays by Mike (great to see him field his position!)
* but, a costly error by Brad in the 8th – a bad throw allowed the runner to be safe at 1B and later score and an error by Kyle in the 9th (his first in FORTY games)

tweets of the game . . .