g63 | oy vey

Mariners 0 | Astros 13

Just a sad day all ’round 😦

balloon deflated

A rare struggle for Roenis (but, join the club, seems nearly everyone struggles vs. these ‘stros)
after throwing THIRTY-THREE pitches and giving up THREE runs in the 1st, he needed only NINE pitches for a 1-2-3 2nd – you thought maybe, just maybe, he could hold ’em there but ‘t was not to be . . .
THREE.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ EIGHT runs ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ TWO strikeouts

the bullpen didn’t fair any better . . .
} Danny gave up TWO runs (and was sent back to AAA after the game)
} Mark, Charlie and Carson each gave up ONE run
} Nando gave up a walk (the Astros had SEVEN total) but, was the only pitcher not to allow a run – go figure!

After the early onslaught yesterday, it seemed like they might have found something . . .
clearly not – at least not permanently (though it does seem as if there were quite a few very hard hit balls that were run down by the outfield)
~ a double for AJ, a single for Kyle
~ FIVE walks but, zilch across the plate  (

Kyle with a costly error in the 1st and a PB by Jesus

tweets of the game . . .

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