g72 | CGS + 10K’s + ZERO walks = the Full Monty

Mariners 7 | Royals 0

Monty CG

wOw ~ what a start by Monty ~ against his original team, no less!
The Royals have the fewest strikeouts in the majors – Mike K’d them TEN times!
The first couple innings looked a bit shaky . . .

  • in the 1st: he loaded the bases on a couple of singles and a HBP in the 1st – strikeout and then DP
  • In the 2nd: runners at 1B and 2B w/NO outs –  he strikes out the side
  • and that would be the first THREE of SEVENTEEN in-a-row retired.
  • the only other base runners came in the 7th (reached on an error) and the 9th (TWO out single)

NINE innings ~ FOUR hits (all singles) ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

Love, Love, Lovin’ this version of the “OH” . . .
~ Kyle unable to score from 2B in the 2nd when Ack hits a double because it was of the ground rule variety
~ Kyle unable to score from 3B when Ack hits a single to shallow LF (but is able to touch home via Brad’s bases-loaded walk)
~ Speaking of Ack = THREE for THREE w/a 2-run homer (a triple short of the cycle)
~ Robbie and Seth also w/multi-hit games (Robbie w/a double and Seth w/ a RBI single)
~ LoMo w/his 9th homer, a solo shot, and another RBI via FC
~ Brad w/ a bases loaded walk (to start the scoring in the 4th)
~ Zu w/an RBI single and a walk

* A thing of beauty 3-6-1 DP – with the bases loaded – to end the 1st . . .
* A couple of errors (LoMo and Brad) but, thankfully, no damage

tweets of the game . . .