g74 | Tai terrific, Robbie roars, Nando nifty

Mariners 3 | Angels 1



Like the glass half full or half empty, this may be a symbol of the team coming together or coming apart πŸ˜‰

(also a subtle tip o’ the cap to the SCOTUS today πŸ™‚ )

Tai’s terrific-ness is becoming a thing, his steeliness beyond his years . . .

  • In the 1st he got TWO outs on FOUR pitches then, gave up a solo shot (which would prove to be the Halos only run)
  • He only retired the side 1-2-3 twice: the 3rd and the 7th
  • And the 6th was a thing of beauty: he allowed a single (Trout), a HBP (Pujols) and then a sac bunt that got runners to 2B and 3B with only ONE out. . . Tai proceeds to get a strike out (Freese) and a fly out (Joyce)

and what a performance by the pen!

  • Charlie K’s the only guy he faced in the 8th
  • Carson allowed a hit (Trout) and a walk (Pujols) but then induces the DP

  • and, welcome back to our old friend Nando – shoots the arrow for the 15th time this season and preserves Tai’s 6th WIN


Not a bad night for the bats . . .
~ NINE total hits
~ FIVE for extra-bases
~ Robbie w/his fourth homer
~ Brad and Nellie both w/RBI doubles (Brad was 3/4 w/TWO doubles) and Mark w/a double as well (his first as a Mariner)

* Nice relay from Mark to Robbie to Kyle to nab Aybar (was reviewed but call upheld)

* Well-timed DP to get Carson out of a ONE out TWO on jam in the 8th

tweets of the game . . .