g93 | Imagine that?!? Another ONE-run loss

Mariners 4 | Tigers 5

just two more

18-17 in ONE-run games

Happy Happ!
He pitched well, all things considered, only really frustration was the walk that ended up scoring on the double in the 2nd
SEVEN runs ~ FOUR hits ~ THREE runs/earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Unfortunately, our typical “steady Eddie” (Mark) had an EXTREMELY rare breakdown . . .
on one pitch, he allowed his FIRST homer of the season (to that pesky Kinsler), blew the save lost the game and nearly doubled his ERA (from .62 to 1.20).

That said, as noted below, methinks the top of the order is WAY more to blame than the back of the bullpen in this latest heartbreaker 😦

Only EIGHT total hits and 3/11 w/RISP. . .
~ bad news: top of the order = 0/14
~ good news: middle of the order = 5/12 w/THREE runs scored and TWO SB (AJ)
~ better news: bottom of the order = 3/9 w/THREE runs driven in
~ GREAT news: ZU with a TWO-run double, an RBI single, a walk and NO strikeouts 🙂

TWO DP’s including . . .
~ an OF assist from AJ to Robbie to end the top of the 3rd
~ and Kyle to Robbie to LoMo to end the top of the 4th

tweets of the game . . .