g10 | road SWEET road!

Mariners 7 | Yankees 1

on the road, thankfully, again 🙂

road love

Nate IN and OUT of trouble . . .
obviously, too many walks but, the solo shot in the first was the only XBH against him and that “getting out” part gives him a little grit factor 😉
FIVE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ FOUR walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

Bully back to form . . . 
Tony, Joel, Vidal and Monty combining for FOUR innings only ONE hit and ZERO runs

Nice to see the Yanks with “Mariner-itis” (ZERO for TWELVE w/RISP)

Lots to like here! (as @Gary Hill would say 🙂 )
~ first double-digit hit game (12) since the last two games in the opening series in Texas
~ only the third game the M’s have scored more than THREE
~ FOUR extra-base hits (THREE doubles and a homer)
~ Robbie, Nellie, Adam and Chris all with multi-hit games
~ more walks than K’s (when does THAT happen?)
~ in fact, the fewest strikeouts (THREE) for the M’s in a game so far this season
~ Seth and Guti shared the DH spot tonight (Guti getting over the effects from the flu) and combined for ONE run, TWO hits, TWO rbi and ONE walk
~ Chris with THREE hits, including a TWO-run homer
~ Ketel with his first SB
~ Kyle REALLY starting   s   l   o   w   (he’ll get it turned around though!)

} couple of nice catches in the outfield and fine plays in the infield
} no errors (but the Yanks had one)
} no DP’s turned (though the Yanks turned THREE ;-( )

tweets of the game . . .