g11 | arms strand MANY, bats do JUST enough . . .

Mariners 3 | Yankees 2

Both teams w/ TEN hits, ONE error, ONE homer
Y’s w/ONE more double and M’s batters w/SIX more K’s
BUT, the Yanks strand FOURTEEN so . . . .
the good guys win 🙂

winning is fun


Very strange start from Felix . . . 
SO many pitches, SO many walks but, history recorded

and his FIRST win but the strangest line ever . . .
FIVE innings ~ ONE earned run ~ SIX walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

The Bully gives up ONE but . . .
goes FOUR full w/THREE holds (Vidal, Nick, Joaquin) and Steve’s FIRST save

the bad . . .
batters w/THIRTEEN K’s (most so far) and only ONE walk (fewest so far)

the good . . .
pretty much everything else 😉
~ only TWO starters w/o a hit (Guti and Chris)
~ Leonys’s  only hit was a   L O N G   homer that tied the game at ONE

~ Robbie’s RBI single scored Ketel from 1B to break the tie

~ Nellie with TWO hits, ONE an RBI double scoring Robbie to make it 3-2 (where it stayed)

} Adam w/a fielding error
} TWO double plays turned (both Robbie to Ketel to Dae-Ho)

tweets of the game . . .