g13-15 another road series win!

road warrior

g13 Mariners 2 | Indians 3
oh, so close!
the good: FOUR extra-base hits (including Kyle’s second homer), THREE DP’s turned
the bad: only SIX total hits, 0/10 w/w/RISP, Wade FOUR walks (including THREE in the 4th)

g14 Mariners 2 | Indians 1
on the good side of close, for a change
the good: Tai’s first win, Steve’s second save, Nori w/ a TWO-run triple
the bad: only THREE total hits, Adam’s third error,

g15 Mariners 10 | Indians 7
all the bats contribute!
the good: FOURTEEN hits (including Steve Clevenger’s first and Robbie’s sixth), THREE players w/multiple RBIs (including Robbie w/FOUR), the bulk of the bully going THREE.TWO scoreless innings (Nick, Joel, Tony and Steve)
the bad: Nate’s outing, Joaquin’s relief, Ketel’s third error

tweets of the series . . .