g22-24 | series win vs. World Champs

Now THAT’s the way to tackle a home stand 🙂


~ both series featured one-run wins, blowout wins and close losses
~ SIX games, TWO series, FOUR wins, TWO series wins (FIFTH series win in-a-row!)

g22 Mariners 1 | Royals 0

  • Felix spins a gem (and gets help from Nick on the last out of the 8th)
  • Seth provides the only run (solo shot in the 6th) the M’s would need
  • Leonys keeps the Royals off the board, leaving a mark on the CF wall
  • Steve saves the day

g23 Mariners 6 | Royals 0

  • the night belonged to Wade ~ first career complete game shutout!
  • Seth w/another homer, Kyle w/ a THREE-run shot (both in the 1st)
  • EIGHT walks ~ THREE scored
  • more great DEE

g24 Mariners 1 | Royals 4

  • the Royals seemed to single Tai to death (only one extra base hit, a double that scored) and no walks but, just too many pitches (96) to get past the 5th
  • the M’s only had ONE extra base hit the entire game but, good that it was Kyle
  • no sweep but, headed to Oakland riding the FIVE series wins 🙂

tweets of the series  . . .