g44-46 | every which way but loose . . .

Ho-Hum, just another series victory!


g44 Mariners 0 | Athletics 5
Enough hits (nine) but all singles and TWO errors by Taylor (who was brought up when Marte was placed on the DL)

g45 Mariners 6 | Athletics 5
Still need Nate to go longer but, Monty was AWESOME in relief! As for the bats . . .the hot stay hot and the late innings stay blistering! Robbie w/a TWO run shot in the 8th to bring the M’s to within ONE, Leonys with a TWO run shot to WIN it in the 9th

g46 Mariners 13 | Athletics 3
What series win would be complete without a blowout? Of course, then this is the time we get SEVEN strong from the starter (Kuma) but, we’ll take it (good to see Lind’s bat heating up)

tweets of the series . . .