fun at fenway :-)

Mariners 7 | Red Sox 3



Dunn threw WAY too many pitches but, he kept ’em in it! 5IP-6H-2R-2ER-1BB-6SO

the usual STELLAR ‘pen combined for: 5IP-1H-1R-1ER-1BB-5SO

  • Vest allowed the walk
  • Sadler gave up the hits and the run
  • Graveman, Montero and Misiewicz all recorded clean sheets
  • Montero got the W


the O made the most of what they got ~ which was not much till the 6th inning 😉

  • only THREE hits but, TWO doubles (France and Haggerty) and a homer (Haniger)
  • 3 for 6 w/RISP
  • only THREE left on base

(contrast to the RedSox – EIGHT hits but, 1 for 11 w/RISP and NINE left on base)

Nice to see . . .

  • Ty come back (after the nasty HBP in the first Dodger game) tying it up in the 6th
  • JP with a sac-fly to re-tie it in the 8th
  • Mitch being Mitch – lots of insurance w/a THREE-run bomb in the 10th

Sam is going to quickly become a fan favorite if he keeps making the most of his opportunities!

  • 8th inning = steals 2B and scores on a sac-fly to tie the game (again)
  • 10th inning = RBI double to give the M’s the lead


Sam SB; no DP’s (but TWO turned against them)

tweets of the game . . .

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