rt1 | Twins, White Sox

3-4 on the trip w/bookend wins (won the first two by one run and the last one by four)


  • Robbie w/a nice opener in Minny, not so great in Chicago
  • Logan TWO great starts (combined for only ONE earned run and ELEVEN strikeouts)
  • Marco and Chris both struggled in Minny
  • Matt Brash w/ a nice major league debut in Chicago

OUT of the PEN

bit of a mixed bag, hard to tell so early but, seems like the bull pen should be able to pick up where they left off last season . . .


  • Mitch leading in homers (3) and RBI (7)
  • Ty and Adam second in RBI (tied w/4)
  • Ty, of course, leading in HBP (TWO – including his first AB of the season)
  • Jesse leads in patience w/NINE walks
  • JP lead in average (.400) and doubles (3)

IN the FIELD and ON the BASES

  • SEVEN DP’s
  • FOUR errors
  • Jerrad and Julio each w/TWO SB
  • Some nice OF play