counting the minutes, after counting the years . . .

In just about 90 minutes . . .

after years, and years, and years of watching nearly every pitch (some years, many in person) and documenting (in one way or another) every regular season game, I – and Mariners fans everywhere – are finally about to be rewarded again with postseason baseball.

While my viewing and documenting has waned over the past several seasons, it’s not been for lack of interest or passion but, more of circumstance. Moving to an island has a lot to do with that – at first, the ferry schedule and my very long commute made it difficult to watch, let alone document or attend. Then, last October, my TV provider dropped RootSports so, this was a “radio only” season for me – which I actually quite enjoyed.

I was lucky enough to attend several games this season – all with my dad ❤
Unfortunately, that magical Friday night on the last day of September wasn’t one of them.
But, I was listening when, with two outs in the bottom of the 9th and the game tied at one, Cal Raleigh hit a 3-2 pitch off the windows of the Hit it Here Cafe at T-Mobile Park to drench Mariners fans in the sparkling excitement of possibility that is postseason baseball after 21 years of drought. I’m not sure that the hit has an official name yet but, undoubtedly it ranks with “the Double” that sent the M’s to their very first postseason. And, just as Dave’s call of Edgar’s historical hit, Rick’s call of Cal’s homer will be forever etched in M’s fans’ memories.

I may be tempting fate, as baseball fans tend to superstition but, I did purchase a few postseason tickets – as not even the ferry schedule will stop me from attending at least one if they come back home. As I was exiting the ballpark after the last regular season game I attended on Sunday, October 2nd, I very cognizant that it was not a given I would have to wait at least six months to return . . .

Never has uncertainty been so welcome.

Go M’s