hs1 | Astros, Rangers, Royals

Now, THAT is how to serve up a Happy Home Stand!
Winning ALL three series, 7-2 overall record, including a “royal” sweep!


  • Marco: a tale of two pitchers . . .
    a great bounce back start vs the Astros where he went SEVEN and only gave up ONE run getting the win in an 11-1 M’s victory. Then a sad start vs the Rangers where he didn’t even make it through FIVE innings, giving up SIX runs in the M’s 6-8 loss.
  • Chris: off to a slow start but, steady progress . . .
    He posted his second loss in as many starts in the M’s loss via shutout vs the Astros. Then, got his first win of the season, going SEVEN strong vs the Royals.
  • Matt: walking to victory and not . . .
    kind of a crazy start vs the Astros, where he picked up the “W” despite walking SIX. Then, in a no decision vs the Royals, he walked another FOUR and gave up THREE earned runs but, the M’s offense exploded, giving them the 13-7 victory.
  • Robbie: so far, just call him Steady Eddy . . .
    two nearly identical lines for Robbie in both his home starts: 6 innings 3 earned runs and one walk that gave him one victory and one no decision. The best news is the M’s won both.
  • Logan: super solid stud – .54 ERA after three starts
    he earned his second victory via a 6H – ZERO ER – ZERO BB performance vs the Rangers

OUT of the PEN

Still a strength, the pen combined for: 30IP-23H-8R-5ER-10BB-32K-1S

  • always good to have LESS hits than innings pitched
  • always good to have MORE strikeouts than innings pitched
  • only ONE save in SEVEN victories but then, there was only one save opp (thanks to the stellar offense)


Except for a shutout vs Verlander, the offense was nothing short of spectacular!
When was the last time you heard (read) those four words in reference to the Mariners?

  • Ty was the obvious standout hitter of this home stand – safe to say, he is ON FIRE . . .
    – 18/38 posting 19 RBI – 4 HR – 3 2B – 7 BB
    – He is TOP THREE in the AL in AVG (.371), HR (5), RBI (19) OBP (.459) SLG (.656) and OPS (1.115)
  • Eugenio and Adam are proving to be solid contributors
  • JP’s been steady from the start and just getting better
  • Jesse, continues to be “Mr. Patience” w/SEVEN more walks and leads the Majors w/FIFTEEN total
  • Julio and Jarred starting to come around, slowly but surely
  • Mitch missed all but the first game at home on the COVID DL (Skip was out for most of the home stand as well)

As a team so far in this young season, M’s offense is TOP THREE in the following categories . . .

  • RBI (2nd)
  • Runs (2nd)
  • OBP (1st)
  • OPS (2nd)
  • HR (3rd)
  • SB (3rd)


The defense has been fairly steady – a few spectacular plays, a few uncharacteristic flubs

  • They can definitely TURN TWO – second in the league in DP’s w/16 (turned FOUR in the first FOUR innings of Matt’s start vs. Houston)
  • Fielding Percentage of .983 (10th in the AL) could definitely be improved

some tweets of the home stand . . .

g10 | series win under the Seattle sun

Mariners 7 | Astros 2

April sunshine in Seattle is a bit of a rarity – here’s hoping Mariners series’ wins like today (especially vs divisional opponents) become downright commonplace.


Matt’s first big league victory came at home vs the ‘stros today when he clearly didn’t have everything working for him. But, to get through it despite that … says a lot.


Fun to imagine what he’ll be able to do on a good day!

the ‘pen combined for 3.2IP-2H-0ER-1BB-5K . . .
ya know, just what we’ve come to expect from the likes of Seawald, Steckenrider, Munoz and Castillo


  • their first SIX runs all came w/TWO outs
  • SEVEN batters had at least ONE hit
  • THREE batters had TWO hits (Adam, Ty, Jarred)
  • FIVE batters w/at least ONE RBI – Ty w/THREE (including a TWO-run homer)
  • Julio w/his first big league RBI (line drive single in the 4th)


one in each of the first FOUR innings (a strike em out, throw em out and THREE Crawford-Frazier-France)

Great to be at the ballpark on a sunny, Sunday with my Dad 🙂

LOVE these fun murals on the way to the ballpark . . .

tweets of the game . . .

g8 | home opener vs ‘stros

Mariner 11 | Astros 1


  • Awesome bounce back start for Marco –> 7IP-4H-1ER-0BB-6K
  • Ramirez and Koch combined for a scoreless 8th and 9th
  • First double-digit hit game for the team (THIRTEEN!) – let alone first double-digit runs!
  • Julio base hit in his first AB at T-Mobile Park
  • Adam w/FOUR hits AND FOUR RBI
  • Jesse just keeps adding to his patience – TWO more walks (and TWO hits!)
  • Speaking of patience – the entire team had it tonight – EIGHT total walks
  • All those runs but, only one homer, Eugenio ~w/JP on~ in the 8th . . .

rt1 | Twins, White Sox

3-4 on the trip w/bookend wins (won the first two by one run and the last one by four)


  • Robbie w/a nice opener in Minny, not so great in Chicago
  • Logan TWO great starts (combined for only ONE earned run and ELEVEN strikeouts)
  • Marco and Chris both struggled in Minny
  • Matt Brash w/ a nice major league debut in Chicago

OUT of the PEN

bit of a mixed bag, hard to tell so early but, seems like the bull pen should be able to pick up where they left off last season . . .


  • Mitch leading in homers (3) and RBI (7)
  • Ty and Adam second in RBI (tied w/4)
  • Ty, of course, leading in HBP (TWO – including his first AB of the season)
  • Jesse leads in patience w/NINE walks
  • JP lead in average (.400) and doubles (3)

IN the FIELD and ON the BASES

  • SEVEN DP’s
  • FOUR errors
  • Jerrad and Julio each w/TWO SB
  • Some nice OF play

g5 | Brash’s debut

Mariners 2 | White Sox 3

Coming off a split vs the Twins . . .

M’s won the first two games in Minny by one run; lost the next two via one blowout and one shutout. Offense is definitely off to a slow start so, let’s focus on the good, like the new kid on-the-mound today – making his big league debut for the M’s in the Chicago home opener . . .

Matt Brash –> 5.1IP-4H-2ER-6K

there was at least ONE bright spot at the plate – Suarez’s first homer as a Mariner . . .

g1 | startin’ off right!

Mariners 2 | Twins 1

Pitchin’ and Defense . . .

  • Robbie Ray w/a solid M’s debut ~ 7IP-3H-1ER-4BB-5K
  • Cal was great behind the plate
  • lovely to see TWO double-plays
  • and, Julio’s game-winning catch in the 9th – whew!

They scored early but, not often . . .

#HannyHomer in the 1st plated Ty who was HBP (of course!) in his first AB for their only runs

They got a lot ON but, not a lot IN . . .

SEVEN walks but, only FIVE hits and 0/8 w/RISP

Some shades of last season . . .

  • M’s were involved in 53 one-run games (33W-19L) – here they go again 😉
  • Ty was tied w/Canha for the lead league in HBP (27) – his first AB = HBP

Welcome Back, Baseball!

it always starts w/Dave ❤ . . .

the LINEUP . . .

intra-Seattle best wishes . . .

and, if Opening Day wasn’t exciting enough – how cool was THIS news to wake up to?!?!?


unexpected expectations

So glad my dad an I got to be there ❤

For a team where the expectations were few and far between, it was a happy and exciting circumstance for these Mariners to be playing in front of a packed stadium on the very last day of the season in a game that still mattered. It was so much fun for the players and win-starved fans alike. The experience gained from near-playoff baseball should prove to be invaluable to the young players going forward – in other words, despite not getting over that last hump, the future is looking bright.

And then, there was the special goodbye to Kyle Seager . . .
emotional for him, his teammates and the fans. They were behind the entire game but, we’d seen them come back time after time (42 to be exact) so, all hope was not lost. Until the top of the 9th, when the out of town scoreboard turned in favor of the Red Sox and dashed any post season hope for the M’s (even if they had won the game, they help they needed hadn’t materialized). It was at that point that the crowd started chanting “Kyle – Seager!” and he was given the opportunity to have a moment with the fans (he was even presented with the 3B bag!). Kyle gave his all for eleven years – and it’s such a shame that, like Felix, he was never able to take part in post season baseball. Even with that, he seemed to harbor no regret and in fact spoke glowingly about his years with the M’s and, especially THIS specific team which, according to him, had a particularly special bond.

Mariners 3 | Athletics 7



The Halos were relentless – base runners galore – not only TEN hits but SEVEN walks . . .

  • Tyler just didn’t have it today (not quite as bad as his previous start vs the Halos but, given the magnitude of the game, it sort of felt like it: 1.2IP-5H-4R-3ER-2BB-0SO
  • Ramirez got the last out of the 2nd and pitched a scoreless 3rd
  • Misiewicz and Swanson gave up THREE runs in their combined TWO innings
  • Munoz, Doolittle, Sadler and Steckenrider combined for FOUR scoreless innings (Munoz made his debut – throwing 101MPH)


NINE total hits, including TWO doubles but . . .

  • the runs came via Jarred and JP RBI singles in the 3rd and a JP force out in the 6th
  • they were only 3 for 11 w/RISP and left NINE on base
  • the middle of the order was 0-16


  • SB (Toro)
  • TWO errors (both pitchers not helping their cause: Anderson and Swanson)

tweets of the game . . .