I’m amazed . . . no “maybe” about it

It’s not every road trip that I visit Safeco Field . . .
Though there are a handful of times that I’ve visited the ballpark when the Mariners weren’t actually playing: a couple of times for the Fred Hutch Lunch, back in January of 2011 (when I celebrated my 50th birthday with 100 or so of my family and friends) and, this past April for the Open House on Opening Day to watch the M’s start the season in Oakland on the brand new video board.

All those were very fun and very special but, this was really an event . . . the first ever public rock concert held at Safeco Field.

Awaiting Sir Paul | Lisa's iPhone

Awaiting Sir Paul | Lisa’s iPhone

Unfortunately, I never saw The Beatles live, though I did get to see Ringo Starr and his All Star Band at St Michelle Winery a few years back and it was really fun. But this was on a whole other level. I took my son and his girlfriend but, by the looks of the crowd, there were at least four generations represented. A testament to the timelessness and significance of the music.

Anna, Dallas and Lisa | Lisa's iPhone

Anna, Dallas and Lisa | Lisa’s iPhone

There was an extra special treat for the younger of the generations in the Seattle crowd when, as part of the encore, Sir Paul introduced the surviving members of Nirvana and who performed with him the rest of the way (some seven or so songs).

My favorite portion of the concert was the set of: Something, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Band on the Run, Back in the USSR, Let It Be, Live and Let Die and Hey Jude

Live and Let Die (complete with fireworks) | Lisa's iPhone

Live and Let Die (complete with fireworks) | Lisa’s iPhone

Just an amazingly awesome night.

(oh yeah, and down in Houston ~ the Mariners won!)

New choice in town | KIRO –> ESPN on Opening Day


710 ESPN Seattle

3-7am ~ Mike and Mike in the Morning
7-11am ~ Colin Cowherd
11am-3pm~ Brock Huard and Mikd Salk
3-6pm ~ Kevin Calabro
Mariners pre and postgame shows

I think I might just stick w/Mitch in the Morning (at least through the Bigger Dance 😉
Mike ‘n’ Mike are OK, but I can do without Colin Cowherd (who I’ve occasionally heard on XM)

the “trial run” was today …
The first live broadcast of a Mariners spring training game. After the game til Monday, it will be non-stop ads for the upcoming switch.

Goodbye PI….

I don’t mind admitting that I caught a breath here and there and shed a few tears as I thumbed through the last print edition this morning….

I remember the days when the PI was delivered in the morning and the Times in the afternoon. Now, I’m lucky to get through the ‘combined’ Sunday edition by Tuesday. I guess that makes me part of the problem 😦

Thank you for making us who we were David McCumber

We probably didn’t tell you enough how proud we were to be part of you.We love your saw-toothed Klondiked Boeing-proud past. It’s our past, too.We even love your nervous overcaffeinated undercapitalized Sonics-free present. And we’re sure you’ll still be pretty fetching in the future as abored-tunnel light-railed one-paper joint (or paper-free zone, as the regrettable case may be).