hs2 | Rays, Phillies

The good news is. . .
they weren’t swept in either series (and TWO of the losses were by ONE run)
The bad news is . . .
they were only able to salvage one win in each series (and BOTH were by ONE run)

To focus on the positive vs Tampa Bay . . .

  • Jarred blasted his first pinch hit homer
  • Sewald hadn’t allowed a base runner in SIX innings (till this series)
  • Julio bagged his first big league triple
  • Adam and Jesse each recorded their homers as Mariners
  • Most promising of all – with friends and family in attendance at T-Mobile Park, George Kirby’s ML debut on Mother’s Day was a thing of beauty: 6IP-4H-0ER-0BB-7K

The only game worth noting in the Phillies series was the second one where . . .

  • Robbie retired the first TWELVE batters he faced and got the win: 5.2IP-2H-2ER-2BB-10K
  • the bats got going with ELEVEN hits; multi-hit games from Adam, Ty Eugenio and Luis

And, in other Seattle sports news . . .

Congrats to the Sounders!!!

And, THIS will be an interesting start to the Seahawks season . . .

I was trying to focus on the positive but, have to mention some really disappointing news re: Mitch 😦

Now it’s off to NY, Toronto and Boston – time to set the road on fire!!!

wonderous to wallowing to wending . . .

What a wonderous season . . .

Every game, every quarter, every minute.

In some ways, Super Bowl XLIX was a microcosm of the Seahawks 2014 season . . .

  • from the slow start (3-3 record – tied at halftime)
  • to the injuries (Zack, Derrick, Max, Brandon – Richard, Kam, Earl, Jeremy, Cliff)
  • re-grouping after half-way (ditching Percy – 3rd quarter adjustments)

Toward the end of the season it became par for the course for the games to come down to the wire, up to and including the NFCCG w/the Packers. So, when they were tied with the Patriots at halftime in the Super Bowl and then came roaring back in the 3rd quarter, it was like, OK we’ve got this!

The ending required wallowing . . .

But, the Patriots scored rare 4th quarter points on what was an extremely compromised Hawks defense. Despite these challenges, the Seahawks STILL had the ball and a chance to win it in the last seconds – after the awesome circus catch by Jermaine (Hawks had the most explosive plays in the NFL in both the regular AND post season) and a great run by Marshawn (clearly the heart and soul of the team) came the ill-fated call. Whether it was the wrong call, the wrong personnel, poorly executed – will be debated forever and a day. Bottom line: heartbreak.

I won’t defend the play call or the execution (that’s been done ad nauseam) but, just for grins, I will post a rather staunch “defense” of it by someone who gets a bit hysterical himself in arguing of the hysteria surrounding the last 50 seconds of the game . . .

As well as an open and honest interview with the man who made the call . . .

And now we get to the wending . . .

I have to believe that for this team, with an already unparalleled bond, this experience will only make them stronger, closer and more determined than ever.

Congrats to the World Champion New England Patriots!

Go Hawks!!!


It’s baaaaaak . . . .

And so am I!

OK – I admit. I feel a just a tad guilty.

A few months ago, I hung up my compass and pulled ashore from the Mariners seas in favor of soaring with the Hawks and the twelves for the winter. And, as chronicled in previous posts ~ what a flight it was! But, after an exhilarating fling with my “first sports love”, I’m back from the “gridiron giddiness” and ready to get back to my “true sports love” 🙂

heart baseball

Seems I’ve got a little catching up to do . . .

From what little I’ve heard, sounds like Mac is well-liked . . .
and, above all, respected. He’s not shy with the media or his players – has strong feelings and opinions and isn’t afraid to voice them. But, he want’s to keep things loose. He and Jack Z even visited with Pete Carroll at the Seahawks training facility during practice (hey – not everything can translate from the gridiron to the diamond but, doesn’t hurt to associate with those of winning ways 🙂 )

Lloyd McClendon

As for Robinson Cano . . .
I’ve heard snippets of interviews with Brad Miller, Kyle Seager and Justin Smoak and they all rave about him. Not only because they are thrilled to have one of the best hitters in the game on their side now but -to a man- they are impressed with his work ethic AND his willingness to share his knowledge and experience. I have to say, initially, I was less than thrilled with the prospect of that HUGE contract but, if he can play for the M’s like he did in pin-stripes and help their young hitters to improve and, maybe even entice some other high profile free agents along the way, through the years – then, it will be worth it.

hello cano

So, anyhoo, there was a baseball game today 🙂
The Annual Charity Game between the M’s and Padres at the newly renovated Peoria Sports Complex they share.

Mariners 7 | Padres 1
Seems things went pretty well for the M’s first dip into spring, not so much for the Pads . . .

Welcome Back Baseball!!!

(I really did miss you, even though I had a tremendously delicious distraction for a time 😉 )

Russell and the trophy | Paul Sancya, AP


Tomorrow, Cactus League play starts in earnest.

“Twelves, they’re bringing the trophy home!”

” . . . your Seahawks – Super Bowl 48 Champions!” — Steve Raible

This was my Facebook status a couple hours after the game . . .

I think I need a pinch (or 12!) or, maybe a gatorade bath . . .

Hardly seems real – not that I didn’t think they could do it but, the manner in which the Seattle Seahawks earned their first World Championship was so totally impressive – it’ll take awhile to put it into words.

For now, just relishing and reveling . . .

It’s now been three weeks and, it STILL seems surreal!

Short of actually being in East Rutherford, I feel like I was able to experience the best of both worlds . . .

The camraderie with the thousands of twelves away from home (we were in Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend). It was so fun walking around Sin City and seeing other Hawks fans and yelling “SEA!” and getting a resounding “HAWKS!” in return (and vice versa). Lots of fist-bumping and high-fiving ~ and that was all BEFORE the game ~ I think we were all still in shock afterward 😉

Rockin' the colors and reppin' our Hawks in SinCity

Rockin’ the colors and reppin’ our Hawks in SinCity

Happy 12s after the 43-8 victory viewed from Senior Frogs in LasVegas

Happy 12s after the 43-8 victory viewed from Senior Frogs in LasVegas

pure jubilation!

pure jubilation!

AND then, being able to soak in the celebration at home for the parade and ceremony at the CLink

parade party

Happy 12s awaiting the parade of a lifetime!

Trophy Ceremony at CLink at the parade conclusion

Trophy Ceremony at CLink at the parade conclusion

oh, as for the game 😉 , some digital and video memories here . . .

Seahawks 43 | Broncos 8

NFL Films | SB 48 1st half

NFL Films | SB 48 2nd half

‘t was INDEED meant to be, Mitch . . . .

the “intra-city sports support” is pretty neat . . .

and my favorite . . . .

Seahawks Dreamland!

(apologies to Gilligan 😉 )

Just sit right back and enjoy a tale

A tale of a magical team

It started out in twenty-ten

With the Super Bowl as its dream

The coach was a positive energy force

The GM young and sly

53 men would tap “All In!”

And reach for the sky

Reach for the sky

Draft days came and draft days went

The roster began to gel

If not for the foresight of Pete and John

The program would not excel

The program would not excel

The wins, they began to pile up

With the Niners well in hand

With DangerRuss,

And BeastMode too,

Golden Tate

and Doug B,

Steven H  . . .

The Legion of Boom and Max,

Here in Seahawks Dreamland!

So this is the tale of our magical team

They’re here for a long, long time

No time to sleep and leave no doubt

It’s a championship ride

Paul and John and Pete and crew

Will do their very best

To keep their Seahawks soaring high

While grounded in the nest

No quit, all grit and confidence

And shoulder chips galore

They revel as the underdogs

And feed on the 12th man roar

So join us here each year dear twelves

Lend your voices across the land

resplendent in your blue green and gray

Here in Seahawks Dreamland!

mariner 12


seaHAWKS NFCCG | best. birthday. gift. EVER.

Seahawks 23 | 49’ers 17

anticipation at the gate . . .

anticipation at the gate . . .

How fitting that on my 53rd birthday, Malcolm Smith (#53) catches the winning interception 🙂

But, what a roller coaster ride it was!

the low point being the very first play of the game . . . .
Russell’s fumble (would that set the tone of the game?)

the high point being the very LAST play of the game . . .
Richard’s AMAZING tip and Malcolm’s catch

And then there was everything in-between . . .

  • from the Gore containment to Kaepernick running wild.
  • Hawks down 3-10 in the first half, then outscoring the Niners 20-7 in the second half
  • BeastMode living up to his nickname is EVERY way shape and form

What a game . . .

the lead-up . . . 



the clinching . . . 


the celebration . . .


the presentation . . . 


others’ thoughts before, during and after the game . . .


Steve Raible’s call of  “the tip” . . . 

seaHAWKS DivRound | not a whole lotta marching did the Saints do . . .

Seahawks 23 | Saints 15

I didn’t get to see this one in person ~ as my daughter was in town from Vegas to enjoy her belated Christmas gift from and with her dad – a ticket to her first Seahawks playoff game. Needless to say, it was a pretty swell gift 😉

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the game and food and drink at a local establishment with some good friends . . .

There was wind . . .

And there was rain . . .

And there was a bit of a Russell struggle . . .

And there was an extra dose of BEAST MODE . . .

And there was a Percy concussion . . .

And there was a minor earthquake . . .

And there were some Saints miscues . . .

(including TWO missed field goals, 2 missed 4th down conversions, many missed passes, a couple of fumbles and a mistaken forward pass that ended the game)

And, most importantly, there was a SEAHAWKS PLAYOFF VICTORY!


yeah, ‘t was picture perfect and full of promise for PH to be a difference maker at that point . . .


seaHAWKS g16 | and the West has been won . . . next!

Seahawks 27 | Rams 9

anticipation at the gate . . .

anticipation at the gate . . .










The offense got off to a slow start and, in fact, it was the DEE that scored first via Malcolm Smiths PICK-6 . . .


and then it took two Steven H field goals to make it 13-0 at the half (which I celebrated with Beecher’s Mac & Cheese)

Overall, it ended up being about as balanced as you could hope for . . . .

  • 7 – 6 – 7 – 7 = scores by quarter
  • TD’s via the DEE (Smith), the pass (Tate) and the run (Lynch)
  • two FG

Rams were more than a little chippy and the refs weren’t shy in dishing out the penalties . . .




More fun stuff . . . 










seaHAWKS g15 | Russell’s bad day . . .

Seahawks 10 | Cardinals 17

Of course it wasn’t ALL Russell’s fault . . .

But, it seems that the literal “boink” (Steven Haushka’s first FG miss – other than a block – this season) was the omen for the figurative “boink” (Seahawks first home loss in 2 years and first ever in the RW era)

to bullet point the pain . . .

  • Turbin’s TWO fumbles rather ironic, considering “ball security” was the reason he was returning
  • When given gifts, one must capitalize – Palmer threw FOUR interceptions – none converted to points
  • WAY too many penalties (NINE for 102 yards, to be exact)
  • he LACK of 3rd down conversions (just when we thought they’d mastered them) ~ 2 / 13 ~  y u c k ! ! !

there was SOME good . . .




And, of course, I can’t leave out the “controversy” . . . 


But, as with the Seahawks only Super Bowl appearance, good play can overcome bad calls. Unfortunately, despite their many bad plays, the Cards had more good plays than the Hawks today.


Here’s hoping THIRD TIME IS THE CHARM . . .




seaHAWKS g14 | 23 ~ points today AND wins with Russell

Seahawks 23 | Giants 0

via HawkNation facebook page

via HawkNation facebook page


Fun with Numbers


  • record = 12-2
  • road wins = a franchise record SIX!


  • held Giants to 181 total yards (only 25 rushing yards!)
  • only allowed one 3rd down conversion (in Giants 10 tries)
  • hauled in FIVE interceptions ~ including TWO more for Maxwell (next man up!)


  • Russell out-gained Marshawn  in rushing yards (40/46 ) and Marshawn was the leading RECEIVER (73 yards)
  • balanced attack: Marshawn 2-yard TD run, Doug 12-yard TD reception, Steven 2xpt + 3 FGs


  • 23 VICTORIES = most EVER by a QB in his first TWO seasons
  • 50 TDs = tied with peyton MANNING and dan MARINO for most EVER by a QB in his first TWO seasons


classic RW . . .


classic BeastMode . . .


the 2-L’d Willson is pretty good too . . .


Wisconsin-Stanford Connection . . .


Other awesomeness . . .