M’s 4 | Y’s 3

The day started out cloudy, stormy even – Seattle Sports Radio lost a transformer to a lightening strike! As I made my way via ferry, freeway and link light rail to meet my Dad at the Glove, it was one of those days that had me thanking the powers that be at the time of the stadium project that opted for a retractable roof. But, apparently, well before the first pitch they had it on good authority it would be safe to “pop the lid” and the roof slid back to expose the green grass and clay-colored diamond dirt to the elements.

The game, much like the day, started out a bit bleak – maybe a slight hangover from the thirteen-inning fan-tab-ulous marathon that was the the night before that the M’s won 1-0 (and to which I listened intently on the radio). No score through five innings: the Y’s had two singles, four walks; the M’s had one walk. And then came little Sam Haggerty ‘popping the top of the game’ by homering in the 6th, breaking the scoreless tie and breathing life into BOTH teams. The top and bottom of the 7th saw each team score THREE runs – a score that would hold (Ty singled, Mitch singled him home, Carlos homered he and Mitch home). Diego and Paul retired their respective sides in order in the 8th and 9th – it was truly a thing of beauty.

SO. MUCH. FUN. to beat the Yankees 🙂

And, the M’s did just that – taking the series 2-1 and the season series 4-2 (first time since 2002 that the M’s have taken the season series). #SeaUsRise

And, the only thing that made this even sweeter – is that it was attended with my Dad ❤

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ch,ch,chiiiily game w/a heart-warming outcome

on a chilly, drizzly July afternoon, the pitching warmed us up . . .

  • Robbie K’d TWELVE in his SEVEN innings and the only run he allowed was a solo shot to the third (and last) batter he faced in the 7th.
  • The bullpen of Munoz and Sewald added FOUR more
this sign was used A LOT today!

Only “O” was in JuliO!
His first pitch homer was the 12th in M’s history (9 by Ichrio!) and his RBI double in the 6th scored Dylan.

Always fun to attend w/my Dad ❤

g10 | series win under the Seattle sun

Mariners 7 | Astros 2

April sunshine in Seattle is a bit of a rarity – here’s hoping Mariners series’ wins like today (especially vs divisional opponents) become downright commonplace.


Matt’s first big league victory came at home vs the ‘stros today when he clearly didn’t have everything working for him. But, to get through it despite that … says a lot.


Fun to imagine what he’ll be able to do on a good day!

the ‘pen combined for 3.2IP-2H-0ER-1BB-5K . . .
ya know, just what we’ve come to expect from the likes of Seawald, Steckenrider, Munoz and Castillo


  • their first SIX runs all came w/TWO outs
  • SEVEN batters had at least ONE hit
  • THREE batters had TWO hits (Adam, Ty, Jarred)
  • FIVE batters w/at least ONE RBI – Ty w/THREE (including a TWO-run homer)
  • Julio w/his first big league RBI (line drive single in the 4th)


one in each of the first FOUR innings (a strike em out, throw em out and THREE Crawford-Frazier-France)

Great to be at the ballpark on a sunny, Sunday with my Dad 🙂

LOVE these fun murals on the way to the ballpark . . .

tweets of the game . . .

g8 | home opener vs ‘stros

Mariner 11 | Astros 1


  • Awesome bounce back start for Marco –> 7IP-4H-1ER-0BB-6K
  • Ramirez and Koch combined for a scoreless 8th and 9th
  • First double-digit hit game for the team (THIRTEEN!) – let alone first double-digit runs!
  • Julio base hit in his first AB at T-Mobile Park
  • Adam w/FOUR hits AND FOUR RBI
  • Jesse just keeps adding to his patience – TWO more walks (and TWO hits!)
  • Speaking of patience – the entire team had it tonight – EIGHT total walks
  • All those runs but, only one homer, Eugenio ~w/JP on~ in the 8th . . .

g5 | Brash’s debut

Mariners 2 | White Sox 3

Coming off a split vs the Twins . . .

M’s won the first two games in Minny by one run; lost the next two via one blowout and one shutout. Offense is definitely off to a slow start so, let’s focus on the good, like the new kid on-the-mound today – making his big league debut for the M’s in the Chicago home opener . . .

Matt Brash –> 5.1IP-4H-2ER-6K

there was at least ONE bright spot at the plate – Suarez’s first homer as a Mariner . . .

g1 | startin’ off right!

Mariners 2 | Twins 1

Pitchin’ and Defense . . .

  • Robbie Ray w/a solid M’s debut ~ 7IP-3H-1ER-4BB-5K
  • Cal was great behind the plate
  • lovely to see TWO double-plays
  • and, Julio’s game-winning catch in the 9th – whew!

They scored early but, not often . . .

#HannyHomer in the 1st plated Ty who was HBP (of course!) in his first AB for their only runs

They got a lot ON but, not a lot IN . . .

SEVEN walks but, only FIVE hits and 0/8 w/RISP

Some shades of last season . . .

  • M’s were involved in 53 one-run games (33W-19L) – here they go again 😉
  • Ty was tied w/Canha for the lead league in HBP (27) – his first AB = HBP

unexpected expectations

So glad my dad an I got to be there ❤

For a team where the expectations were few and far between, it was a happy and exciting circumstance for these Mariners to be playing in front of a packed stadium on the very last day of the season in a game that still mattered. It was so much fun for the players and win-starved fans alike. The experience gained from near-playoff baseball should prove to be invaluable to the young players going forward – in other words, despite not getting over that last hump, the future is looking bright.

And then, there was the special goodbye to Kyle Seager . . .
emotional for him, his teammates and the fans. They were behind the entire game but, we’d seen them come back time after time (42 to be exact) so, all hope was not lost. Until the top of the 9th, when the out of town scoreboard turned in favor of the Red Sox and dashed any post season hope for the M’s (even if they had won the game, they help they needed hadn’t materialized). It was at that point that the crowd started chanting “Kyle – Seager!” and he was given the opportunity to have a moment with the fans (he was even presented with the 3B bag!). Kyle gave his all for eleven years – and it’s such a shame that, like Felix, he was never able to take part in post season baseball. Even with that, he seemed to harbor no regret and in fact spoke glowingly about his years with the M’s and, especially THIS specific team which, according to him, had a particularly special bond.

Mariners 3 | Athletics 7



The Halos were relentless – base runners galore – not only TEN hits but SEVEN walks . . .

  • Tyler just didn’t have it today (not quite as bad as his previous start vs the Halos but, given the magnitude of the game, it sort of felt like it: 1.2IP-5H-4R-3ER-2BB-0SO
  • Ramirez got the last out of the 2nd and pitched a scoreless 3rd
  • Misiewicz and Swanson gave up THREE runs in their combined TWO innings
  • Munoz, Doolittle, Sadler and Steckenrider combined for FOUR scoreless innings (Munoz made his debut – throwing 101MPH)


NINE total hits, including TWO doubles but . . .

  • the runs came via Jarred and JP RBI singles in the 3rd and a JP force out in the 6th
  • they were only 3 for 11 w/RISP and left NINE on base
  • the middle of the order was 0-16


  • SB (Toro)
  • TWO errors (both pitchers not helping their cause: Anderson and Swanson)

tweets of the game . . .

b.e.l.i.e.v.e (suitcases to the park tomorrow?)

Have a night, Mitch! (FIVE RBI)

First time the M’s have won NINETY games since 2003

Mariners 6 | Angels 4



  • Flex wasn’t super sharp but, still gave ’em a chance: 5.1IP-6H-1R-1Er-1BB-1SO
  • Sadler: gets the next TWO batters in the 6th (of course!)
  • Misiewicz: three ground ball outs for a scoreless 7th
  • Sewald was (understandably) out of gas: he ending up striking out the side in the 8th but, not before walking the first TWO batters and giving up a homer and the lead (4-3 halos)
  • Steckenrider: fly-out to Mitch; line-out to Jake; double; line-out to Toro – and that’s all she wrote for the 9th!



  • 3rd: Ty w/a double and Mitch singled him in for the first run of the game
  • 5th: Ty w/a double and Mitch homered him in (are you seeing a pattern here?)
  • 8th: hit by a pitch, walk, sac-bunt, intentional walk, Mitch w/a 2-OUT, 2-run single, Kyle added a little insurance w/an RBI single


  • an awesome DP (Crawford-Toro-France)
  • great play by Kyle

tweets of the game . . .

sellout crowd disappointed . . .

Mariners 1 | Angels 2



awesome pitching – unfortunately, the Halos TWO runs were all they needed . . .

  • Marco’s only struggle was in the 3rd: 6IP-3H-2R-2ER-2BB-5SO
  • Sadler: scoreless 7th (of course!) 7th
  • Sewald: scoreless 8th (including a strikeout of Otahni)
  • Castillow + Misiewicz = scoreless 9th


0-7 w/RISP, pretty much tells it all . . .

  • Toro singled w/TWO outs in the 2nd and Kelenic drove him in with a double for the first M’s run
  • huge opportunity in the 7th: Torrens led off with a triple, Toro walked but, the next three batters struck out in order
  • Kyle lead off the 9th with a double but then a ground out, popup, fly out


  • DP (Crawford-Toro-France)

tweets of the game . . .

more tweets than usual – couldn’t watch because, as of TODAY, Root Sports is no longer on DISH couldn’t be WORSE timing to lose the local sports broadcast 😦 😦 😦

Unfortunately, it didn’t give the right way . . .

e.p.i.c ~ youth on display

This game was the M’s 41st comeback victory and their 12th straight vs the A’s
And, it was SO cool to see the youth, the future, getting it done . . .
No matter what happens over the next three games – the experience for them is INVALUABLE.

Mariners 4 | Athletics 2



  • SUPER outing for young Logan: 5.2IP-3H-1R-1ER-2BB-4SO
  • Smith got the last out of the 6th
  • Castillo struck out TWO but, allowed a solo shot to re-tie the game at 2-2
  • Sewald + Steckenrider = TWO scoreless innings


only SIX total hits but, that’s all they needed (along with capitalizing on some A’s goofs)

  • 6th: Mitch and Ty both reach via error: Jarred 2-run double to take the lead
  • 7th: Dylan walk; JP hit n’ run single; Ty sac-fly to break the 2-2 tie
  • 8th: Abraham with a solo shot


  • no DP’s or errors

tweets of the game . . .