rt3 – oy. | NewYork, Toronto, Boston

Started out OK in Tampa Bay – taking the series 2-1 but, it was all downhill from there . .
series loss in Toronto and SWEPT away in Boston.
‘t will be a bit difficult to focus on the positive – or, maybe it will be easy, as there is little of it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

THREE 1-run games and the M’s took TWO

  • Marco w/a QS and the W in game ONE
  • Jesse w/a THREE-run homer in game TWO
  • Bats heated up to the tune of SIXTEEN hits in game THREE, including . . .
    -FOUR doubles (Abraham, Adam, Ty, Jesse)
    -TWO homers (Julio, Cal)

A bit of everything . . .

  • Not much was working in the FIRST game: only FOUR hits, ONE double (Jesse); Chris did an admirable job, posting a QS w/SEVEN K’s but, the bullpen fell apart.
  • In the SECOND game a GREAT start by Logan (7IP-6H-3ER-2BB-9K) went to waste, as SIX hits yielded ZERO runs
  • Finally, in the THIRD game, the offense woke up pounding out TEN hits, including THREE homers (Abraham, Ty and Cal) and Marco posted another QS for the WIN

Hey! The M’s scored a total of 18 runs in FOUR games (4.5/game)
(unfortunately, the Red Sox scored a total of THIRTY-THREE runs in the same FOUR games)

  • game one: TEN hits, SIX runs (including doubles by Eugenio, Ty and homers by Dylan, Julio) should win it but, another rough outing for the youngster (George) and an even rougher performance by the bullpen, t’was not to be
  • game two: despite the still/recent torrid bats of Ty, Eugenio and Abraham and the decent start by Robbie (not so decent bullpen) – ya just can’t win it in Fenway w/THREE runs
  • game three: bats a bit better w/TWELVE hits, THREE doubles (JP, Mike, Julio) yielded FIVE runs but, despite the game being tied at FIVE for the majority of the game – the bp (Drew) gave up a triple and a single and what was the winning run, in the 8th
  • game four: ANOTHER nice start by Logan wasted – the M’s trailed the majority of the game, Eugenio homered to tie it in the 9th, Adam hit an RBI single to take the lead in extras – but, Munoz would give up a w/o GRAND SLAM in the bottom of the 10th

rt2 | Tampa, Miami, Houston

From Home Heaven to Road Hell . . .

After going 7-2 on the home first home stand of the season (W vs Astros, W vs Rangers and a sweep of the Royals) – the M’s had the exact opposite results on the road (L vs Rays, L vs Marlins and swept by the Astros).

Great start to the series with an 8-4 win which saw the bats hammer out SEVEN runs in ONE inning and another strong outing from Logan. Then came the bad news: a 2-3 loss where Marco got hit square on the wrist by a come-backer and a 1-2 loss where Scott was ejected when blowing off some well-deserved steam with regard to the ri-dic-u-lous strikes called on Julio.

I occasionally like to listen to the opponents radio broadcast and was pleasantly surprised with the Marlins – they have a woman on their crew and both were well versed in their research of the M’s. But, the only good news from this series was Julio’s first major league homer which was of the THREE-run variety and came after they INTENTIONALLY Abraham – bit of a backfire there ๐Ÿ˜‰ (he got the ball!) and another stellar start from Logan in the salvage game on Sunday – a 7-3 win. Brash had a rough go in the first game, giving up SIX runs in TWO innings – M’s bats tried to compensate and scored SIX runs of their own but ended up with a 6-8 loss. Robbie was OK in the second game but, the bats couldn’t get anything going and they ended up with a 1-3 loss.

yeah, we definitely have a problem – swept for the first time this season ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Marco had a decent bounce back start in the first game (after being hit by that come-backer in TB) and, in the same game JP extended his hit streak to ELEVEN but, they would get shutout in that game 0-3 AND in the next, where Chris pitched well, 0-4. The last game was a 2-7 loss where Matt got knocked around a bit and the bats couldn’t muster much in their second go at Verlander.

rt1 | Twins, White Sox

3-4 on the trip w/bookend wins (won the first two by one run and the last one by four)


  • Robbie w/a nice opener in Minny, not so great in Chicago
  • Logan TWO great starts (combined for only ONE earned run and ELEVEN strikeouts)
  • Marco and Chris both struggled in Minny
  • Matt Brash w/ a nice major league debut in Chicago

OUT of the PEN

bit of a mixed bag, hard to tell so early but, seems like the bull pen should be able to pick up where they left off last season . . .


  • Mitch leading in homers (3) and RBI (7)
  • Ty and Adam second in RBI (tied w/4)
  • Ty, of course, leading in HBP (TWO – including his first AB of the season)
  • Jesse leads in patience w/NINE walks
  • JP lead in average (.400) and doubles (3)

IN the FIELD and ON the BASES

  • SEVEN DP’s
  • FOUR errors
  • Jerrad and Julio each w/TWO SB
  • Some nice OF play

g5 | Brash’s debut

Mariners 2 | White Sox 3

Coming off a split vs the Twins . . .

M’s won the first two games in Minny by one run; lost the next two via one blowout and one shutout. Offense is definitely off to a slow start so, let’s focus on the good, like the new kid on-the-mound today – making his big league debut for the M’s in the Chicago home opener . . .

Matt Brash –> 5.1IP-4H-2ER-6K

there was at least ONE bright spot at the plate – Suarez’s first homer as a Mariner . . .

g1 | startin’ off right!

Mariners 2 | Twins 1

Pitchin’ and Defense . . .

  • Robbie Ray w/a solid M’s debut ~ 7IP-3H-1ER-4BB-5K
  • Cal was great behind the plate
  • lovely to see TWO double-plays
  • and, Julio’s game-winning catch in the 9th – whew!

They scored early but, not often . . .

#HannyHomer in the 1st plated Ty who was HBP (of course!) in his first AB for their only runs

They got a lot ON but, not a lot IN . . .

SEVEN walks but, only FIVE hits and 0/8 w/RISP

Some shades of last season . . .

  • M’s were involved in 53 one-run games (33W-19L) – here they go again ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Ty was tied w/Canha for the lead league in HBP (27) – his first AB = HBP

Welcome Back, Baseball!

it always starts w/Dave โค . . .

the LINEUP . . .

intra-Seattle best wishes . . .

and, if Opening Day wasn’t exciting enough – how cool was THIS news to wake up to?!?!?


great rebound for the series win!

took the offense time to get rolling but, Marco kept ’em in it so they had a chance

Mariners 5 | Angels 1



  • Marco’s nice line: 7IP-3H-1R-1ER-3BB-5SO
  • Sewald and Castillo added a scoreless 2IP


  • SIX players with at least ONE hit
  • Crawford, Seager, Kelenic w/TWO
  • Kelenic ties the game at ONE in the 7th
  • and then in the 8th – Mitch with an RBI single and Jake F w/a THREE-run double!


Fraley with a SB

tweets of the game . . .


this one seemed over in the 3rd and just got worse

Mariners 1 | Angels 14



  • Anderson’s outing, about as short and ugly as you can get: 2IP-9H-9R-9ER-2BB-0SO
  • Sheffield and Ramirez were unable to stop the bleeding
  • Swanson+Doolittle+Andriese combined for FOUR scoreless innings but, ‘t was too little, too late


  • Only SIX total hits
  • Only ONE for extra bases (Cal 2B)
  • the lone run was by JP on a force out


  • on errors
  • one DP (Anderson-Toro-France)
  • THREE DPs turned against them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

tweets of the game . . .

it just continues . . .


Mariners 6 | Angels 5



  • Logan kept ’em in it: 5.1IP-5H-4R-4ER-3BB-4SO
  • Misiewicz gave up a run but the rest (Smith, Steckenrider, Sewald) posted ZEROS
  • and, Sewald escapes a bases-loaded jam (AGAIN!) to earn his 11th S


  • Crawford, France, Torrens w/TWO hits each
  • France w/THREE RBI, Haniger w/TWO Torrens w/ONE
  • France w/his 18th homer


No errors or DPs

tweets of the game . . .

s w e e e e p!

first time EVER the M’s have swept a four-gamer in Oakland!

Mariners 6 | Athletics 5



  • able to overcome another extremely short outing by Kikuch (3IP and 3ER)
  • bullpen stupendous, combining for 2ER over SIX innings


  • A’s scored early, M’s scored in the middle, went ahead and made it last
  • only SEVEN total hits but, FIVE for extra-bases
  • doubles by Toro and Raliegh
  • homers by Raliegh, Haniger and Torrens


ONE error (France)

tweets of the game . . .