halo sweep | heart-breaker finale

The bats FINALLY came alive in the finale and just when we thought we’d see one of the final “firsts” (a starters ‘W’) the bullpen totally imploded . . .

a 9-3 lead in the 9th turned into a nightmarish 10-9 loss


Mariners 9 | Angels 10

the positives thus far:

  • 3 for 8 w/RISP (after 1 for 7, and 1 for 6 in the first two games
  • Robbie breaking out: homer, double, FIVE rbi
  • Mitch leading the M’s in homers (THREE) and runs (EIGHT)
  • Gene leading the Ms in average (.333), hits (TEN) and steals (THREE)
  • Felix seems to have no residual issues with the groin, decent outing yesterday
  • Kuma starting out well (despite too many walks) and his lack of a W on Sunday was not his fault

the negatives thus far:

  • until today, the bats were cold as ice
  • the bullpen has given up runs in FOUR of the SEVEN games so far

Time for the boys to head home, time to stack up some WINS!!!

See you tomorrow @Mariners 🙂

g64-66 | of early leads, late losses, strikeout duels, bases-loaded walk-offs and finally – a win



g64 | Mariners 7 | Rays 8
w/ a 4-0 and 7-4 leads turning to a 7-8 loss – just not the pitchers’ day (hopefully Tai will be OK (left the game in the 4th) and the fielding didn’t help

g65 | Mariners 2 | Rays 3
Nathan had a nice outing (needed less pitches to go deeper) bp was great . . . till the 13th

g66 | Mariners 6 | Rays 4
great to see James with another solid outing, bats up and down the lineup and bp success

tweets of the series . . . 


off to Boston they go . . .



g62 | 3 solo shots, one heartbreaker . . .

Mariners 1 | Rangers 2

THREE total runs, all off solo shots – the first gave the M’s the lead, the second tied it, the third sealed the deal for the Rangers . . .


The silver lining was another solid start by James . . .
SIX.ONE innings ~ SIX hits (all singles ) ~ ZERO runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Edwin and Joaquin kept the scoreless streak going and so did Steve until TWO outs in the 9th when Prince jacked one to tie it.

} Monty worked around a lead-off walk in the 10th, gave up a solo shot to lead off the 11th

Only SIX total hits w/Adam’s solo shot and Steve’s double the only for extra bases and only ONE walk

* TWO DP’s turned and a couple of nice plays by Marte at short that we missed when he was on the DL

tweets of the game . . . 


g50-51 | mini-sweep (whisk?)

Would have been nice to get some of this pitching and hitting in the Twins series but, we’ll take it! In the mini two-game sweep, M’s outscored the Padres 25-7


g50 Mariners 9 | Padres 3

Nate  a  l  m  o  s  t  made it through SEVEN . . .
the Padres scored early but, they didn’t score often
SIX.TWO innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

Bully . . . 
Steve, Joaquin and Joel combined for the rest (Joel allowed a ONE run shot)

The M’s didn’t score early but, they did score often . . .
~ NINE total hits – FIVE for extra bases
~ Seth w/TWO doubles
~ Kyle and Dae-Ho w/homers

* couple of errors – one each by the starting battery
* DP turned (DH-O’Malley-DH)

g52 Mariners 16 | Padres 4

Kuma was perfect through FOUR, not allowing his first hit until a lead-off single in the 5th. He managed to get out of that inning unscathed but, later allowed THREE homers before his outing ended . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

Bully . . .
Vidal and Monty combined for TWO scoreless innings 🙂

lots to smile about here . . .
~ every starter had at least ONE hit except Robbie (who walked THREE times)
~ FIVE starters had multiple hits (Nori, Seth, Nellie, Kyle, Adam)
~ FIVE homeruns (Kyle, Seth (2), Guti, Adam)
~ TEN walks
~ 5/8 w/RISP
~ odd – no doubles

ONE double-play (Kyle-Luis-Adam)

tweets of the series . . .


g47-49 | let’s just move along . . .

ugh. swept aside AGAIN by another lessor team . . .


seems the M’s are playing to their competition of late.

g47 Mariners 2 | Twins 7
another bad night for Felix

g48 Mariners 5 | Twins 6
M’s had the bases loaded TWICE with only ONE run scored (via a DP – the other was THREE pop-ups in-a-row – can you spell F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N?!?) and, a whacky end to the game – after Guti homered in the 8th to bring it within one, he was up again w/runners at the corners and ONE out – both were thrown out after the catcher dropped and recovered a ball 😦

g49 Mariners 5 | Twins 5
another rough day for Tai, Guti did his part again, homering in the bottom of the 9th to bring them within ONE

tweets of the series . . . 

and, all was NOT lost, as I got to attend Saturday evening’s game with these lovely ladies . . . IMG_5532

g33 | notchin’ another series win!

Mariners 6 | Rays 4

M’s jumped out to an early lead and added on significantly. The Rays chipped away and got close but, the home town nine hung in there 🙂

Wade was j u s t shy of a QS . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

The Bully was its usual stellar self . . .
with Nick, Vidal, Joel and Steve combining for THREE scoreless innings (and, Steve recorded his ELEVENTH save – a FOUR out variety!)

~ Every starter but one (Luis) had at least ONE hit
~ Nice to see another couple homers (Guti’s first, DeaHo’s fifth)
~ and even better that there were BASERUNNERS when they occurred


and they say Nellie can’t play the field . . .


tweets of the game . . . 

g160-162 | season end, changes no doubt a comin’

Sorry folks (for anyone that actually reads this blog and expects new content on a regular basis) . . .

I’ve been a bit distracted in that I’m going to be a first time grandma in a few months and, my daughter who lives out of town was visiting for her baby shower ❤

anyhoo, here’s the box scores for historical purposes (sad that I actually had tickets to TWO of the games but, had to skip (yes, somethings DO take precedence over baseball 😉 )

Mariners 2 | Athletics 4

Mariners 5 | Athletics 7

Mariners 3 | Athletics 2

I’ll be chiming in on the changes that are bound to come . . . soon.

g148-150 | a close win, a blowout loss and a blowout win = series win1

Was either getting ready for a cruise or actually on it for this series (with NO internet) . . .

so, just posting the box scores . . .

Mariners 3 | Rangers 1 ~ James not great, bullpen = spectacular!

Mariners 1 | Rangers 10 ~ Bad night for Vidal and the pen (oh, and the OH, whose only score came via a Guti solo shot)

Mariners 9 | Rangers 2 ~ Felix far from Felix but, the pen and the OH to the rescue!