seahawks at the whitehouse

Chip Somodevilla | Getty Images


SuperBowl | “Twelves, they’re bringing the trophy home!”

Seahawks Dreamland

NFCCG | best. birthday. gift. EVER.

DivRound | not a whole lotta marching did the Saints do . . .

g16 | and the West has been won . . . next!

g15 | Russell’s bad day . . .

g14 | 23 ~ points today and wins with Russell

g13 | time to wash the jersey

g12 | tipsy, topsy, turvy

g11 | RW and ML = good chemistry, now mix in the PH factor

g10 | road runners (and passers . . .  and receivers  . . . and kickers)

g9 | coming from WAY behind

g8 | by the hair of their chinny-chin-chin

g7 | our circuitous route to the lovely rout

g6 | making home count for the only chance in October

g5 | first loss lessons

g4 | Houston, you have a problem

g3 | zig-zaggin’ the jags

g2 | of record setting noise and 12th man bliss

g1 | Seahawks 12 – Panthers 7


Seahawks links . . .

ESPN NFC West blog



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