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Goodbye, good luck, Dustin!

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g102 | UNhappy Felix Day

Mariners 2 | Diamondbacks 8

I actually attended this one but, time got away, so didn’t recap . . .

I remember that Felix was down 4-0 in the 1st inning before we even took our seats!

It was 90+ degrees and we were there as a ‘work event’ . . .

luckily, another group was there from work and they were in the SHADE, so we sat up with them from the 3rd inning on  . . .

g87 | And the W-L beat continues . . .

Mariners 3 | Angels 7


I doubt I’m the only one sensing a pattern here . . .

Well, I guess it was bound to happen – a sub par outing for Monty 😦
Started out promising, even though he threw 20 pitches in the 1st, he was able to get out of trouble (with a lot of help from his DEE) and then posted a 1-2-3 in the 2nd

After that, it was all down hill . . .
FIVE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FIVE runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts 

} Danny didn’t help much, giving up a 2-run homer to Cron (his second of the game) on the first pitch he threw in the 7th and then a lead-off homer to Trout (his second as well) in the 8th before retiring the rest of the batters in order
} Joe and Vidal post a combined TWO scoreless innings

NINE total hits . . . .
~ including FOUR doubles (Kyle, Robbie, Guti, Ack)
~ and a homer (Mark)
~ Jesus got a hit in his 2015 debut!
~ Mark continues his hot streak
~ Guti and Ack both with TWO hits
Normally, that would be considered a nice, productive game but, it paled in comparison to the night before and, more importantly to the Halos production tonight. At least they tried to make it a bit exciting: Mark’s homer didn’t come until the bottom of the 9th (w/Kyle aboard via HBP and no outs).

But too little, too late. At least I thoroughly enjoyed my crab sandwich . . .

* Kyle made a nice play to get Calhoun hung up between 3B and home w/one out in the 1st
* Chris had an unfortunate error, what seemed a sure DP ended up not even getting ONE out
* Robbie made a beautiful shoe-top snare near the bag at 2B for the second out of the 6th
* Good to see Jesus able to stretch and dig a bit at 1B
* Despite his recent pitching struggles, Danny still fields his position well – nice play on a chopper down the 1B line and toss to Jesus for the second out of the 7th

tweets of the game . . . 


Mariners 7 | Angels 2


goin’ batty!

Felix being Felix 🙂

SEVEN innings ~ TWO hits ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

Nando, Vidal and Danny being Nando, Vidal and Danny 😦
they combined for THREE hits, TWO walks, TWO runs in ONE.TWO innings

and Carson SAVES the day 🙂
after the DP that Danny induced was over-turned and and then he allowed a walk to load the bases – Carson came in and got a ground out to end the game and earn his SIXTH save preserving Felix’s ELEVENTH victory.

OK, with NINETEEN hits they should have had a LOT more than SEVEN runs but, we won’t complain!
(even though they were thrown out AT the PLATE THREE times!)
~ EVERY batter had at least ONE hit
~ in fact, there were only THREE M’s batters that DIDN’T have multiple hits
~ LoMo with a lead-off homer
~ Robbie and Mark with doubles
and, something we have RARELY (if ever!) seen this season . . .
back-to-back sac flys 🙂
Who needs hits w/RISP?!? (but, FTR, they were 5/15 for that tonight)

* Seth with an OF assist to Kyle to nail a runner at 3B
* Kyle had a great bare-handed, charge to field a bunt

tweets of the game . . .

roster moves prior to the game . . .

Can’t wait for the game tomorrow (since I get to attend!) Had some friends at the game tonight, though . . .

some in King’s Court . . . 

king's court

and some partaking in Bark in the Park . . .

bark in the park

g85 | since July 1: W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L

Mariner 4 | Tigers 5

up down

Hate it when work gets in the way of baseball 😦

A somewhat alternate universe . . .

  • Mark had THREE of the only SIX total hits
  • Ack hit a homer
  • TWO stolen bases (Nellie and Brad)
  • Mayckol and David did well (after their combined disaster a couple days ago)
  • SEVEN walks (not often you get more walks than hits)
  • unfortunately, 0-14 w/RISP ain’t gonna do it

g83 | FIVE is usually enough . . .

Mariners 5 | Tigers 12

five guy

It started slow but then, down THREE/ZIP the M’s came back to take what may have been the shortest lived 5-3 lead ever, as the Tiggers answered in the 6th (w/FIVE) AND the 7th (w/FOUR)

Kuma’s return from the DL was a bit dicey, to put it mildly 😦
He put up 1-2-3 in the 1st and 3rd but, allowed FOUR home runs ~ all solo shots ~ ONE in the 2nd, TWO in the 4th, ONE in the 6th and after a single followed the homer – he was done . . .
FIVE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FIVE runs/earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Guaipe was a mess:  TWO hits, a walk and THREE earned runs w/o recording an out
} from the frying pan to the fire:  Rollins was able to get THREE outs but, not before he gave up FOUR runs
} FINALLY, Joe and Carson were able to stop the bleeding:  combining for THREE scoreless innings – too little, too late

M’s had their chances in the 1st through the 3rd . . .
– w/runners on EVERY time (TWICE stranding a runner at 3B)
bats came alive in the 4th and 5th . . .
– Seth walked, Ack tripled home the first run, Brad doubled home the second run to get the M’s within ONE in the 4th
– Robbie and Seth singled and LoMo launched one to give the M’s the lead (5-3) in the 5th
deep freeze in the 6th through the 9th . . .
– TWO measly singles

* THREE double-plays (including a beautiful, ’round the horn, inning ending variety 5th)
(hate to think what the score might have been without them ;-( )

tweets of the game . . .

g72 | CGS + 10K’s + ZERO walks = the Full Monty

Mariners 7 | Royals 0

Monty CG

wOw ~ what a start by Monty ~ against his original team, no less!
The Royals have the fewest strikeouts in the majors – Mike K’d them TEN times!
The first couple innings looked a bit shaky . . .

  • in the 1st: he loaded the bases on a couple of singles and a HBP in the 1st – strikeout and then DP
  • In the 2nd: runners at 1B and 2B w/NO outs –  he strikes out the side
  • and that would be the first THREE of SEVENTEEN in-a-row retired.
  • the only other base runners came in the 7th (reached on an error) and the 9th (TWO out single)

NINE innings ~ FOUR hits (all singles) ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

Love, Love, Lovin’ this version of the “OH” . . .
~ Kyle unable to score from 2B in the 2nd when Ack hits a double because it was of the ground rule variety
~ Kyle unable to score from 3B when Ack hits a single to shallow LF (but is able to touch home via Brad’s bases-loaded walk)
~ Speaking of Ack = THREE for THREE w/a 2-run homer (a triple short of the cycle)
~ Robbie and Seth also w/multi-hit games (Robbie w/a double and Seth w/ a RBI single)
~ LoMo w/his 9th homer, a solo shot, and another RBI via FC
~ Brad w/ a bases loaded walk (to start the scoring in the 4th)
~ Zu w/an RBI single and a walk

* A thing of beauty 3-6-1 DP – with the bases loaded – to end the 1st . . .
* A couple of errors (LoMo and Brad) but, thankfully, no damage

tweets of the game . . .