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Goodbye, good luck, Dustin!

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g102 | UNhappy Felix Day

Mariners 2 | Diamondbacks 8

I actually attended this one but, time got away, so didn’t recap . . .

I remember that Felix was down 4-0 in the 1st inning before we even took our seats!

It was 90+ degrees and we were there as a ‘work event’ . . .

luckily, another group was there from work and they were in the SHADE, so we sat up with them from the 3rd inning on  . . .

g87 | And the W-L beat continues . . .

Mariners 3 | Angels 7


I doubt I’m the only one sensing a pattern here . . .

Well, I guess it was bound to happen – a sub par outing for Monty 😦
Started out promising, even though he threw 20 pitches in the 1st, he was able to get out of trouble (with a lot of help from his DEE) and then posted a 1-2-3 in the 2nd

After that, it was all down hill . . .
FIVE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FIVE runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts 

} Danny didn’t help much, giving up a 2-run homer to Cron (his second of the game) on the first pitch he threw in the 7th and then a lead-off homer to Trout (his second as well) in the 8th before retiring the rest of the batters in order
} Joe and Vidal post a combined TWO scoreless innings

NINE total hits . . . .
~ including FOUR doubles (Kyle, Robbie, Guti, Ack)
~ and a homer (Mark)
~ Jesus got a hit in his 2015 debut!
~ Mark continues his hot streak
~ Guti and Ack both with TWO hits
Normally, that would be considered a nice, productive game but, it paled in comparison to the night before and, more importantly to the Halos production tonight. At least they tried to make it a bit exciting: Mark’s homer didn’t come until the bottom of the 9th (w/Kyle aboard via HBP and no outs).

But too little, too late. At least I thoroughly enjoyed my crab sandwich . . .

* Kyle made a nice play to get Calhoun hung up between 3B and home w/one out in the 1st
* Chris had an unfortunate error, what seemed a sure DP ended up not even getting ONE out
* Robbie made a beautiful shoe-top snare near the bag at 2B for the second out of the 6th
* Good to see Jesus able to stretch and dig a bit at 1B
* Despite his recent pitching struggles, Danny still fields his position well – nice play on a chopper down the 1B line and toss to Jesus for the second out of the 7th

tweets of the game . . . 


Mariners 7 | Angels 2


goin’ batty!

Felix being Felix 🙂

SEVEN innings ~ TWO hits ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

Nando, Vidal and Danny being Nando, Vidal and Danny 😦
they combined for THREE hits, TWO walks, TWO runs in ONE.TWO innings

and Carson SAVES the day 🙂
after the DP that Danny induced was over-turned and and then he allowed a walk to load the bases – Carson came in and got a ground out to end the game and earn his SIXTH save preserving Felix’s ELEVENTH victory.

OK, with NINETEEN hits they should have had a LOT more than SEVEN runs but, we won’t complain!
(even though they were thrown out AT the PLATE THREE times!)
~ EVERY batter had at least ONE hit
~ in fact, there were only THREE M’s batters that DIDN’T have multiple hits
~ LoMo with a lead-off homer
~ Robbie and Mark with doubles
and, something we have RARELY (if ever!) seen this season . . .
back-to-back sac flys 🙂
Who needs hits w/RISP?!? (but, FTR, they were 5/15 for that tonight)

* Seth with an OF assist to Kyle to nail a runner at 3B
* Kyle had a great bare-handed, charge to field a bunt

tweets of the game . . .

roster moves prior to the game . . .

Can’t wait for the game tomorrow (since I get to attend!) Had some friends at the game tonight, though . . .

some in King’s Court . . . 

king's court

and some partaking in Bark in the Park . . .

bark in the park

g85 | since July 1: W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L

Mariner 4 | Tigers 5

up down

Hate it when work gets in the way of baseball 😦

A somewhat alternate universe . . .

  • Mark had THREE of the only SIX total hits
  • Ack hit a homer
  • TWO stolen bases (Nellie and Brad)
  • Mayckol and David did well (after their combined disaster a couple days ago)
  • SEVEN walks (not often you get more walks than hits)
  • unfortunately, 0-14 w/RISP ain’t gonna do it

g83 | FIVE is usually enough . . .

Mariners 5 | Tigers 12

five guy

It started slow but then, down THREE/ZIP the M’s came back to take what may have been the shortest lived 5-3 lead ever, as the Tiggers answered in the 6th (w/FIVE) AND the 7th (w/FOUR)

Kuma’s return from the DL was a bit dicey, to put it mildly 😦
He put up 1-2-3 in the 1st and 3rd but, allowed FOUR home runs ~ all solo shots ~ ONE in the 2nd, TWO in the 4th, ONE in the 6th and after a single followed the homer – he was done . . .
FIVE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FIVE runs/earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Guaipe was a mess:  TWO hits, a walk and THREE earned runs w/o recording an out
} from the frying pan to the fire:  Rollins was able to get THREE outs but, not before he gave up FOUR runs
} FINALLY, Joe and Carson were able to stop the bleeding:  combining for THREE scoreless innings – too little, too late

M’s had their chances in the 1st through the 3rd . . .
– w/runners on EVERY time (TWICE stranding a runner at 3B)
bats came alive in the 4th and 5th . . .
– Seth walked, Ack tripled home the first run, Brad doubled home the second run to get the M’s within ONE in the 4th
– Robbie and Seth singled and LoMo launched one to give the M’s the lead (5-3) in the 5th
deep freeze in the 6th through the 9th . . .
– TWO measly singles

* THREE double-plays (including a beautiful, ’round the horn, inning ending variety 5th)
(hate to think what the score might have been without them ;-( )

tweets of the game . . .

g72 | CGS + 10K’s + ZERO walks = the Full Monty

Mariners 7 | Royals 0

Monty CG

wOw ~ what a start by Monty ~ against his original team, no less!
The Royals have the fewest strikeouts in the majors – Mike K’d them TEN times!
The first couple innings looked a bit shaky . . .

  • in the 1st: he loaded the bases on a couple of singles and a HBP in the 1st – strikeout and then DP
  • In the 2nd: runners at 1B and 2B w/NO outs –  he strikes out the side
  • and that would be the first THREE of SEVENTEEN in-a-row retired.
  • the only other base runners came in the 7th (reached on an error) and the 9th (TWO out single)

NINE innings ~ FOUR hits (all singles) ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

Love, Love, Lovin’ this version of the “OH” . . .
~ Kyle unable to score from 2B in the 2nd when Ack hits a double because it was of the ground rule variety
~ Kyle unable to score from 3B when Ack hits a single to shallow LF (but is able to touch home via Brad’s bases-loaded walk)
~ Speaking of Ack = THREE for THREE w/a 2-run homer (a triple short of the cycle)
~ Robbie and Seth also w/multi-hit games (Robbie w/a double and Seth w/ a RBI single)
~ LoMo w/his 9th homer, a solo shot, and another RBI via FC
~ Brad w/ a bases loaded walk (to start the scoring in the 4th)
~ Zu w/an RBI single and a walk

* A thing of beauty 3-6-1 DP – with the bases loaded – to end the 1st . . .
* A couple of errors (LoMo and Brad) but, thankfully, no damage

tweets of the game . . . 

g47-50 | droppin’ three of four w/The Tribe

Sorry, Rosy was OoO for this series . . .

Mariners 3 | Indians 5

Mariners 2 | Indians 1

Mariners 3 | Indians 4

Mariners 3 | Indians 6

So, they win the game they scored TWO and lose all the others in which they scored THREE – go figure.

g1: James didn’t even make it through FIVE . . .
suffering a finger injury that put him on the 15-day DL
g2: Tai had the BEST outing of his big league career . . .
EIGHT innings ~ TWO hits (both singles) ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts
g3: Roenis aka: Mr. Quality Start . . .
till this game only ONE of his starts weren’t in that category – make it TWO
g:4 JA had been chalking up the QS’s as well . . .
not counting the rain-shortened start, Mr. Happ had posted only TWO other starts that weren’t quality – make it THREE 😦

the bullpen was a mixed bag in the series . . .
doing a great job in the first THREE games (including Nando’s 14th save) but then falling apart in the last game (especially Carson, Dom and Joe – but, a lot of that may be over-use). One guy who as been super stellar is Mark Lowe – amazing that he seems to have found himself again after all these years!

A total of FOUR homers in the FOUR games (including Seth’s that accounted for both runs in the only win) but, overall the OH was VERY disappointing.
~ Only THIRTEEN total hits in the first TWO games
~ ELEVEN hits and FOUR walks in game three that should have yielded much more than THREE runs
~ The real sad sac was game four in which they only managed FIVE hits in TWELVE innings! argh!!

FIVE total DP’s in the series (including THREE in the extra inning game)
* Ack with a NICE catch and slide into the LF wall in the second game
* Kyle with a LONG run to snare a foul ball at the short wall in the second game and a charging play on a bunt in the third one

tweets of the series . . .

g43 | uP, UP . . . down

Mariners 2 | Blue Jays 8

Just when you think they are getting somewhere . . . 

up and down

Tai had his share of walks (THREE in the first FOUR innings) but, didn’t give up his first hit until the 5th . . .
unfortunately, he also gave up FOUR other hits in that inning – including TWO 2-run homers 😦
in the 6th, Tai appeared to have righted the ship, getting TWO quick outs but, then a walk and a single lead to bringing on the bullpen. His final line . . .
FIVE.TWO innings ~ SIX hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Danny’s struggles continue – ugh
} Joe unusually off-kilter
} Mark, the loan pitching bright spot w/ another SOLID outing:  NO hits/runs  ~ THREE strikeouts in his ONE.ONE inning

EIGHT hits, including a homer and a double but, O’fer w/RISP (in this case FIVE) . . .
~ Kyle continuing to heat up: his second homer in as many games
~ Robbie, on the other hand, is about as cold as you can get: O’fer the series 😦

* Brad did a pretty nice job at 2B (w/Robbie getting a bit of a rest at DH)
* Ack with a not so pretty play in center when the ball took a HIGH bounce and it went over his head in the fated 5th

tweets of the game . . . 

g42 | back to “close and clean” . . .

Mariners 3 | Blue Jays 2

how you draw it

This is how we expected things to go . . .
solid starting pitching, stellar relief and just enough offense to keep it CLOSE, along with CLEAN defense to make a difference

James was a little shaky early but, great the rest of the way . . .
he gave up a lead-off double, a wild pitch, a single, a walk and a run on a sac fly – all in the 1st (breaking his 20-inning scoreless streak) but, was able to limit the damage and, after a visit from Lloyd in that 1st inning, he settled down nicely . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

and as for the ‘pen – EXACTLy as you’d write it up when you need THREE innings. . .
} The Bartender with a scoreless 7th
} Carson with a scoreless 8th
} Nando not only a scoreless 9th (for his TWELFTH save – “Dirty Dozen” 😉 ) but, he got them 1-2-3, no drama!

Only SIX total hits but, then made ’em count!
~ Kyle’s solo shot in the top of the 2nd tied the game at ONE
~ Willie’s TWO-run double in the 3rd, scoring Chris and Rickie, gave the M’s the lead they would not relinquish

No question the DEE played a part, and a pretty one, indeed!
* awesome “step and a dive” by Kyle in the 3rd
* Willie earns an OF assist getting a runner at 2B from RF in the 4th

* Robbie with a “very Robbie” play – catch of a smash liner and an nonchalant flip to 2B for the DP in the 6th

* nice sliding catch by Ack for the last out of the 7th

tweets of the game . . .