g108 | Felix scuffles in the 1st but, the King takes over till the 8th

Mariners 6 | Angels 4


Very strange start to this game (both for me and for the team) . . .

I arrived at the ballpark realizing I’d forgotten my portable phone charger so, I spent the first TWO innings near The Pen, at the ‘charging station’ watching a nearby TV and listening to the Halos broadcast via At Bat. Trout hit the THREE-run homer just as I plugged in (and, of course the Halos announcers were giddy – little did they know what would happen in the bottom of the inning 😉 )

Yes, that 1st inning was exasperating (Trout just seems to have Felix’s number) . . .
But, was SO good to see Felix dial it in and go a full EIGHT (something he had yet to do this season) and, ultimately, get the win . . .
EIGHT innings ~ THREE hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

Eddy gets his THIRD save in style ~ THREE up/THREE down ~ all K’s

FOURTEEN hits ~ only ONE for extra-bases ~ Zu’s THREE-run bomb in the 1st

  • Kyle the only starter w/o a hit
  • Nori and Adam both had THREE hits
  • Seth and Leonys both had TWO hits
  • only a total of THREE strikeouts

* error by Adam but, an OF assist by Seth to get the lead-runner in the 5th
* around-the-horn double-play (Kyle-Robbie-Adam) to end the 7th

tweets of the game . . .

g97 | ‘t was a hit parade north of the border ~ whoa Nellie!

Mariners 14 | Blue Jays 5

hit parade

NINETEEN hits!!!


Kuma not super sharp but, with some nice adjustments and ending with a quality start . . . 
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ THREE strikeouts

Wade L w/his first career save and in the process gives the pen a rest . . .
THREE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TWO strikeouts


  • Every starter had at least ONE hit
  • SEVEN starters had multiple hits (including Nori, Robbie and Shawn w/THREE each)
  • Whoa, Nellie ~ TWO hits + BOTH homers + ONE a grand salami = SEVEN RBI
  • Kyle also with a homer (of the TWO run variety)


  • No DP’s turned (FOUR turned against them but, TWO of those scored runs)
  • A couple nice catches in the OF (including a nice throw by Nori that almost nailed a runner)

tweets of the game . . . 

g64-66 | of early leads, late losses, strikeout duels, bases-loaded walk-offs and finally – a win



g64 | Mariners 7 | Rays 8
w/ a 4-0 and 7-4 leads turning to a 7-8 loss – just not the pitchers’ day (hopefully Tai will be OK (left the game in the 4th) and the fielding didn’t help

g65 | Mariners 2 | Rays 3
Nathan had a nice outing (needed less pitches to go deeper) bp was great . . . till the 13th

g66 | Mariners 6 | Rays 4
great to see James with another solid outing, bats up and down the lineup and bp success

tweets of the series . . . 


off to Boston they go . . .



g57-60 | splittin’ w/the Tribe

Three outta four would have been great but, we’ll take a split . . .


g57 Mariners 1 | Indians 3 Woe is sloppy play, wasting a stellar pitching effort

~ James threw WAY too many pitches for SIX innings but, certainly provided a bit of excitement with the TEN strikeouts, several hitting TRIPLE DIGITS . . .
~ Edwin Diaz, making his major league debut, (out of the pen) threw some GAS of his own – a clean inning w/his first ML strikeout
~Then Monty went TWO scoreless w/THREE strikeouts

Why is it that when the pitching FINALLY comes around, the hitting goes south?!?

And, once again, TWO errors, hurt a stellar start

g58 Mariners 7 | Indians 1 Lookie here! They CAN pitch and hit in the same game!

Sans beard becomes you, Wade 🙂
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO ~ ZERO runs ~ THREE strikeouts

} Joaquin allowed a solo shot in his inning, Steve posted a clean inning of ‘non-close’ work

~ hitters 2-3-4 (Seth, Robbie, Nellie) posted 6/11 w/FOUR runs, THREE RBI and ONE walk
~ hitters 7-8-9 (Adam, Steve, Shawn) posted 5/10 w/TWO runs, FOUR RBI and TWO walks
~ Nellie w/TWO homers, Shawn w/a TRIPLE

* Steve w/a passed ball
* Nice ’round the horn DP (Kyle-Cano-Lee)

g59 Mariners 5 | Indians 0  Tai the terrific, Chris the conqueror 🙂

Tai not only got back on track, he was steam-rollin’ . . .
EIGHT innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ ELEVEN strikeouts

} Nick added another scoreless innings and TWO more K’s

Have a day, Chris!
TWO homers for THREE RBI and then an RBI double for good measure
~ Kyle with the other RBI on a ground out
~ Ketel picks up where he left-off from the DL w/TWO hits and TWO runs scored

catch of the season, so far, for Guti . . .

g60 Mariners 3 | Indians 5  Oh, those base on balls . . . 

Nathan’s issue was his pitch count from WAY too many walks (FIVE)

Monty was good again but, Edwin gave up his first run and Joaquin was the real nail in the coffin, allowing a 2-run shot and then an UNearned run on his own error 😦

THIRTEEN hits (including TWO doubles and THREE homers) should net a LOT more than THREE runs. As it turns out, the THREE runs were all off solo shots (TWO by Robbie, ONE by Adam)

tweets of the series . . . 

g52-53 | M’s take the ‘Vedder Cup’ in crazy fashion . . .


g52 Mariners 6 | Padres 14

Scoring SIX runs should by indicative of a win but, unfortunately, James (subbing for Felix who’s now on the DL with a calf strain) had a rough 2016 debut. He didn’t even survive the 4th and made a costly error that contributed to a SIX run 1st inning for the Padres.

The bullpen wasn’t much help – Joel and Steve each allowed FOUR hits and THREE runs! (and, Joel found himself DFA’d after the game)

The good news was: Kyle, Robbie, Nellie and Guti all stayed HOT, HOT, HOT (even Luis had a couple of hits!)

g53 Mariners 16 | Padres 13

You think the score is crazy? Wait till you hear how they got there!!!

THE biggest come-back in Mariners organization HISTORY!

Down 12-2 in the going into the 6th, the M’s proceeded to score FIVE in the 6th and NINE in the 7th to seal what would become one of the craziest wins ever (luckily, I got home just as the 7th inning started so, got to witness history, at least via TV). Obviously, not a lot of pitching on either side (Miley w/his worst M’s start) but, the ‘new guy’, Cody Martin gets the victory for the M’s

I’ll let some tweets tell the story . . . 




g47-49 | let’s just move along . . .

ugh. swept aside AGAIN by another lessor team . . .


seems the M’s are playing to their competition of late.

g47 Mariners 2 | Twins 7
another bad night for Felix

g48 Mariners 5 | Twins 6
M’s had the bases loaded TWICE with only ONE run scored (via a DP – the other was THREE pop-ups in-a-row – can you spell F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N?!?) and, a whacky end to the game – after Guti homered in the 8th to bring it within one, he was up again w/runners at the corners and ONE out – both were thrown out after the catcher dropped and recovered a ball 😦

g49 Mariners 5 | Twins 5
another rough day for Tai, Guti did his part again, homering in the bottom of the 9th to bring them within ONE

tweets of the series . . . 

and, all was NOT lost, as I got to attend Saturday evening’s game with these lovely ladies . . . IMG_5532

g13-15 another road series win!

road warrior

g13 Mariners 2 | Indians 3
oh, so close!
the good: FOUR extra-base hits (including Kyle’s second homer), THREE DP’s turned
the bad: only SIX total hits, 0/10 w/w/RISP, Wade FOUR walks (including THREE in the 4th)

g14 Mariners 2 | Indians 1
on the good side of close, for a change
the good: Tai’s first win, Steve’s second save, Nori w/ a TWO-run triple
the bad: only THREE total hits, Adam’s third error,

g15 Mariners 10 | Indians 7
all the bats contribute!
the good: FOURTEEN hits (including Steve Clevenger’s first and Robbie’s sixth), THREE players w/multiple RBIs (including Robbie w/FOUR), the bulk of the bully going THREE.TWO scoreless innings (Nick, Joel, Tony and Steve)
the bad: Nate’s outing, Joaquin’s relief, Ketel’s third error

tweets of the series . . .


g12 | we’ll take 2 of 3 on the road – all.season.long.

Mariners 3 | Yankees 4

2 out of 3

(now, if we could just fix that home slump situation . . . )

Kuma going in the right direction in number of innings pitched . . .
He went FIVE in his first start, SIX in his second and SEVEN today (just the second M’s starter to go that far so far this season – first was Felix vs. A’s)

but, going in the wrong direction with number of earned runs . . .
He gave up TWO in his first start, THREE in his second and FOUR today
with THREE of the EIGHT for extra base hits (including ARod’s first homer) but, the winning run was a wild pitch (though Steve should have blocked it)
SEVEN innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

Nick, the lone BP guy today, posts a clean sheet for the 8th w/ONE strikeout

Hits w/RISP doesn’t tell the story today . . .
M’s were .500 in that category, scoring all their hits on singles (Seth and Steve) and a force out (Kyle) but, only had SIX total hits, The Yanks were only ONE for ELEVEN w/RISP but, had THREE extra-base hits compared to the M’s ONE (Aoki’s triple)

Another double-digit strikeout game for the bats . . .
though HALF of them came in the 8th and 9th innings  (Yanks pen of Betances and Miller each struck out the side in order – yikes!)

} Steve had a bit of a struggle behind the plate today (with the “WP” and twice unsuccessfully trying to nail runners (ONE went for an error) giving up TWO stolen bases which tied Kuma’s career
} Leonys with a nice diving catch, Robbie with SEVEN put outs

tweets of the game . . . 

and, down on the farm . . .


g7-9 | one is better than zero

g1 Mariners 3 | Rangers 7 . . . Kuma so-so, Monty yuk-yuk, bats = 3 hits

g2 Mariners 0 | Rangers 8 . . . first shutout of the season is also 5th loss in-a-row

g3 Mariners 4 | Rangers 2 . . . DHL delivers to salvage the series and the home stand

1 out of 3

tweets of the series . . .


g6 | well, THIS looks frighteningly familiar . . .

Mariners 1 | Athletics 2

OK, we have seen this movie WAY too many times in previous seasons.
Felix does his thing and the offense . . . does not 😦

ive seen that movie too

For the most part, Felix was Felix . . .
(a few too many pitches/walks but, for his second start, it was pretty stellar and definitely should have been rewarded with a win)
SEVEN innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

Bully losing its luster . . . 
Joel, Steve and Nick combined for THREE innings with Joel giving up the tying run in the 8th and Nick the winning run (solo shot by Crisp) in the 10th

~ only SIX total hits
~ TWO doubles (Kyle and Nori)
~ the only run was from the benefit of an A’s error
~ 0 fer 8 w/RISP ain’t going to get it done

No DP’s or errors (one of each on the other side)

a tale of two series . . .
The M’s scored 21 runs in Texas and won the series.
The M’s scored FOUR runs in the series at home (0-16 w/RISP) and got S W E P T

tweets of the game . . .