g112 | Happy, Happy Felix Day!!

Mariners 4 | Rangers 2


Mariners victories always best shared with friends 🙂

Well, the Rangers certainly made The King work: 104 pitches thru SEVEN innings (which helps puts into perspective the Rookie Monty’s outing). But, Lloyd desperately needed Felix to go at least SEVEN and that’s what he did. The two runs were via an RBI double and a wild pitch (haven’t looked but, seems the M’s might have given up the most runs via WP this season)

SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO runs/earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ FIVE strikeouts

The bullpen was effective . . . .

  • The boos started with ball TWO and a lead-off walk allowed by Nando but, fly out, single, strikeout and groundout followed.
  • Carson allowed a lead-off single and also hit a batter but, in the end, recorded his 12th save and preserved Felix’s 14th victory

Only FIVE total hits for the M’s but . . .
~ Their first run was via Ketel’s FIRST major league RBI (scoring Mark who had reached 2B on an error on a pop-up and advanced to 3B on Brad’s sac bunt) and, he was the only Mariner w/TWO hits and also recorded his first big league stolen base
~ TWO-run bomb by Jesus M gave the M’s their second and third runs (and the lead for good) in the 4th

~ Nellie extended his hitting streak to NINETEEN with his THIRTY-THIRD homer (and his NINTH consecutive extra-base hit)

* No DP’s recorded (one against, an unassisted by Moreland)
* Nellie made a great diving catch in RF for the first out of the game (continues to be more than serviceable there)
* Brad with a nice play that he stayed with after a bad hop
* Robbie with one of his patented “sliding slick picks” snaring a liner on a short hop and throwing casually to 1B for the out to save a run

tweets of the game . . .


g102 | UNhappy Felix Day

Mariners 2 | Diamondbacks 8

I actually attended this one but, time got away, so didn’t recap . . .

I remember that Felix was down 4-0 in the 1st inning before we even took our seats!

It was 90+ degrees and we were there as a ‘work event’ . . .

luckily, another group was there from work and they were in the SHADE, so we sat up with them from the 3rd inning on  . . .

g97 | what’s this? TWO wins in-a-row?!?

Mariners 5 | Blue Jays 2

2 in a row

Felix had a shaky start but, a fabulous finish . . .
He made a very “UN-Felix-like” play in the 1st, fielding a soft ground ball then WAY over-throwing to LoMo at 1B allowing the runner to take 2B. After a ground out and a walk, the Blue Jays scored their first run on a ground out to 1B in which LoMo seemed a bit nonchalant throwing home, hence, the run was unearned due to Felix’s error and LoMo’s uncharacteristic lapse. Then Felix resumed being Felix and, against the most prolific offense in the majors, proceeded to retire TEN in-a-row before allowing a solo shot (to Joey Bats) and finishing up with the following line . . .
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ SEVEN strikeouts

Then the steady Eddies took over . . .
Mark and Carson combined for TWO scoreless innings and Carson earned his NINTH save preserving Felix’s TWELF victory

There were M’s on base in EVERY inning but the 6th though still only 2-10 w/RISP
~ AJ and Brad were the only ones w/o a hit (Brad did walk once but, also had a base-running gaffe, getting picked off 3B)
~ Nellie was THREE for THREE w/a run scored
~ Mark had ONE hit – but it was a biggie – a TWO-run shot to take the lead for good in the 4th
~ Robbie continues to stay hot in July – only ONE hit but, we’ll take a TWO-run triple any day

No DP’s on either side and some shakiness on the M’s part . . .
* the afore mentioned flub by Felix
* the afore mentioned lapse by LoMo
* Seth had a catch of a long fly ball at the wall that was nothing spectacular but, heart-stopping in the sense that it really looked (at least to me) that it was going out (hence my tweet #NoSweatSeth)

tweets of the game . . .

g87 | And the W-L beat continues . . .

Mariners 3 | Angels 7


I doubt I’m the only one sensing a pattern here . . .

Well, I guess it was bound to happen – a sub par outing for Monty 😦
Started out promising, even though he threw 20 pitches in the 1st, he was able to get out of trouble (with a lot of help from his DEE) and then posted a 1-2-3 in the 2nd

After that, it was all down hill . . .
FIVE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FIVE runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts 

} Danny didn’t help much, giving up a 2-run homer to Cron (his second of the game) on the first pitch he threw in the 7th and then a lead-off homer to Trout (his second as well) in the 8th before retiring the rest of the batters in order
} Joe and Vidal post a combined TWO scoreless innings

NINE total hits . . . .
~ including FOUR doubles (Kyle, Robbie, Guti, Ack)
~ and a homer (Mark)
~ Jesus got a hit in his 2015 debut!
~ Mark continues his hot streak
~ Guti and Ack both with TWO hits
Normally, that would be considered a nice, productive game but, it paled in comparison to the night before and, more importantly to the Halos production tonight. At least they tried to make it a bit exciting: Mark’s homer didn’t come until the bottom of the 9th (w/Kyle aboard via HBP and no outs).

But too little, too late. At least I thoroughly enjoyed my crab sandwich . . .

* Kyle made a nice play to get Calhoun hung up between 3B and home w/one out in the 1st
* Chris had an unfortunate error, what seemed a sure DP ended up not even getting ONE out
* Robbie made a beautiful shoe-top snare near the bag at 2B for the second out of the 6th
* Good to see Jesus able to stretch and dig a bit at 1B
* Despite his recent pitching struggles, Danny still fields his position well – nice play on a chopper down the 1B line and toss to Jesus for the second out of the 7th

tweets of the game . . . 

g73 | watching from the first row in RF

Mariners 2 | Royals 8


At least the weather was gorgeous and the crab sandwich was delicious 🙂

Roenis’s second really rough start in three turns . . .
THREE.TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ SEVEN runs/earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

} Vidal wasn’t bad – giving up ONE run in THREE.ONE innings in relief of Roenis
} Tom and Joe each posted a scoreless frame

NINE total hits ~ all singles . . .
(Guti’s back!!)

THREE beautiful DP’s but, all for naught 😦

and this . . .

tweets of the game . . .

g70 | Well, at least it was fun to spend the day w/Dad :-)

Mariners 2 | Astros 6

dad and me

Kind of amazing that JA got through FIVE innings considering he through 40+ pitches in the first TWO innings . . .
(though Velasquez threw 43 in the 1st!)
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ TWO runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Tom seems to be allowing run after run of late . . .
} Joe had a scoreless 8th
} Nuno allowed a solo shot in the 9th

FOUR hits, all singles, nuf said

* the first TWO innings end in double-plays
* Brad with a fielding error

tweets of the game . . .

(I noticed that too and thought something was wrong with the gun)

oh, there was a little golf tournament held a few miles south . . .

g35 | HappY through 7 and goin’ Cruzin’ in the 9th

Mariners 2 | Red Sox 1


How FUN was THAT?!? (especially, in person!)

Mr Happ just continues to put up quality start after quality start (M’s have won FIVE of JA’s SEVEN starts) . . .
He threw a lot of pitches in the 2nd (when he gave up the Sox only run) but, hung in there
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} The Bartender appears to be back in business ! Tom threw TWO scoreless with a strikeout

Only FIVE total hits . . .
~ the first hit came in the form of a Robbie double in the 1st
~ the second hit didn’t come until 6th when Seth tied it up with a solo shot
~ the second run was the fifth hit and didn’t come until TWO outs in the 9th with Brad at 2B
but – that was all they needed!

* Nifty play of a flair that Brad caught on the fly and  a l m o s t  got the DP but, the ball hit the runner
* Nellie had a nice catch at the wall in RF
* Justin took a not-so-great route to a ball in LCF and consequently an RBI triple ensues in the 2nd
* LoMo continues to impress at 1B he made a great pick of a low throw from Brad in the 5th
* nice DP to get Big Papi in the 6th

tweets of the game . . . 

g32 | goin’ batty for the Vedder Cup!!!!!!

Mariners 11 | Padres 4

going batty

Not used to seeing an offensive onslaught like that!
My mantra is: “Chicks did the long ball but, REAL women love leather” but . . .
even I have to admit THAT was FUN 🙂 (especially in person with friends to share it with!)

After the 1st inning in which he threw all of NINE pitches, I thought, m a y b e this would really be James’ night. He did end up with a SIX inning shutout but, it was far from smooth sailing . . .

Pitching with a FOUR run lead in the 2nd, after retiring the first two batters, he proceeded to walk the bases loaded but, got Barmes to pop up on his THIRTY-EIGHTH pitch of the inning. The Padres also loaded the bases for Barmes in the 4th – this time he struck out. So, ‘t wasn’t always pretty but, the result was great as James records his first victory . . .
SIX innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO run/earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Danny continued to struggle, getting the lead off batter in the 7th but, loading the bases with a single and TWO walks
} Tom came in and got Kemp to hit a ground ball but, Chris booted it so, not only did the runner score from 3rd but, the bases were reloaded. He struck out the next batter then, allowed a single that scored the rest of the inherited runners and ended the inning with a strikeout.
} Charlie retired the Pads in order in the 8th
} Mark had a bit of a rough go (thankfully, the lead was LARGE) allowing a couple of walks, a double and a run

Let’s just say . . .
save some for tomorrow! 😉

~ Nice homer to hit ratio (SIX / FIFTEEN)
~ Kyle got the homer parade going in the 1st with a THREE-run shot
~ LoMo, Nellie  and Justin (pinch-hitting for Brad) all launched solo shots (Justin’s first as a Mariner)
~ Really awesome to see Zu coming around – 3/4 with THREE RBI via TWO homers (all three hits w/TWO strikes)
~ Brad (DH’ing tonight) had consecutive ground rule doubles (one in RF corner, one in LF corner
~ ALL the starters had at least ONE hit, FOUR had multiple hits
~ ALL but TWO starters scored at lease ONE run
~ ALL but THREE starters had at least ONE RBI

* Chris had the error in the 7th that led to TWO unearned runs
* he was also part of a tailor made double-play in the 3rd
* but, the WEB GEM of the night belongs to Dustin Ackley . . .

tweets of the game . . . 


g31 | of Kings and milestones and Mother’s Day sweeps . . .

Mariners 4 | Athletics 3

broom button

What a great story re: Jesus and Felix . . .
Jesus lost his mom back during Spring Training so, this was his first Mother’s Day without her. He was hoping to play during the weekend to honor her and the team went to Felix to get his input on which game he should catch (Felix’s or JA’s). Felix apparently did not hesitate – he said that Jesus wanted to honor his mom by playing on Mother’s Day so that’s what he was going to do. And, what a nice day he had! A single, a run scored, a great catch of a foul pop-up and catching Felix’s 2000th career K ❤

Felix being Felix . . .
he needed FIVE strikeouts for his 2000th career K so, of course, he got SIX 🙂

He wasn’t dominating today but, he did what he needed to do and, let’s face it, his “less than stellar stuff” is better than mosts actual stellar stuff.
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

the bully does it again! (amazing how a solid performance from the starter carries over to the ‘pen 🙂 )

} Charlie with an efficient and effective 1-2-3 8th inning
} Nando got to shoot his own arrow today (despite making the 9th more interesting than it needed to be, allowing a one-out solo homer) racking up his NINTH save and preserving Felix’s SIXTH victory (first time Felix has been 6-0)

The bats couldn’t get much going early (no hits thru THREE and only FIVE total) but, they managed to do   j  u  s  t   enough . . .
~ in the 4th, Rickie walked, Nellie singled (for the first Mariner hit) and then it was contagious: Kyle and Dustin both doubled (Dustin’s was with TWO outs and scored TWO runs!) and the M’s took the lead for keeps.
~ in the 5th they added on after Jesus singled (his first hit of the season), Seth doubled and Robbie hit a sac-fly to score Jesus

* once again, no DP’s be either team
* Jesus made a great over-the-railing catch of a foul ball in the 7th

tweets of the game . . . 

my photos of the game . . .



g29 | the bully and the bullet

Mariners 4 | Athletics 3 (in 11)


Yes, the bullpen finally showed it’s SPECTACULAR self and LoMo redeemed himself by launching a bullet to win it in the 11th (a shot which I called, by the way, when I noticed from my perch in section 331 after he made the error in the top of the inning that he would be the first batter up in the bottom of the 11th)

Tai threw a lot of pitches early (so did Gray – at one point they were neck ‘n’ neck, each having given up a double, a walk and were 50/50 balls and strikes) but, with all those pitches came a lot of K’s
FIVE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts 

Extreme kudos to the ‘pen – definitely more like the one we know and LOVE!
} Joe, Danny, Charlie, Mark, Nando and Carson combined for . . . 
SIX innings ~ ONE hit ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts 
} Carson pitched TWO full, recording THREE of the K’s and was rewarded with the win

Nice to see . . .
~ TEN hits
~ FOUR for extra bases
~ THREE doubles (Brad, Robbie and Kyle – all in the right field corner, TWO in the same inning accounting for TWO of the runs and tying the game!)
~ LoMo’s hard hit balls starting be of the “drop” variety as opposed to the “at-em” variety. He had the FIRST RBI (single to score Kyle) and the LAST RBI (the walk-off homer)

OK, it wasn’t ALL rosy . . .
~ they did strikeout FIFTEEN times
~ and, poor Zu with the Golden Sombrero 😦

Defense displayed the gamut tonight . . .
* Nellie and LoMo both charged with fielding errors
* Kyle with an awesome basket catch of a foul ball – didn’t think there was any way he could get to it

* Robbie had a great diving catch of a low liner for the second out in the 10th

tweets of the game . . . 

my photos of the game . . .