g103 | “Right now we’re just having a funk. We’ll come out of it.”

I actually believe you, Lloyd. I really do. Gotta admire his consistency, he never waivers whether the team is on an up swing (he beats the drum for them to do better) or a down swing (he heaps encouragement on them).

Mariners 1 | Orioles 2 (10)

4 in a row






Felix being Felix ~ pitching out of his mind and getting another ND . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

} Brandon and Nando combined for TWO hitless/scoreless innings to keep the game tied at ONE after NINE
} Charlie gave up what was ultimately the game-winner for the O’s – a TWO strike homer on the FOURTH pitch of the 10th inning and then Danny retired all THREE batters he faced

The fourth loss in-a-row was yet another game of single-digit hits and TOO FEW RUNS (the M’s have scored 1, 2, 0, 1 during this losing streak)
~ Endy, Robbie and Kyle all had TWO hits (Kyle and Robbie with a double and a triple respectively)
~ And, the “new, old guy” . . . Kendrys had a sac-fly scoring Robbie after the triple for the only M’s run
~ Crazy 5th inning when Brad walked with ONE out and then was out due to being hit by ball on Endy’s single. Then Endy stole 2B but was thrown out at home, for the third out, on JJ’s single. So an inning with a walk, two singles and a stolen base but, NO runs :/
~ And then, the game ends on a play over-turned on challenge (Robbie initially called safe at 1B on a REALLY close play but, play over-turned, third out, game over)

* Brad and Kyle with some really nice plays in the infield
* Zu with a great caught stealing on Adam Jones
* the O’s made some nice plays as well (including a lazer shot by Pearce to nail Endy by plenty, he probably should not have been sent)

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g102 | Oh gets 0 . . .

Some interesting moves prior to the game . . .
Tai Walker had been sent down right after the game yesterday, today they put Willie on the DL and called up Jesus Montero and Chris Taylor (major league debut tonight)

Goodbye and Good Luck Stephen Pryor   . . .  Welcome Back, Kendrys Morales!!!

Mariners 0 | Orioles 4







Kuma continued his incredible streak of 35 consecutive innings without allowing a walk  . . .
Unfortunately, he had a rare lapse in the 3rd, giving up FOUR straight hits – including a THREE run homer 😦 He recovered nicely, keeping the O’s at bay by facing only ONE over the minimum for the rest of his outing (innings 4-7)
SEVEN innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Yourvis and Charlie each pitch scoreless frames – Charlie struck out the side in order

M’s were shutout for the TWELFTH time this season :\
~ Gettin’ tired of this but, tip o’ the cap to Mr. Chen – he didn’t allow an XBH, just scattered FIVE singles and ONE walk in his EIGHT full innings of work.
~ JJ did steal his 20th bag

No DP’s on either side and can’t really speak to the DEE overall as I didn’t see this one either

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g111 | Happy totals make for a happy flight home

And THIS is what can happen when the starting pitching isn’t perfect but gives you a chance, the offense does JUST enough and the bullpen is SHUTDOWN = win! win! win!

Mariners 3 | Orioles 2

Houdini Joe showed up vs. his old team at Camden Yards . . .
allowing the lead-off batter to reach in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th innings
working with a runner in scoring position in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th innings
But, able to escape damage until the 6th, when that lead-off runner finally came around to score on Valencia’s home run and the O’s took the lead 2-1. But, in the end, Joe’s ability to work out of trouble kept the M’s in it (with a little help from his BP)
SIX innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Yoervis ‘s 7th was impressive, to say the least, as he retired the heart of the O’s order IN order:  Machado (K),  Jones (K) and Davis (1-pitch groundout) and then he followed up with a 1-2-3 8th (and economical as well – only 21 pitches)
} Danny (aka: Lord Farquhar) earned his second major league save, in as many chances, and preserved the game victory for Joe and the series victory for the M’s

Quite the development of Danny going on before our very eyes . . .
the volume of K’s has been eye-popping from the beginning but, he started out giving up a LOT of runs as well. In the pre-game, both Mike Blowers and Danny himself mentioned that he had “re-introduced” his curve ball to keep the hitters off balance (had previously relied a little to heavily on the cutter) and, pitching inside ~ the results are astounding . . .

  • first 10.2 innings of his season = 18 K’s, 10ER
  • next 9 innings = 10K’s, 3 ER
  • last 16 innings = 24 K’s, 7 ER


~ the Ancient Mariners with ALL the M’s RBI today: Raul’s RBI double and Hank’s TWO-run homer
~ AB of the game (though it didn’t result in a run) was Justin’s 16-pitch base hit in the 4th
~ hit of the game was no doubt Hank’s 2-run homer in the 7th (apparently he can hit homers other than grand slams and in non-Felix games 😉 ) that was the first Chen had given up at Camden Yards all year – it recaptured the lead for the M’s that they would not relinquish

* one DP turned (Brendan-Brad-Justin)
* no DP’s turned against the M’s but, wow can Chen can field his position! (see top 5th)
* defensive play of the game ~ Brad’s WebGem for the first out in the 9th, smash liner that he had to dive for


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g110 | THIS time, EIGHT is MORE than enough!

Mariners 8 | Orioles 4

Seems like Erasmo pitched much better than his line tonight . . .
probably because he only gave up TWO solo shots (to the best home run hitting team in baseball in their own bandbox park) while he was actually in the game (two inherited runners would score in the 7th) but, in any event, he showed nice steady improvement . . .
~ first outing with ZERO walks
~ ties season HIGH in K’s
~ records season LOW in hits
~ LOWEST pitch count this season (96 pitches still a lot for SIX innings, but better than 100+)
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Charlie allowed those previously mentioned inherited runners but, was able to record the requisite outs in the 7th
} Danny, as per usual of late, was sensational – he threw 16 pitches (13 for strikes) to get FOUR outs, TWO via K to record his FIRST major league SAVE. Methinks we may be seeing LORD Farquhar as the “savior” in coming games 🙂

woot! woot! the bats continue to sizzle . . .
SEVEN + EIGHT hitters = FIVE hits, ONE double, THREE homers, FIVE runs scored, SIX rbi

  • Michael with TWO homers and FIVE rbi
  • Justin with TWO hits – a DOUBLE and a HOMER and TWO walks
  • Brad with THREE hits and an RBI
  • Nick still no hits but, on TWO walks
  • Kendrys and Humberto each with TWO hits
 Michael's 3-run shot | Mitchell Layton, Getty Images

Michael’s 3-run shot | Mitchell Layton, Getty Images

* No DP’s but Kyle had a SB
* A curious 9-4-2-3 double play was turned against the M’s (wasn’t watching so, not sure who was to blame most) . . .
with runners on 1B (Nick) and 2B (Kendrys)  Raul singled and Nick tried to score, Raul thought he was going to so he went to 2B but, Nick was thrown out and when Raul got to 2B, Kendrys was standing there and Raul was left in no man’s land 😦 Luckily, because of the WIN, they can laugh about it now.

tweets of the game . . .

g109 | bombs in Baltimore can’t overcome the mound melt down

But for the grand slam, ‘t was an 8-7 victory 😉

Mariners 8 | Orioles 11

Aaron used up his “monthly bad start” already here on the 2nd of August (he’s had one game every month where he’s given up 6+ runs) . . .
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout

Brandon didn’t fair any better in his second appearance since being recalled . . .
THREE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ FOUR runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

(Well, at least the bullpen got some rest after the horror show that was the series in Boston)

Certainly a decent night at the plate . . .
~ TWELVE hits ~ TWO doubles ~ FOUR homers ~ 3-5 w/RISP
(unfortunately, lately, it seems that when the offense clicks, the pitching implodes and when the pitching is shut-down, the bats ice up)
~ The “Michaels” had a nice night, combining for TWO homers, ONE double, THREE runs, FIVE rbi
~ Kendrys continues to scorch, FOUR for FOUR (including a homer), TWO runs scored and TWO rbi
~ Humberto with his first Mariner home run

ZERO dp’s and TWO errors (Raul and Brad) . . . certainly not a stellar glove night

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g30 | xbh galore and another series win!!

Mariners 8 | Orioles 3

Mariners Win!!! | Elaine Thompson, AP

Now, why couldn’t I have chosen THIS game to go to? Oh well, the WIN is what matters.
Speaking of WINS, a 5-2 homestand with series wins vs the Hated Halos and the Ornery O’ . . . not too shabby!

With the way his season has gone so far, whodathunk Aaron would have put these numbers up vs. the O’s?!?

SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ FIVE strikeouts

Carter was LIGHTS OUT in the 7th then, with two out in the 8th, gave up a solo shot and a couple of singles. Charlie to the rescue with a strikeout to end the inning. And then The Bartender, who, with the semi-blow out O’s win last night and the semi-blow out M’s win Monday night, needed some work. gets ’em 1-2-3 in the 9th.

The boxscore from this game is truly a site to behold . . .
* Every batter except Dustin (who did walk) had at least ONE hit
* Kendrys and Michael S each had THREE hits
* Michael Morse hit his NINTH homer
* Jason, Justin and Kendrys all hit DOUBLES
* and, yes, Jesus hit a TRIPLE
and here’s the video proof!

but, wait! it wasn’t just a power game . . .
* Michael Saunders had the first bunt base hit of the season (O’s did that in last night’s game and it seemed to rub a little salt in the wound)
* and they had SEVEN walks!

Michael S with TWO stolen bases (FOUR on the season – and he missed TWO weekes!)
How awesome is it to have the combination of speed and power?

tweets of the game . . .

Catching up on a couple things . . .
* Prior to the game, the M’s optioned Blake to AAA and re-called Lucas Luetge
* M’s sign Corey Patterson to a minor league deal
* Minor League Catching Coordinator John Stearns joins the team as interim 3B coach, as Jeff Datz deals with cancer diagnosis
* tracking Casper . . .  he was picked up by the White Sox

M * A * S * H
* Stephen Pryor more than a month away from coming off the DL
* Josh Kinney should start rehab assignment soon
* Erasmo Ramirez throwing in AZ, no time table yet

g29 | O’s give M’s woes

Mariners 2 | Orioles 7

::: Yes ~ I got my Brendan Ryan “I talk to buffaloes” tee shirt.

::: No ~ my night at the ballpark wasn’t very pleasant.

Obviously, the loss had a lot to do with the unpleasant-ness but, it actually started before the game. I decided to have what has been one of my favorite food items at The Safe: a beef crepe. Normally, my indulgences of the fare of La Creperie have been fresh, hot, tender and delicious. Last night it was more stale, barely warm, chewy and over done 😦 I thought about complaining but, didn’t have the energy so, I just ate it at standing at the bar overlooking the bull pen as I watched fans trickling in . . . sincerely wondering if they might have some of the 5000 tee shirts leftover.

I made my way up to the 300 level, got some hot chocolate (because it was freezing!) and then went to my seat in the first row of section 340. I was actually supposed to be in 341, third seat in but, decided to take my chances with the end seat across the aisle. That was the best decision I made all night. Once a few others arrived, I soon realized I would have been just two seats away from a very vocal Orioles fan (it was bad enough being across the aisle – all I could think of is at least I’m not right next to him). Anyhoo, he wasn’t really obnoxious or anything, just cheered for his team but, it’s just SO iritating when the M’s are losing and you are close to opposing fans – especially when the stadium is . . . much less than full (oh, btw, all the shirts were given away – attendance was 13k+).

As for the game itself . . .

I picked this game to attend because I hadn’t yet seen Brandon pitch in person and it seemed (from the way things had been going) he had the best chance at a victory. Well, so much for that theory – the lead-off homer he allowed was foreshadowing of a bad night much like my stale, chewy crepe . . .

FOUR innings ~ SIX hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

The somewhat encouraging thing is, all four runs were given up in the first inning and he went on to toss three scoreless. Granted, he had to work REALLY hard to get through those three innings but, hard as it is to take the loss, he’ll be better for the experience, likely learning a lot from it.

And the ‘pen  . . .
Blake was no better that Aaron, Ollie walked a couple but didn’t allow a run and Medina actually posted a nice 1.1 outing.

::: the good ~ double-digit hits: Dustin, Justin, Kendrys & Michael M all with TWO each
::: the bad ~ the old nemesis: only ONE for EIGHT w/RISP
::: the good ~ Michael M a homer, Justin a double
::: the bad ~ I was in the restroom when Michael homered, just adding insult to injury to my evening 😦

::: Kelly with a nice throw to Dustin to nail a would-by 2B thief
::: no DP’s (and they really could have used some!)

tweets of the game . . .