g67 | 7th shutout this season, 5th this month

Mariners 0 | Giants 7


Monty with  a l m o s t  another quality start . . .
He had a rough 2nd inning – but, if Brad had been able to turn TWO, Mike might not have given up any runs but, instead the flub opens the flood gates a bit – Giants score THREE off him in the 3rd and then he shut them down until the 8th when Tom gave up an inherited runner (which should, at least, be split, IMO) . . .
SEVEN.ONE innings ~ FOUR runs/earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout

} the Bartender had some issues – wasn’t able to retire a batter and allowed TWO more runs
} Joe managed to get the TWO out needed but, not before he allowed a RUN
} Nuno with the only ‘clean sheet’

move along, nothing to see here except . . .
~ FIVE hits, ALL singles
~ Oh fer SIX w/RISP

* Monty had a 1B pickoff
* No double plays (w/TWO turned against them)

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g56 | of losing streak stoppers, the tie-breakers and young closers . . .

Mariners 2 | Rays 1

There’s the Felix we know and love (just kidding, we ALWAYS love him 😉 )
Maybe not as sharp as normal and even a little shaky in the 1st (walking TWO). But, he definitely OWNS the Rays. When he allowed the ONE run (after a ONE-out triple and a WP) it was the first run he’d allowed to the Rays in TWENTY-ONE consecutive innings. He left the game with a tie and may be buying Austin a steak tonight 🙂
SEVEN innings ~ TWO hits ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

The bully was only TWO tonight but, VERY effective . . .
} Mark allowed a single but, no runs
} Carson earned his first career big league save via a 1-2-3 9th – Congrats!!!
} Nando “working” on a couple things (should be interesting going forward)

They finally broke their scoreless innings streak (16) . . .
~ Willie with an RBI single in the 4th
~ then, they proceeded to load the bases w/NO outs but, AJ popped up and Robbie GDIP
(and the booooos rained down)
~ a great one-out bunt base hit by LoMo in the 6th was quickly made moot when he was caught stealing
~ oh thank heaven for AJ – solo shot in the 7th that gave the M’s the lead they would not relinquish!

* Robbie with a beautiful snare of a rocket and then a throw to double the runner off 1B in the 2nd
* Wiliie with a great catch and spin to get the Ray’s final out of the 3rd

tweets of the game . . .

g42 | back to “close and clean” . . .

Mariners 3 | Blue Jays 2

how you draw it

This is how we expected things to go . . .
solid starting pitching, stellar relief and just enough offense to keep it CLOSE, along with CLEAN defense to make a difference

James was a little shaky early but, great the rest of the way . . .
he gave up a lead-off double, a wild pitch, a single, a walk and a run on a sac fly – all in the 1st (breaking his 20-inning scoreless streak) but, was able to limit the damage and, after a visit from Lloyd in that 1st inning, he settled down nicely . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

and as for the ‘pen – EXACTLy as you’d write it up when you need THREE innings. . .
} The Bartender with a scoreless 7th
} Carson with a scoreless 8th
} Nando not only a scoreless 9th (for his TWELFTH save – “Dirty Dozen” 😉 ) but, he got them 1-2-3, no drama!

Only SIX total hits but, then made ’em count!
~ Kyle’s solo shot in the top of the 2nd tied the game at ONE
~ Willie’s TWO-run double in the 3rd, scoring Chris and Rickie, gave the M’s the lead they would not relinquish

No question the DEE played a part, and a pretty one, indeed!
* awesome “step and a dive” by Kyle in the 3rd
* Willie earns an OF assist getting a runner at 2B from RF in the 4th

* Robbie with a “very Robbie” play – catch of a smash liner and an nonchalant flip to 2B for the DP in the 6th

* nice sliding catch by Ack for the last out of the 7th

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g8 | that one hurt . . .

Mariners 5 | Dodgers 6


More homers (including Nelson’s FIFTH in FOUR games) can’t overcome strikeouts and pitching woes . . .

burlap tissue


Kuma was far from sharp – he threw a TON of pitches (95) and walked WAY too many (not his MO) . . .
FIVE innings ~ SIX hits ~ FOUR runs ~ THREE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Carson posted another “clean-sheet” in his ONE inning of work
} Charlie ran into a bit of trouble, allowing TWO hits without recording an out in the 7th
} Yoervis had a spectacular appearance in the 7th: came in with TWO on, NO out and recorded a strikeout AND a double-play! Then in the 8th: a couple of ground outs, a single and Zu nails a would-be 2B stealer (see IN the FIELD below)
} Nando blew his first save of the season when he allowed back-to-back singles to start the 9th. Then, it appeared they he may pull out a miracle when a fielder’s choice ended with tagging the runner at 3B out. But, what followed was the ultimate BAD FRE: a walk to load the bases and a single (by Howie Kendrick, who else?) that scored TWO. Dodgers win by ONE.

and the power surge continues!
~ back-to-back homers in the 1st for Robbie and Nellie made it 3-0 early

wait, there’s more! they can also play small ball . . .
~in the 4th, Willie was HBP, Kuma sacrificed him to 2B and he scored on Rickie’s RBI single
~in the 5th, the M’s loaded the bases via walks and Willie grounded out to score Nellie from 3B

but, the bad news is the TWELVE strikeouts . . .
~ including FOUR for Zu 😦

* nice play in the 5th blooper:  over Willie at 1B but, Robbie backing up and tossed easily to Kuma covering at the 1B
* Carson had to pitch to one more batter in the 6th after an errant throw (luckily, it only cost him a few pitches, no runs)
* great throw and catch/tag by Zu and Robbie respectively in the 8th to nail a would-be, base-stealer (but, he was initially called SAFE – Robbie immediately pointed to the dugout because he KNEW he’d tagged the runner on the shoulder before his foot hit the 2B bag:  played challenged, play over-turned)

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g100 | pitching and dee can’t do it all . . .

Mariners 1 | Mets 3

I wasn’t able to follow this one, maybe just as well.

Erasmo certainly didn’t disappoint in his “spot start” and, in fact posted his best game of the season . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

} Tom went TWO full, giving up a solo shot and a walk

~ Dustin continued his hot hitting with TWO hits including an RBI double (the M’s only extra base hit that scored the M’s only run – Willie)
~ Other than that, just scattered singles (and Robbie went hitless, which is rare)
~ JJ recorded his 19th stolen base

Couple of nice DP’s and a nice come-backer play for Tom

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g99 | tonight, ‘t was the Mariners who were “amazing”

Mariners 5 | Mets 2






Roenis comes back firing . . .
it took him 90 pitches to get through 5+ (and, he left as a precaution – forearm cramps) but, he earns his first victory since June 22 (vs. Royals). Skip praised his command, his change up and poise.
FIVE.ONE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} Yes, Mr. Leone owes Mr. Ackley a steak dinner (see IN the FIELD for Ackley’s catch of Leone’s first pitch). He gave up a couple of hits but no runs
} Charlie got a couple of outs, including a strikeout
} Brandon continues to dazzle in his new role (has yet to give up a run in 14 innings) and went 1.1 tonight
} Danny made his first appearance since that epic battle in Anaheim on Friday – he posted a scoreless 9th

Willie was leading off and, apparently, for good reason . . .
THREE hits, TWO runs scored an RBI and a SB
~ Dustin also with THREE hits and an RBI
~ Kyle and Stefen each with TWO hits
~ Zu with a MAMMOTH home run to break the 1-1 tie in the 3rd
~ Willie, Robbie, Corey and Dustin all with doubles

Ack with a WEB GEM!!!!!
WHAT A CATCH – seriously robbing d’Arnaud of a home run! His glove was OVER the wall . . .

* Endy and James both with nice running catches
* Rare error by Robbie

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g86 | “Saled” in the Windy City . . .

Mariners 1 | White Sox 7 


Roenis couldn’t quite hang with Sale , oh that ONE inning . . .
They traded scoreless frames, each allowing a couple of singles, through three innings and, even after Roenis gave up a lead-off homer in the 4th, it seemed like he might be up to the task (as he’s shown he can recompose after some miscues). But, the wheels came off in the 5th when the WS scored FOUR on couple of singles, a HBP, a double and a homer and that would be it for Roenis . . .
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts 

} Joe and Dom each threw a hitless inning but, Charlie gave up a TWO-run homer in garbage time. Charlie is the only M’s reliever with an ERA over THREE  (with the exception of Brandon but, that doesn’t really count since most of that was from starting – Brandon’ has a 0.00 ERA so far in his young ‘pen stint). So, Blower’s quote prior to the game about this bullpen being “the best the Seattle Mariners have EVER had” rings true.

Only FOUR lefties all season had recorded a hit off Chris Sale (all singles) but, despite the fact that the M’s matched that total (Kyle, LoMo, Michael and Robbie – a double) – no dice, gotta tip the Kudos cap to Mr. Sale today.
~ Kyle had the M’s first hit against Sale (he was only the third lefty to collect a hit off him all season). Unfortunately, Kyle was gunned down at 2B trying to stretch a single into a double.
~ The M’s best scoring opportunity came in the 6th w/runners on 2B and 3B – Robbie struck out 😦

* A couple of nice running grabs in deep RF corner by Michael  to end the 2nd and the 3rd with runners on
* a leaping snare by Kyle
* Eaton robs Robbie of double

tweets of the game . . .


g69 | the Kuma and Kyle Show!

Mariners 5 | Rangers 1

The M’s are 2-0 in games Dad and I attend together 🙂

fathers day


Kuma the Bear roared . . .
(and, apparently, he almost didn’t go – neck stiffness)
Not enough superlatives for this line, the only blemish being the solo shot in the 2nd
EIGHT innings ~ SIX hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ SIX strikeouts


Welcome to the THIRTEEN hit parade!
Though, I must qualify that it was a bit frustrating until the 5th, as they were gettin’ ’em on – it was that gettin’ ’em over and in that was a bit of an issue :/
~ Lead-off batter was aboard in FIVE innings and, at least ONE base-runner in each inning but the 6th
~ Ranger Killer Kyle was FOUR for FOUR w/TWO doubles and THREE rbi – his only faux pas was getting caught stealing via a strike ’em out (Mike) right before Dustin doubled
~ Endy, Dustin and Willie each had TWO hits (Endy and Dustin ONE double apiece)
~ Apparently, LoMo had a little incident in the dugout with a bat and John, for the first time in his major league career, came in to play 1B (see IN the FIELD). John had a single in the 8th and was lifted for PR Cole who was able to score on Kyle’s second double of the game (Robbie and Endy scored on his first)

The defense was sparkling today . . .
* Kyle with a great back-handed snare for the second out of the 2nd (next came the homer for their only run)
* Zu with an awesome throw to Brad to nail a runner trying to steal 2B
* Kuma deserves kudos his DEE as well as his pitching – part of FIVE put outs
* And, how ’bout John at 1B?!? he got just some action (couple of throws from Kyle, one unassisted out and a couple of tosses to Kuma at the bag)

tweets of the game . . .


g68 | five in-a-row in the bad column . . .

Mariners 3 | Rangers 4

5 in a rowON the MOUND
Erasmo wasn’t sharp or efficient, taking 89 pitches to go FIVE but, it was definitely progress, as they were scoreless innings . . . 
FIVE innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ FOUR strikeouts
} The good news is that Lord Farquhar struck out the side in the 6th. The bad news is that he allowed THREE runs in the inning (single, double, K, K, homer, K)
} Joe and Yourvis each went ONE scoreless inning
} Nando, came in for the 9th in a 3-3 tie and went ground out, single, ground out, single to allow the leading run to score


Double digit hits (ELEVEN to be exact) but didn’t make enough of them count . . .
~ Seager, as per usual vs. the Rangers, had a multi-hit game
~ James, Robbie, John and Willie also w/2 hits each
~ RBIs = Robbie, John and Stefen
~ Runs = Robbie, John and Willie
~ In the 6th, down by TWO, Robbie singled and Jesus followed with his first Mariners hit this season – he was then then lifted for a pinch-runner (Dustin). Robbie scored via John’s single on an awesome slide to tap the plate but, avoid the tag (the SAFE play was challenged, field ruling UPHELD)
~ In the 7th, with ONE out and the bases-loaded, Robbie hit a sinking line drive that short-hopped into the fielders glove, allowing Willie to score from 3B

* In the 1st, a SAFE call at 2B was challenged and OVER-TURNED, giving the M’s a strike-em out, throw-em out DP to end the inning
* In the 2nd, after a lead-off walk, Chirinos doubled and then a really nice relay: Stefen-to-Robbie-to-John to nail the runner at home

* In the 4th, a scary moment in the OF when Stefen and James collided, James belly flopped on the ground and it wasn’t clear until the replay that Stefen was the one in possession of the ball (and both seemed OK)
* In the 7th, an interesting “synchronized diving” play by the runner trying to get back to 1B and Willie flying to try to tag him (the OUT play was challenged and OVER-TURNED)

tweets of the game . . .


g63 | follow the yellow-brick road . . .

Wait . . . isn’t that supposed to lead to the Emerald City?!?
With an overall record of 34-29 the M’s have logged some quirky numbers . . .
~ they have played 34 road games (their total number of wins) posting a 20-14 record
~ they have played 29 home games (their total number of losses) posting a 14-15 record

yellowbrick road



In any case, we’ll take a 7-game road trip like they just completed anytime!
6-1 record ~ outscored opponents 34-15 ~ struckout 68 batters ~ tossed 3 shutouts



Mariners 3 | Rays 0

Unfortunately, I’m sensing a pattern here ~ when Erasmo pitches, bullpen get ready . . .
He didn’t allow any runs in his FOUR plus innings but, walking FIVE batters (and a tightrope) isn’t exactly going to inspire confidence. Here’s hoping Taijuan and/or James are ready soon!
FOUR.TWO innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Joe, Dom, Danny and Nando combined for the other FOUR.ONE scoreless innings, allowing only ONE hit and ONE walk and striking out another FOUR batters (Nando got to shoot the arrow for the 18th time)

Focus on THREE as all THREE runs of the game were scored in the THIRD inning . . .
~ All but THREE of their SEVEN hits occured in the THIRD inning
~ where they hit THREE singles: Joe, Willie, James (his of the bunt variety to load the bases)
~ followed by a Robbie TWO-run double
~ and a Stefan RBI ground out and wha-la! THREE run lead (that would stick)

* Only ONE double-play in the game (Robbie to Willie) but it ended the TWO on ONE out threat in the 7th
* James made a nice running catch in LCF

tweets of the game . . .