g118 | THIS time TEN (runs) WAS enough but, NINE (innings) was not . . .

Mariners 10 | Red Sox 8 (in 12)

extra innings

Yes indeed, the M’s scored TEN runs in back-to-back games but only have ONE win to show for it.

‘t was an exciting extra-inning affair in which the M’s took an early 7-0 lead but, as is their want (especially in Fenway) the Sox came roaring back and needed TWO in the 9th to tie it and that’s exactly what they got but, thanks to some EXTRA-GUTTY pitching in innings 20-12 and some EXTRA-CLUTCH hitting in inning number TWELVE, the M’s emerge victorious!

It would have been nice if Vidal could have gotten ONE more inning but, considering the circumstances, he did alright . . .
He held the Sox scoreless for TWO straight innings – something NO M’s pitcher had done in this series. He allowed a solo shot to Bogaerts in the 3rd, another solo shot to Castillo along with a double and a sac fly in the 4th, and another double and sac-fly combo in the 5th before being pulled on a very hot and humid day at Fenway.
FOUR.ONE ~ NINE hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

HUGE credit to the bullpen who must quite literally be running on fumes . . .
} Tom tossed TWO scoreless . . .
he was helped immensely by the “best friend” in the 5th (runner at 1B initially called safe but, M’s challenged, the call was over-turned and the M’s were out of the inning via the DP). Tom also threw a 1-2-3 6th
} Joe entered in the 7th (after Tom got a K but then walked the next guy) and walked the first and only batter he faced
} In came Nando who allowed an inherited runs to score on a ground out but, then got another ground ball to end the 7th. In the 8th, Nando allowed a hit but was able to hold the Sox scoreless that frame.
} Carson committed the cardinal sin in the 9th – lead-off walk and the RS sent the game to extras via a ground out RBI and THREE singles (thank heavens the RS sent Big Papi, as he was dead meat at home). In the 10th, Carson AGAIN allowed a lad-off walk (are you sensing a pattern here?) but, thankfully, buckled down and STRUCK OUT THE SIDE!!!
} Rob was great: he also walked a guy in the 11th but, got a couple of HUGE strikeouts (including Big Papi!) but, another lead-off walk in the 12th and Lloyd called to the pen, yet again.
} Danny to the rescue! TWO quick strikeouts and a ground ball he fielded himself earned him his first save of the season!

Where to start?!? not surprising when there are EIGHTEEN hits 🙂
~ SIX players with multi-hit games
~ Robbie with his second career FIVE-hit game
~ Robbie and Guti with back-to-back homers in the 1st (Robbie’s w/Ketel aboard)
~ Guti with another homer in the 3rd, this one a THREE-run shot!
~ Ketel had a great day – TWO doubles, TWO walks and TWO runs scored
~ AJ recorded TWO stolen bases and TWO hits and scored the NINTH run in the 12th
~ Nellie added what seemed at the time a nice insurance run – a solo shot in the 7th that made it 8-4
~ Zu and Kyle each with RBI singles in the 12th
~ Seth had a pinch hit triple and Brad pinch-ran and scored the M’s TENTH run in the 12th

* Vidal with a pick-off of Betts at 1B
* seems like they had endless chances at DP’s but, only ended up with ONE (Ketel to Robbie to Jesus M)
* Seth had an OF assist of Big Papi at home

tweets of the game . . . 

g117 | TEN is usually WAY more than enough . . .

Mariners 10 | Red Sox 22

football or baseball

If I told you the M’s would collect 13 hits, including 3 home runs, and score 10  . . . .
^ likely your assumption would be WIN
^ likely your assumption would be correct – 99 times out of 100
Unfortunately, the other side scored three touchdowns/extra points +1, so it wasn’t even close

Felix’s TWO worst outings of his career have come this season . . .
today: TWO.ONE innings ~ TWELVE hits ~ TEN runs/earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeout
Jun12: .ONE inning ~ FIVE hits ~ EIGHT runs/earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout

Let’s not dwell, let’s move on (and hope there isn’t something wrong with Felix)

As for the pen, they had their issues as well . . .
} Danny was just re-called and was able to go nearly THREE innings but, gave up ONE run
} Joe and Dave each gave up FOUR runs
} Tom was the only one who didn’t allow a run
) Bless his heart, Jesus S pitched an inning (for the second time this season) to help save the BP: after getting ONE quick out, he gave up a single and then got another out but then a double, a homer, a single and the RS had THREE more

As mentioned earlier, if you just looked at the offensive box score, you’d have been happy . . . .
~ TEN runs
~ THREE home runs (Zu with a solo shot, AJ and Nellie each w/TWO run blasts)
~ Ketel, AJ, Nellie, Mark and Zu each w/TWO run games

So, the moral victory is that they kept fighting. Even though these last TWO games are extreme outliers, I continue to be much more concerned with the number of runs Mariners pitching has been allowing this season than the lack of runs Mariners hitting has been scoring this season.

* a nice DP for the first TWO outs of the 1st (Felix to Ketel to Jesus M)
* the Red Sox turned TWO against
* Jesus M with his first error

tweets of the game . . .

g37 | Power arms + Power bats = shutout VICTORY!

Mariners 5 | Red Sox 0


Just how you would write it up . . . 
:: strong and long starting pitching
:: shutdown relief
:: a timely hit and more power than actually needed
:: solid defense

What a day for James!
He not only pitched a career high EIGHT full innings, he shutout the Red Sox and has now posted 20 consecutive scoreless innings this season! AWE.SOME
EIGHT innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Carson being Carson: ONE scoreless inning w/a strikeout

Only EIGHT total hits but, THREE for extra-bases (a double and TWO homers)

But, all they would really need came in the 2nd inning when Kyle and LoMo both singled and Kyle scored from 3B on a passed ball. Then for a little insurance, Zu singles in LoMo.
The score would stay 2-0 until the bottom of the 5th . . .

Brad decided to do what Brad does these days: homer (third in TWO games, fourth of the home stand!)
The score would stay 3-0 until the bottom of the 8th . . .

Kyle, not to be outdone, greeted the new pitcher (on his first pitch) w/a 2-run jack (Nellie had walked)
The score would remain 5-0 forever 🙂

Over all solid defense today . . .
* DP of Robbie-Brad-LoMo
* Brad (his first game at short in awhile) made a great diving stop
* LoMo with a rather scary play in which the runner collided with him but, he hung on to the ball and tagged him out and they were both OK (whew!)
* interesting “sun ball” in the 8th when Ack broke to right and then lost the ball in the sun but Justin came to the rescue (whew! probably was his ball anyway) for the 3rd out

tweets of the game . . . 

g36 | Brad breaks out but, Felix falters . . .

Mariners 2 | Red Sox 4


Very uncharacteristic outing for Felix – so far this season . . .
-he had only walked EIGHT batters total – walked FOUR in this game (including walking the bases loaded in the 6th for only the eighth time in his career he walked THREE batters in an inning)
-he had given up THREE runs at most (once)
SIX innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

Here’s hoping it’s not serious 😦

} Joe pitched a scoreless 7th
} And, probably the best news of the night Danny finally looked more like Lord Farquhar, going TWO full scoreless innings with THREE strikeouts

With only FIVE total hits, it was The Brad Show!
~ not ONE but TWO home runs (the first gave the M’s a very brief lead in the 1st, the second tied the game in the 5th)


~ The only other extra base hit was Ack’s double in the 4th but, unfortunately, it was of the ground rule variety so Kyle (who’d been at 1B) could not score.

* Robbie being Robbie so smooth ❤
* LoMo with a great snare on the 1B line for the second out of the 6th
* Ack with a nice sliding catch of a sinking liner

tweets of the game . . . 


g35 | HappY through 7 and goin’ Cruzin’ in the 9th

Mariners 2 | Red Sox 1


How FUN was THAT?!? (especially, in person!)

Mr Happ just continues to put up quality start after quality start (M’s have won FIVE of JA’s SEVEN starts) . . .
He threw a lot of pitches in the 2nd (when he gave up the Sox only run) but, hung in there
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} The Bartender appears to be back in business ! Tom threw TWO scoreless with a strikeout

Only FIVE total hits . . .
~ the first hit came in the form of a Robbie double in the 1st
~ the second hit didn’t come until 6th when Seth tied it up with a solo shot
~ the second run was the fifth hit and didn’t come until TWO outs in the 9th with Brad at 2B
but – that was all they needed!

* Nifty play of a flair that Brad caught on the fly and  a l m o s t  got the DP but, the ball hit the runner
* Nellie had a nice catch at the wall in RF
* Justin took a not-so-great route to a ball in LCF and consequently an RBI triple ensues in the 2nd
* LoMo continues to impress at 1B he made a great pick of a low throw from Brad in the 5th
* nice DP to get Big Papi in the 6th

tweets of the game . . . 

g34 | another ONE run loss . . .

Mariners 1 | Red Sox 2

this close

Great to see Roenis go SIX+ with a reasonable pitch count (89) and, more importantly, only ONE run (solo shot)
SIX.ONE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Mark and Charlie combined to finish the 7th
} Carson posted another scoreless inning (w/two strikeouts)
} Nando in with the game tied 1-1 in the 9th allowed a lead-off double, a sac bunt, a HBP and a sac-fly (which Rickie also dropped, which extended the inning but, the run would have scored regardless) which, ultimately, gave the Red Sox the win

Frustration ran high tonight . . .
~ M’s loaded the bases with ONE out in the 4th and failed to score (Zu struck out and Ack grounded out)
~ Justin came in to pinch hit in the 7th and absolutely stung it to RF and Victorino made a great catch, crashed in to the wall and was able to recover and throw to double the runner (Chris) off 1B
~ they had TWO on with ONE out in the 8th and Kyle hit into a DP
~ Only SIX total hits (all singles) and 0-6 w/RISP 😦

* Brad started his first ever game in LF – of course, the first play was to him – and, he caught it!
* Zu caught Ramirez stealing 2B – TWICE!
* M’s turned TWO once but, had TWO turned against them TWICE (one was that play by Victorino)

tweets of the game . . .

g129 | M’s first ever SWEEP at Fenway!

teeter totter


OK, so maybe they are starting to get over the “playing down to their competition” deal. The newly anointed “COMEBACK KIDS” showed a different side today – instead of getting down THREE and getting it all back and then some in ONE inning for the victory, the M’s scored THREE in the 1st (but then so did the Sox) and, it was a back and forth battle for FOUR hours and SEVEN minutes of a NINE inning game. Immense Kudos to the bats and the pen in this epic series 🙂


Mariners 8 | Red Sox 6

Today was the shortest outing of Kuma’s career . . .
He gave up THREE runs in the 1st (more than he had given up in his past FIVE games). Kuma also hit back-to-back batters in the 1st – after not hitting a batter all season. Just was not his day and, apparently, the Red Sox are his nemesis – his last shortest outing was against them (THREE innings) at Safeco Field last July . . .
TWO.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ ONE strikeout

} Dom just keeps racking up the wins (7-2) – he went TWO.TWO though he walked THREE, he also struck out THREE and did not allow a single hit or run
} Joe and Danny each allowed hits, but no runs, in their combined TWO innings and Danny’s assist on the DP to end the 7th is a highlight not to be missed (see IN the FIELD)
} Charlie has a rough start to the 8th, giving up a run on TWO hits but, Tom bailed him out – and the M’s still had the lead heading to the 9th
} the Nando experience was a bit more white-knuckled than we like but, in the end, the arrow flew for the 38th time this season

Another RARE starting pitching struggle called for the bats (and the PEN) to carry them . . .
and that they did – finally getting runs on the board early and continuing to add on and on in this back and forth battle to eventually earn the SWEEP with EIGHT runs on THIRTEEN hits
~ Robbie, Zu and Chris D were the only starters w/o a hit (though Chris recored an RBI, scary moment as Robbie left the game w/dizziness – later confirmed as flu-like symptoms)
~ Dustin just keeps killing it – another THREE hits including a double, a triple, an RBI and  THREE runs
~ Austin, Kendrys, Kyle and LoMo all with TWO hits and at least ONE run/RBI (Kyle w/TWO each)
~ Chris T stole a base but, both he and Zu were also caught stealing

* Zu allowed a PB, which makes THREE in his last TEN games when he’d only had THREE all season previous
* Only ONE double-play but, it was a DOOZY – with ONE out and runners on the corners in the 7th . . .


tweets of the game . . .


g128 | comeback kids strike again for the series WIN!!!


whodathunk the M’s would win TWO games where they only scored in TWO of EIGHTEEN innings . . .

7 in 1





Mariners 7 | Red Sox 3

Mr. Young posted his shortest start since his second of the season . . .
he left with the bases full and a 7-3 lead but, would settle for a ND
THREE.TWO innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Tom ended up with the win and started off by striking out the first batter he faced  w/the bases loaded
} Charlie, Danny and Yourvis finished it up – all FOUR relievers combined for FIVE.ONE scoreless

Another CRAZY game where ALL the runs came in ONE inning, this time the 4th . . .
as well as SEVEN of their TEN hits:  FIVE singles (Kendrys, Kyle, Jesus, Chris T and Austin), ONE double (Chris D) and a THREE-run homer by Dustin

there were TWO errors (Ack throw, Austin fielding) and TWO double-plays


tweets of the game . . .


g127 | miracle in BeanTown

and I missed it 😦


We were on the first leg of a road trip to Lake Tahoe (Seattle to Medford) and while I was able to catch MOST of the game on AtBat, the signal wasn’t always strong and, we were trying to check in on the Seahawks as well (yes – it’s only preseason football but, they ARE our World Champs). Anyhoo – once we finally got to our hotel, as we were in line to check in, I glanced at some tweets – and then DOUBLE checked – they had rallied in the 9th for FIVE runs to win!

Mariners 5 | Red Sox 3

Felix went less than SIX innings for the second straight start . . .
the struggle was the pitch count (100 through FIVE) not the runs (scoreless through FIVE). Felix retired the side in order and only allowed a single, a double and a HBP to that point. But, then came the 6th where he allowed a double, both walks, and the THREE-run homer to Cespedes
FIVE.TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} Brandon, Dom (6th W) and Nando (37th S) combined for THREE.ONE scoreless innings

‘t was looking pretty bleak and I was beating my “playing down to the competition drum” . . .
~ M’s sent the min to the plate in the first THREE frames as, Endy’s single in the 3rd was wiped out by Brad’s DP
~ despite THREE walks and a HBP over the course of the 4th and 5th, no runs
~ a double and THREE more walks from the 6th thru the 8th resulted in still no runs

and then came the miracle 9th ~ THREE different batters had them down to their LAST strike
and, since I missed it all, best described by the video evidence . . .


ONE double play turned and THIS SPECTACULAR ranging play by


tweets of the game . . .