Ups, downs and all arounds of late spring…

Just not enough time in the day (or night) lately for proper posting, so, here are some recent links of interest…



all arounds…

The photos are up!
The ones on the 1st Avenue side of Safeco Field, that is.  While walking to the garage after the Sounders opening season match at Qwest Field last night, (Sounders won 2-nil) I got my first look at the new photos….
Felix, Cliff, Erik, Ryan, David, Ichiro, Franklin, Milton, Jose, Jack, Chone, Casey, Rob and the Moose of course.

Yesterday pitching, today hitting…

And about 15 days to get it all together!

Lovin’ the new pest ~ Ichi-Fig… 
Ichiro and Chone combined for 5 hits (including 2 triples), 3 rbi, 5 runs scored and 1 stolen base

The “D” really shaping up…
2 more double plays (by the way ~ the position switch is officially “a-go”)

And there was a little power…
Eric with a 3-run homer

The pitching was really not too shabby…
Luke made it through without too much damage, Sean and Jesus each gave up their first runs of the spring, and Mark and Brandon lookin’ rea-DY!

box score Mariners 12 | Angels 6

Eight days until P.A.C.R.

Thankfully, it’s that time of year, where attentions turn from the grid iron (congrats to Drew and the Saints, btw) to the diamond. Listening to the Hot Stove League Show on 710 ESPN tonight, there was the tiniest of parallels between the two sports, as Eric Byrnes seems to have almost as much energy as new Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll.

I’ve got a feeling that as great as the M’s clubhouse was last season – we are in for even more of a treat in 2010. I’m anxious to see how the personalities meld and mesh. Will Ichiro find a way elude Junior’s tickle attacks? Will Eric and RRS sneek off to go surfing in every road city within 50 miles of a coast line? Who will Junior appoint as Kangaroo Court Jester? Will Chone be the shy, retiring type or the class clown? Will Cliff Lee play the straight man? And, of course, we all know Milton will be a barrel of laughs.

Oh, and I guess it will also be interesting to see how the 5-man rotation shakes out, if it will be Ichi-Chone or Chone-Ichi, which young one will surprise with a breakout Spring, which old one will have a career year and how we will all contain ourselves watching that dazzling “D”


Byrnsey and the rest….

Now, Byrnes said, “My legs are as healthy as they’ve ever been. I’m excited to put together a full season and help the Mariners win a lot of games.”

The right-handed hitter will battle for playing time in left field. He said he’s content to accept a platoon role.

“Speaking to Jack, the role wasn’t necessarily specified, other than the fact he believed I would contribute,” Byrnes said. “That’s all I needed to hear. I’m healthy for the first time in two years. I just needed a team to believe in me half as much as I believe in myself. Speaking to Jack, that’s what I felt.”

In a news release, Zduriencik said of the signing, “We think Eric is a great fit for our team. He is a high-energy player with a veteran presence. We look forward to him competing for a spot on our roster when spring training starts.”

Brad Nelson ~ 1B/OF

Chris Woodward ~ utility

Josh Bard ~ catcher, Chad Cordero ~ pitcher

Ryan Langerhans

Josh Wilson ~ infielder

Corey Patterson ~ outfielder