g101 | the mendozas hits Mendoza

Mariners 4 | Royals 1

The bottom of the order ~all hitting under .200 coming into the game tonight~ produced well…
Carp, Olivo, Peguero and Ryan combined for SEVEN hits, FOUR rbi, TWO runs.

Also good to see Ackley coming around…
TWO hits (including a double) and TWO walks. Something tells me he is  t h i s  close to breaking out.

Billy Butler’s double in the 4th was the only hit surrendered by Jason Vargas.
Billy Butler’s double in the 9th was the Royals only other hit of the game.

Vargas was great (was it his last start as a Mariner???)
Jason walked THREE but only gave up the ONE run and struck out FIVE
He certainly did nothing to damage his potential trade value. Though I fall in the “keep Vargas” camp – there has to be another veteran starter, besides Felix, going forward, at least until all the young arms settle in. While Jason has had his road homer woes, he has also proven to be very durable and is obviously a perfect fit for Safeco Field.

courtesy ESPN.com

g99 | the King vs. the Chief and goodbye to Area 51

Mariners 4 | Yankees 2

OK, the minor intrigue of Felix pitching against his long-time idol and good friend, Freddy Garcia, for the first time was over-shadowed (just a bit) by the whole Ichiro is now a Yankee deal… I was extra glad I already planned to attend, even before the news broke.

Oh, a couple of roster moves to mention between last night and game time tonight…
Justin Smoak and Trayvon Robinson switch places between Seattle and Tacoma and Mike Carp is activated from the DL

The jerseys were still regular price…

But most other Ichiro-related items were on sale…

I’ll admit to being a little wistful…

There he was, in his old familiar place, except he had run out of the other dugout and was wearing a different uniform….

So, the first at bat that I saw Ichiro take as a Yankee…

was against Felix Hernandez (a pop-up to 3B)…
I took a little walk around the concourse, as the M’s were taking the lead in the third…

Felix won without his best stuff (in fact, the 8th inning was kinda scary as he hit a couple of batters, including A-rod (who we heard immediately after the game had suffered a broken hand and was going to be put on the DL). Lucas and Tom were awesome (as per usual!) and the offense was able to do just enough against Freddy and the seemingly endless bullpen arms that Girardi cycled through.

On my way out of the ballpark, I lingered a bit longer than normal, knowing some things would be a bit different next time I visited…



Still collecting some thoughts….

Up, down, injuries and more hardware for Zunino

Recent movement

  • Good luck, Hector. Hope you find your focus in AAA
  • Welcome back, Piggy!
  • Best Wishes, Adam Moore ~ claimed off waivers by the Kansas City Royals
  • Mike Carp’s been rehabbing in Tacoma since the 7/4 at DH/1B to keep that shoulder healthy
M*A*S*H report
* Guti will be eligible to come back about July 13th but will have a couple game rehab stint first.
* Montero took BP for the first time since his injury and will not catch tomorrow but, may DH
* Pryor to be sent on a rehab stint
* Erasmo won’t be ready for awhile so, M’s will need another starter after the ASB
Congratulations to Mike Zunino!

The award, sponsored by Major League Baseball, is annually bestowed to the amateur player who best exhibits exceptional on-field ability and exemplary sportsmanship. Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper, the 2010 Golden Spikes recipient, made the announcement live on MLB Network. 

A former University of Florida catcher who was selected by the Mariners in the Draft, Zunino won the 35th edition of the award over fellow finalists Mark Appel, a right-handed pitcher from Stanford, and Carlos Rodon, a left-handed pitcher from North Carolina State.

Zunino, who also won this year’s Dick Howser Trophy as the premier college player and the Johnny Bench Award as the best collegiate catcher, batted .322 with 19 home runs and 67 RBIs as a junior for the Gators in 2012.

As the Mariners tweeted … he’s going to need a bigger mantel 🙂

the moves, as expected…

tweet from the M’s…

Franklin Gutierrez, Erasmo Ramirez, Steve Delabar, Casper Wells join #Mariners. Carp & Pryor to DL, Beavan & Liddi to AAA Tacoma.

Heal fast and well, Mike and Stephan!

Good luck, Blake and Alex!

Welcome back to the Show, Guti, Erasmo, Steve and Casper!

g59 | series win in the land of Disney

Mariners 8 | Angels 6

Not Hector’s best effort…
things tend not to go well when you give up more walks (5) than hits (4) like allowing more runs (6) than either and, all in only FOUR innings (and another homer on an 0-2 pitch!)

But, what are teams for? but, to pick one another up, of course!
And, the bullpen did just that – going FIVE scoreless innings in relief of Hector
with The Bartender recording his second career save.

Stephan Dunn | Getty Images

Of course the smoking O “pitched-in” a bit as well…
~ all EIGHT runs came with TWO outs
~ Saunders continued his torrid run with another THREE hits and TWO runs
~ Ichiro popped his THIRD homer of the trip
~ Seager and Carp both had TWO run doubles (each after getting the green light 3-0)

Day off at home and then…
the Dodgers, the Padres and the Giants come to town

g52 | hmmm… something seemed to click

Mariners 10 | Rangers 3

Who ARE these guys??

stringing together hit after hit after hit to score EIGHT runs in ONE inning?!?

let me just copy/paste from Yahoo! because it was such a beautiful thing…

– J. Jaso singled to right, K. Seager scored, J. Smoak to second
– B. Ryan safe at first on shortstop E. Andrus’ fielding error, J. Smoak scored, J. Jaso to third, M. Saunders to second
– D. Ackley singled to shallow right, J. Jaso scored, M. Saunders to third, B. Ryan to second
– M. Carp singled to right, M. Saunders scored, B. Ryan to third, D. Ackley to second
– I. Suzuki hit sacrifice fly to shallow right center, B. Ryan scored
– D. Ackley scored, C. Figgins to third on wild pitch

Ackley, Seager, Jaso and Saunders all with multiple hit nights (Jaso with a 2-run homer to get things started in the 2nd)

Yes, their were some Ranger errors and miscues but, taking advantage of those is all part of the game.
There were also some pretty fancy plays on the M’s side of the ledger, like this DP with the bases loaded and only one out… video
I’m thinking Mr. Ryan et al, may have been treated to a nice Texas steak dinner by Mr. Vargas 🙂

Seriously though, Vargas pitched very well ….
SIX+ innings and only THREE runs (a 3-run shot by Hamilton) on FIVE hits
pretty outstanding line against this powerhouse – well done, Jason!

and the BP of Kelley, Luetge and Wilhelmsen added TWO+ scoreless

If they can take the series tomorrow, it’s a great start to the road trip, as series win AND a season series tie with the R’s … stranger things have happened, right?

g49 | seeing red…

Mariners 3 | Angels 5

Unfortunately, Felix’s Court didn’t have much to feel “royal” about but, it was great to see the biggest one ever – 4 whole sections!

It was turn back the clock night…

all the way back to 1955…
since the M’s hadn’t been “born” yet, the current M’s donned Seattle Rainiers uniforms. While I loved the old uni’s (especially the high socks!) the red was a bit disconcerting – I am so conditioned to root AGAINST red.

Otto Greule, Jr | Getty Images

Felix didn’t appear to have his “A” stuff but, he pitched adequately through FIVE…
giving up FIVE hits, ONE walk and a SOLO shot to, who else, Alber. Then came the 6th which stunned pretty much everyone, including Felix, when Callaspo hit a grand slam home run. Amazing how the tide can turn after a couple of singles…

The bullpen duo of Delabar and Kelley was effective…
kept ’em in it and picked up Felix for three complete innings

As per the series, not much offense was mustered…
although it was good to see Justin hit another Smoak-bomb
and, Ackley and Carp each with a SB and an RBI

At least it was a beautiful day at The Safe…

After the game, my salve was a glass of Tempranillo and Strawberries Devonshire…
(OK, it was just half ‘n’ half from QFC, but it did the trick 😉 )

Can we avoid spittin’ bristles tomorrow?!?

g43 | whew! sweeeeeeeeep!

Mariners 6 | Rockies 4

M’s were cruising through this one until the 9th inning, when League decided to make it a little too interesting. Thankfully, he got the job done in the end but, not without a legion of M’s fans needing copious amounts of Tums to get through it. After the game, he would explain that while a homer and three singles in the 9th with a FOUR run lead was not the optimal result – he did feel like he made progress from his work with Willis and Navarro. Here’s hoping…

David Zalubowski | AP

OK, nuf of that, on to the really GOOD stuff…
SIX runs on NINE hits, including TWO doubles, ONE triple and THREE home runs
I think we’d take that extra-base to hit ratio any day and TWICE on Sunday (and hey, it’s Sunday!)

the first inning more or less set the tone….
Ackley led off with a double and then after 2-outs, Seager walked, started a delayed steal that, along with a bad throw from the catcher, allowed Ackley to score.  Montero then walked and Smoak came through with an RBI single.

Montero parlayed his 2-day rest into production for the second straight day…
batting fifth today and going 1/3 with a walk and a 2-run shot

Justin Edmonds | Getty Images

Smoak continued his hot-hitting…
back-to-back homer w/Jesus and an RBI single

Saunders didn’t produce, but…
had a couple really hard hit balls – j u s t missed a homer and hit an at ’em ball to the 2Bman

Carp with his second homer of the series

And, last, but not at ALL least, the pitching performances…
Blake was pretty stellar 5IP – 7H – 2ER – 1BB – 7K
even helped his cause a bit by executing a sac bunt in his second ever major league AB and recorded a HUGE strikeout of Todd Helton with two aboard in the 5th. It was curious that Wedge took him out after that inning (since he’d only thrown 82 pitches) but, it worked.

Justin Edmonds | Getty Images

Kelly, Furbush and Wilhelmsen followed up with a combined THREE scoreless innings (1H – 0BB – 5K). And then it was BLTT (Brandon League Tums Time)

Justin Edmonds | Getty Images

This is just a really cool shot …
I love how Ryan is all blurry and Ichiro and the bull pen chair are crystal clear…

Justin Edmonds | Getty Images

ok – home again, home again, lickety split!
M’s have played 28 road games compared to only 15 at home

g41 | veteran battery, youthful bats

Mariners 4 | Rockies 0

whodathunk that the M’s first CG this season would be ala Kevin Millwood?!?
and a shutout to boot! and in Colorado?
Kevin seems to thrive on stiff competition, on the road (in Texas, in New York, in Colorado)
9IP – 2H – 1BB – 7K
good on ya, Kevin!

Huge for the bullpen to get some much needed rest.

the offense coming through…
only EIGHT hits but ONE double (Jaso), TWO triples (Saunders and Seager) and ONE homer (Carp)

Jack Dempsey | AP

the defense looking more like the defense I’ve come to know and love…
~ outfield assist from Saunder swas On.The.Money. to Seager at 3B

Jack Dempsey | AP

~ nice running catch for Carp
~ super great play by Seager for the second out in the 9th, he backed up KM who valiantly dove for it


g35 | only moral victories here…

Mariners 2 | Yankees 6

Totally missed the game due to some early Mother’s Day celebration, so I won’t go into much detail, just mention a couple of moral victories that, one day, will help translate to actual victories…

Hector hung in and there
After an extremely rough 2nd inning, he made some necessary adjustments and, with the exception of “Mariner-Killer, Raul Ibanez” was able to pretty much shut them down for another 5 innings – retiring d 9 of the last 10 batters he faced.

Offense hit and miss
~ Ackley continues to improve in the lead-off spot – he’s had at least one hit per game (2 yesterday) since being ensconced there
~ Carp is starting to come ’round, with a homer and and “almost homer” (called back after reply and changed to a double)
~ Smoak followed up yesterday’s three-hit game with one hit … baby steps
~ Jaso needs runners on …. BA w/empty bases = .200 BA w/runners on = .364