g122-124 | woeful series w/the pale hose . . .

A couple of things that are abundantly clear (though may get a bit lost among the bullpen blow ups and the offensive woes):
~ Much as I love Crazy Legs, have to admit that Ketel is making a great case to be the shortstop of the future – awed by his defense and not too shabby as the lead-off guy
~ Nelson is on FIRE
~ Guti, when in, has also been smokin’ hot
~ Robbie and AJ aren’t doing too bad either
~ the bullpen CAN be lights out but, is usually the opposite

the future is now

Mariners 4 | White Sox 11
‘t wasn’t a very Happy Felix Day . . .
far from his worst outing and, he did give them a chance (which Nando, Dave and Rob did NOT) but, not near what we expect from Felix. As for the bats, the power was there (two homers: Mark and Nellie, a double: Ketel) but, as per usual, the production w/RISP was not.

Mariners 3 | White Sox 6
Really too bad for Vidal . . .
as he pitched really well, allowing only ONE run through his SIX.TWO innings (a solo shot in the 2nd) but, as has been the story more often than not of late – the bullpen (specifically Danny and Carson) melted down, allowing a combined FIVE runs in the 9th (that tied the game) and the 10th (that won the game for the Sox)

Mariners 8 | White Sox 6
Hey, look, a win!!!
A great first FIVE innings for Tai but, then he fell apart a bit in the 6th when he allowed two singles, a double, a homer and FOUR runs (one, an inherited runner that Kensing allowed to score) and Seattle’s lead went from 7-1 to 7-6. Thankfully, the M’s picked up an “insurance run in the 8th and were able to hold on the the 8-6 score as the bullpen of Carson and Tom actually did their job well.

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g117 | series win!

Mariners 4 | White Sox 2

3 out of 4



Erasmo cruised through FOUR (including inducing TWO DP’s) . . .
FOUR.ONE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts
but, something about the pop-up, HBP and single to start the 5th didn’t sit right with Lloyd so, after only 66 pitches, he pulled him in favor of Dom – who promptly induced the M’s 3rd double-play to end the inning

} Dom went on to pitch ONE.TWO scoreless, including a pick off and, ultimately, get the W
} Tom gave up a solo shot in the 8th but, retired all SIX other batters he faced
} Nando induced TWO ground balls that found holes and the WS had TWO on w/NO out in the 9th . . .
he hit a batter and gave up another single but, NO runs and end up striking out the side, to earn his 33rd save and preserve the M’s 62nd victory

Not hard to pick the PoG today: Austin drove in ALL FOUR runs . . .
~ TWO-run double in the 2nd and an RBI single in the 7th
~ all FOUR runs were scored by batters 7, 8, 9
~ batters 2 – 4 went 0’fer but, good to see both Chrises w/ TWO hits each – Chris T extended his streak of at least ONE hit in each of his (now 12) starts (granted, one of his hits today was a ‘sun double’ – but, we’ll take it!)

* THREE more DP’s turn for the M’s (and TWO turned against them)
* Dustin makes all THREE put-outs in the 8th


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g116 | a night for Sweet Lou ended on a sour note . . .

Mariners 1 | White Sox 2 (10)

The ceremony for Lou was AWESOME (see next post for  details)
Unfortunately, the end result of the game . . . not so much 😦

James had a nice outing (not sure why he didn’t go a bit longer) . . .
SIX.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Brandon and Yourvis go TWO.TWO scoreless
} Nando struck out the first batter, gave up a single, got a ground out and would have been out of the inning on the next ground ball if not for Chris’s error

Hector Noesi has faced the M’s FOUR times this season (twice w/TEX, twice w/CHW) and he has a 0-00 ERA against them :/
Not much to see here . . .
~ M’s only run was UNearned (as was the WS winning run)
~ good to see Kendrys get a couple of hits (albeit, in-field singles, whodathunk?)
~ LoMo extended his current hitting streak to TEN
~ Chris T now has hits in all ELEVEN of his starts (unfortunately, he grounded into a DP for the last out of the game)

* GOOD: M’s turned THREE DP’s
* BAD: so did the White Sox

Chris T had a rough night 😦
not did he groung into a DP to end the game in the bottom of the 10th but, he committed an error in the top of the 10th that allowed what proved to be the WS winning run to score)

tweets of the game . . .

(see next post for a compilation of “ThanksLou” tweets)

g115 | last night was quantity, tonight was quality . . .

We’ll take either – as long as it equates to VICTORY!

quality vs quantity








Mariners 4 | White Sox 1 

Kuma being Kuma, another one you can “ink” at . . . .
SEVEN innings ~  FIVE hits ~ ONE run ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Charlie, Yourvis and Nando combined for TWO scoreless innings. Nando earned his 32nd SAVE to preserve Kuma’s 10th victory and the M’s 61st win. Yourvis only recorded ONE out (came in to get the last out of the 8th) but, it was a doozy!

a dropped pop in the 5th seemed to be the break the M’s needed . . .
They scored ALL FOUR runs in that inning (to that point, they’d only had a couple of singles in the 3rd) via a couple of walks, a couple of singles and an error plus and a big three-run jack from Zu (the only extra-base hit the M’s had)
~ a rare (of late) hitless game for both Ack and Kyle
~ but, a THREE-for-FOUR night for the rook (Chris T) w/a run scored
~ multiple hit night for Austin and LoMo

Only ONE double-play but, the strike ’em out, throw ’em out was a thing of beauty . . .

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g88 | of TWO hits and a wild pitch . . .

M’s fail to make it FIVE series wins in-a-row. That’s Chicago for ya . . . .
The White Sox win this one with only TWO hits and the lone run of the game coming off a wild pitch. Seems it’s always been a tough place for the M’s, no matter the current state of either team :/

Nam Y. Huh | AP

Nam Y. Huh | AP




Tai had a rough go today . . .

Pretty lucky that he only gave up the ONE run ~ never a good sign when your starter has more walks than innings pitched. Here’s hoping he’s learning on the job . . .

FOUR innings ~ TWO hits ~ ONE earned run ~ FIVE walks ~ THREE strikeouts 



} Dom with an awesome TWO inning outing = NO hits ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts
} Brandon continues his steller-ness from the pen, also w/TWO IP = NO hits ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

As I’ve said far too many times in this section, move along, nothing to see here . . .
~ oh fer ELEVEN w/RISP – pretty much tells the story (thought the WS were oh fer FIVE :/ )
~ lots of chances, zero capitalization
~ odd that FOUR of the FIVE hits (ALL singles) came from Dustin and Brad

Early on, the WS looked a bit like the keystone Cops in the field but, their late innings DEE was great (e.g., Eaton’s diving OF catch to rob Corey of an extra base hit in the 8th)
* NO DP’s from either side
* Robbie has a GREAT diving snare of a screaming line drive (#RightPlaceRightTime)

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g87 | ‘t was the GoodShip Mariners turn to sail in ChiTown . . .

Mariners 3 | White Sox 2

smooth sailing


An extra innings win on the road ~ in Chicago ~ is practically unheard of in Mariners lore but, exactly what happened today. Not much offense but, certainly a LOT of great pitching (and defense!). Not often that a staff allows only FOUR hits over FOURTEEN innings!!!


Well, by the time the game was over, we sort of forgot who started it but – Felix, Felix, Felix . . .
we ❤ YOU!!!

TENTH consecutive start of SEVEN or more innings, allowing less than THREE runs
Felix allowed a lead-off single in the 1st and didn’t allow another hit until the 8th. He retired ELEVEN straight, allowed a walk, then retired TEN straight. The second and third hits he allowed came in the fateful 8th when he gave up a lead-off triple and then an RBI double (which snapped an EIGHTEEN straight scoreless inning streak). After that, a muffed up play (see IN the FIELD) led to the WS second (and, ultimately, last run).
EIGHT innings ~ THREE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} Yourvis wasn’t sharp in the 9th (and wasn’t helped by/Brad’s error) throwing a WP that allowed a runner to advance to 2B with ONE out but, was able to escape further damage with an IBB and a couple of groundouts to send them into extras

oh, Bully how weyou too!
} Charlie got the out on the only batter he faced (in the 10th) and then Danny, Tom and Nando combined for FIVE scoreless innings, allowing only ONE hit and NO ZERO walks while striking out SIX. Tom got his FIRST win and Nando his TWENTY-FIFTH save 🙂

M’s bats up against another tough lefty . . .
~ FOUR starters went Oh-fer (JJ, Willie, Kyle and Mike – though they ALL contributed, hugely, on DEE)
~ didn’t have their first hit until Robbie singled in the 4th
~ didn’t have their first base-runner past 1B until the 5th (LoMo and Michael at the corners but, Brad K’d)
~ LoMo and Michael were on again with ONE out but, Brad grounded out and JJ struck out
~ they broke through, just in the nick of time ~ in the 9th, Robbie walked and scored the M’s first run of the game via a sac-fly from Zu. Michael had an RBI single -that tied the game- bringing home Ack (who had pinch-run for Corey) and we went to extries
~ Brad didn’t get his first hit until the 14th but, ‘t was a BIG one as his RBI double proved to be the GWH, scoring Michael – who had singled w/ONE out and then stole 2B

Some kinda DEE by both sides for the most part in this one . . .
* Felix was thanking his OFer’s early on, as BOTH Willie and JJ made great, leaping grabs up against the wall

* Miscue in the 8th – a ground ball w/a runner at 2B but instead of running him back to 2B they got him in a run-down to 3B but, after review, Kyle missed the tag. So, instead of ONE out and a runner at 1B, there was NO outs and runners at 2B and 3B
* In the 9th – Brad made a throwing error that bounced and hit LoMo in the face – lead-off runner was safe (later, he got his redemption 😉 )

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g86 | “Saled” in the Windy City . . .

Mariners 1 | White Sox 7 


Roenis couldn’t quite hang with Sale , oh that ONE inning . . .
They traded scoreless frames, each allowing a couple of singles, through three innings and, even after Roenis gave up a lead-off homer in the 4th, it seemed like he might be up to the task (as he’s shown he can recompose after some miscues). But, the wheels came off in the 5th when the WS scored FOUR on couple of singles, a HBP, a double and a homer and that would be it for Roenis . . .
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts 

} Joe and Dom each threw a hitless inning but, Charlie gave up a TWO-run homer in garbage time. Charlie is the only M’s reliever with an ERA over THREE  (with the exception of Brandon but, that doesn’t really count since most of that was from starting – Brandon’ has a 0.00 ERA so far in his young ‘pen stint). So, Blower’s quote prior to the game about this bullpen being “the best the Seattle Mariners have EVER had” rings true.

Only FOUR lefties all season had recorded a hit off Chris Sale (all singles) but, despite the fact that the M’s matched that total (Kyle, LoMo, Michael and Robbie – a double) – no dice, gotta tip the Kudos cap to Mr. Sale today.
~ Kyle had the M’s first hit against Sale (he was only the third lefty to collect a hit off him all season). Unfortunately, Kyle was gunned down at 2B trying to stretch a single into a double.
~ The M’s best scoring opportunity came in the 6th w/runners on 2B and 3B – Robbie struck out 😦

* A couple of nice running grabs in deep RF corner by Michael  to end the 2nd and the 3rd with runners on
* a leaping snare by Kyle
* Eaton robs Robbie of double

tweets of the game . . .


g59 | series win!

Mariners 7 | White Sox 4

Felix wasn’t super duper but, he was plenty good enough, especially since the M’s banged out ELEVEN hits (FOUR for extra bases) going 3-7 w/RISP and scoring SEVEN runs.  Yes indeedy, I’ll take that everyday and twice on Sunday!

Felix took awhile to get into the groove but, after giving up a run in each of the first two innings, he retired the side in order in innings 3-7. Then in the 8th he allowed a lead-off single, got a strikeout and then gave up an RBI double. He finished his outing having thrown 108 pitches . . .
7.1 innings ~ SIX hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} Ollie allowed an inherited run in the 8th , then got a double-play ball to end the inning
} Tommy continued his malox moments by walking the lead-off batter but, got a pop-up and a ground ball double play (the best way to end an game!) and record his FOURTEENTH save and preserve Felix’s SEVENTH victory.



~ Kendrys and Rauuuuuuual just keep doing it . . .
^In the 1st, Kendrys an RBI single and Raul a TWO-run shot made it 3-1
^In the 2nd, back-to-back-to-back doubles by Kendrys, Raul and Nick  made it 6-2

Rauuuuuuul and Kendrys, at it again! | Elaine Thompson, AP

Rauuuuuuul and Kendrys, at it again! | Elaine Thompson, AP

~ Nick’s double was originally ruled a homer and he also has a nice hustle infield single (but then was thrown out at 2B in his first big league swipe attempt (had SEVEN SB’s in Tacoma)
~ In the 8th, Michael S swiped his EIGHTH and NINTH bases of the season when he stole 2B AND 3B and then scored on the next pitch when Kelly hit a fly ball just deep enough to make it 7-4

* Cool shoelace snare at 1B by Kendrys (I’ll say it again – he’s been WAY better at 1B than I expected)
* THREE dp’s: Brendan-Nick-Kendrys (twice – once to end the 8th) and Kyle, Nick, Kendrys to end the game

– Jake Peavy left the game in the third with sore ribs
– Jesus suffered a wrist injury in the 5th inning and Kelly pinch hit for him. By the end of the game, there were reports that x-rays may show a small fracture on the top of his hand and options were already being discussed (of which there aren’t many – with “the other Jesus” already on the DL – it’s Mike Zunino or Brandon Bantz) as the first pitch of the rubber game of the series is tomorrow at 12:40pm

tweets of the game . . . 

g58 | Home SWEET Home

Mariners 4 | White Sox 1

Safeco Joe is baaaaack!
6.1 innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ FIVE strikeouts
(and the one walk was to the last batter he faced)

} Yoervis went 1.2 innings of hitless/scoreless relief with TWO strikeouts
} The Bartender has resumed Closing Time . . .
bit of a malox moment when he walked the first batter but, when he struck out the next two, it built confidence even when the fourth batter had an RBI single – I just had the feeling that he was NOT going to let this one get away. And, sure enough, he didn’t . . . save THIRTEEN in the books!

~ Good to see the “answer” run in the bottom of the 2nd – Jesus’s RBI single to drive in Nick’
~ then the power show showed up in the 3rd when Kendrys posted an RBI double to drive in Kyle and Raul hit a TWO-run shot on the THIRTEENTH pitch of his AB (and with that, he has TEN on the season)
~ Not much after that but, not much was needed

M's Win! M's WIn! | Ted S Warren, AP

M’s Win! M’s WIn! | Ted S Warren, AP

* Nick proves a worthy DP partner, showing off a nice pivot at 2B after receiving a shovel toss to complete the turn
* Kyle still super solid at 3B and Kendrys a bit under-rated at 1B, I’m thinking

quotes of the game . . .

“That was one of the best at-bats I’ve ever seen up here,’’ Mariners manager Eric Wedge said. “I mean, you’ve seen at-bats similar to that, but the left-on-left, him fighting through so many different pitches and fouling them off, tough pitches. And neither guy was giving in.’’

And nobody in the Mariners dugout was turning their head away once the at-bat got to about the eighth pitch.

“It could have been a broken bat single,’’ Mariners shortstop Brendan Ryan said. “It could have been anything and it wouldn’t have mattered because it was just such an awesome fight and that’s what he’s all about – sticking his nose in there and competing and not letting that guy beat him. That’s what he talks about and he exemplified it right there.’’

Raul walks the walk | Geoff Baker, Seattle Times

tweets of the game . . .

g7 | THREE one-run games, TWO for extra innings, ONE series loss

Mariners 3 | White Sox 4

Kuma had a super efficient – he only needed 89 pitches to get through EIGHT full innings…
FOUR hits ~  ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts ~ THREE runs
Kuma gave up a double and a homer in the 1st that tied the game at TWO and then retired SIXTEEN in-a-row before allowing another homer in the 7th and allowing a single, getting a double-play and a fly out in the 8th

Oliver, Carter and Lucas each recorded an out in the 9th to bring on bonus baseball for the second time in the series (actually, Carter had TWO strikeouts but, one reached base on a wild pitch). In the 10th, Lucas got the first batter to fly out and then came Kameron and Viciedo’s home run that ended the game with a bang for White Sox fans and a thud for M’s fans.

Viciedo launches the walk-off win | Paul Beaty, AP

It was feast of famine on both sides on the South Side today…
all SEVEN runs of the game came via the long ball.

The M&M boys (Morse and Morales) with their ONE homer a piece, combined for all THREE of the M’s runs. Unfortunately, they also combined for FIVE of the M’s ELEVEN strikeouts (Morse with the Golden Sombrero) and the team, once again, posted an OH fer SEVEN w/RISP

Kendrys celebrates his first homer as Mariner | Paul Beaty, AP

* Only ONE double-play today
* No stolen bases (but a good fake by Saunders in the 8th gets the fielders out of sorts so that a near sure DP ball of the bat of Morales squirts through for a hit)
* I was only listening on the radio but, sure seemed like Rick was pretty certain that the WP charged to Kameron in the 8th was really a passed ball by Jesus (said he needed to be ready and block it in the dirt not just throw his glove down)

Splitting the series in OakTown was expected, would have been really nice to take the one in ChiTown. Well, at least they are FINALLY headed home for Opening Night and a nice long home stand . . .
– off day at home

Tweet of the Game . . .