g58-60 | Series Win!

Sometimes life gets in the way of baseball (and blogging)

Mariners 3 | Indians 2
Roenis gets his third victory and the bats get doubles galore!

Mariners 9 | Indians 3
Tai-wonderful, doubles barrage continues and add in a Kyle HR!

Mariners 0 | Indians 6
Happ not happy, bats not batty (only TWO total hits)

g47-50 | droppin’ three of four w/The Tribe

Sorry, Rosy was OoO for this series . . .

Mariners 3 | Indians 5

Mariners 2 | Indians 1

Mariners 3 | Indians 4

Mariners 3 | Indians 6

So, they win the game they scored TWO and lose all the others in which they scored THREE – go figure.

g1: James didn’t even make it through FIVE . . .
suffering a finger injury that put him on the 15-day DL
g2: Tai had the BEST outing of his big league career . . .
EIGHT innings ~ TWO hits (both singles) ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts
g3: Roenis aka: Mr. Quality Start . . .
till this game only ONE of his starts weren’t in that category – make it TWO
g:4 JA had been chalking up the QS’s as well . . .
not counting the rain-shortened start, Mr. Happ had posted only TWO other starts that weren’t quality – make it THREE 😦

the bullpen was a mixed bag in the series . . .
doing a great job in the first THREE games (including Nando’s 14th save) but then falling apart in the last game (especially Carson, Dom and Joe – but, a lot of that may be over-use). One guy who as been super stellar is Mark Lowe – amazing that he seems to have found himself again after all these years!

A total of FOUR homers in the FOUR games (including Seth’s that accounted for both runs in the only win) but, overall the OH was VERY disappointing.
~ Only THIRTEEN total hits in the first TWO games
~ ELEVEN hits and FOUR walks in game three that should have yielded much more than THREE runs
~ The real sad sac was game four in which they only managed FIVE hits in TWELVE innings! argh!!

FIVE total DP’s in the series (including THREE in the extra inning game)
* Ack with a NICE catch and slide into the LF wall in the second game
* Kyle with a LONG run to snare a foul ball at the short wall in the second game and a charging play on a bunt in the third one

tweets of the series . . .

g106 | on the road again ~ and that’s a GOOD thing!

Mariners 5 | Indians 2

road sweet road






Kuma, Kuma, Kuma . . .
In the 1st, he uncharacteristically walked a batter and gave up a single but, was able to escape without damage. Then, he cruised through the next three innings, retiring the side in order in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th innings. The 5th was his only struggle and where he allowed both earned runs – on a couple of doubles and a single. He used 99 pitches to go SEVEN full and earn his 9th victory.
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

} Charlie and Yourvis combined for a ONE hit, scoreless 8th
} Nando’s arrow flew for the 29th time (with a couple of strikeouts on the way)

On the road again and wha-la! double-digit hits and more than TWO runs . . .
Not only that but, extra-bases galore!
~ Dustin apparently likes the lead-off spot = THREE hits, including a TWO-run double
~ Corey and Chris both had RBI doubles (scary moment for Chris in the 1st when he got hit in the hand – thankfully, he was OK)
~ Zu and LoMo were stranded after doubling (in the 2nd and 8th)
~ Zu and Kyle both with TWO hits – including a homer and a triple respectively


Nice to hear the Cleveland broadcasters gush about the M’s pitching AND DEE . . .
* LoMo with a nice diving catch and feed to Kuma at the 1B bag in the 6th
* Crazy, awesome catch by JJ to rob Swisher of an extra base hit in the 7th


tweets of the game . . .

g82 | King Felix, Power Robbie, Glove Kyle = series win!

Mariners 3 | Indians 0

Call him King Felix , call him Felix the Cat, but, no matter what you call him – he’s ALL OURS!



g82 felix


D O M I N A N T . . .

EIGHT innings ~ ONE hit ~ ZERO runs, earned or otherwise ~ THREE walks ~ NINE strikeouts

} Nando only needed TEN pitches to retire the side in the 9th before he let the arrow fly (line out, strikeout, ground out)


Every starter except Stefen collected at least ONE hit (and, coincidentally, he was sent down to AAA after the game as the predecessor move to bringing up Tiajaun for tomorrow in Houston)
~ Robbie and Kyle each had TWO hits
~ ONE of Robbie’s counted for TWO as he homered with Michael aboard to give the M’s the 2-0 lead in the 6th, then in the 8th, Robbie hit an infield single and advanced to 3B on Kyle’s single and then scored on Mike’s base hit

* Kyle continues to make a strong case for All Star/Gold Glove – today with an awesome start to the 5-3 DP, a liner and then fire to 1B to double-off the runner (and LoMo deserves credit for the  s t r e t c h  as well)

“Two away, what a double-play!” – – Rick Rizzs

* Kyle also STOLE  a double with a snare of a smash liner for the first out of the 9th

tweets of the game . . .



g81 | half-way there and still hanging in . . .

Despite the loss, the Mariners are FIVE games over .500, currently hold the second wild card slot and, with a win tomorrow, have a chance to record their third straight series victory.

Mariners 0 | Indians 5

one hit

For a time it seemed like Pete Carroll’s mantra (“it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!) might be applicable for Roenis . . .
He gave up TWO runs in the 1st but then, including the 1st inning ending double-play, he proceeded to retire NINE in-a-row, keeping the Tribe at bay for the next THREE innings. Then came the 5th and the 6th when he got hit hard, again (single, double, sac-fly and homer scoring a total of THREE more runs in those TWO innings). I guess it still is all about how you finish – unfortunately for Roenis, it wasn’t a good finish . . .
SIX innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

the bullpen, however, started great and ended great . . .
}Dom, Brandon and Tom were LIGHTS OUT – combining for THREE scoreless innings, allowing only ONE hit, NO walks and striking out FOUR

As much as Roenis struggled, he did gut it out through SIX and should have received a LOT more help from his bats . . .
~ The M’s didn’t collect their first hit until the 5th when Kyle singled – he would ultimately be their ONLY base-runner. He then went from 1B all the way to 3B on a WP and an errant throw but, was left stranded. Kyle was also ROBBED of extra bases by Raburn in the 2nd.
~ And that, was all she wrote, as Tomlin tossed a complete game, one-hit shut-out – Kudos to him!
~ It was the NINTH time the M’s have been shut out and the SIXTH time they lost in a blow-out (curiously, they are 12-6 in blow-outs, and 9-13 in ONE run games)

* Zu  a  l  m  o  s  t  made a great foul territory catch – over the dugout rail and over Lloyd’s back – it rattled around in his catcher’s mitt for a bit but then on the next pitch went into the bullpen
* Zu nails another would-be 2B stealer

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g80 | Chris grinds, Endy shines, Nando shoots, M’s win!

Mariners 3 | Indians 2 

shoot the arrow

Mr. Young walked a bit of a tight-rope tonight (RISP in every inning but the 1st and he threw a LOT of pitches) but, he hung in and thanks to the BP, the DEE and the OH Chris got his 7th victory . . .
FIVE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ FOUR strikeouts

Sounding like a broken record but, the bullpen = AWESOME!

} Joe, Danny, Yourvis and Charlie combined for THREE scoreless, ONE hit innings
} Nando gave up his first run in FIVE outings and only his second for the month of June but, he was able to earn his TWENTY-SECOND save and the M’s get their FORTY-THIRD win


Double-digit hits and THREE for extra-bases ~ TWO doubles and a homer

~ Endy!
singled, stole 2B and scored in the 1st giving the M’s an early 1-0 lead and then went deep in the 7th to give the M’s the 3-1 lead _______

~ Michael’s back!
and picking up where he left off before his DL stint . . . a single and a double and a run-scored

~ Kyle keeps on keepin’ on!
THREE more hits tonight and an RBI

* Mike was robbed of a at least a double on a great catch by Brantley but, that wasn’t the worst part . . . he double LoMo off 1B :/
*Not often you see an error charged on a play that results in ONE out and NO runs but, that happened to LoMo when he bobbled a GB but stuck with it an was able to nail the advancing runner at 3B for the THIRD out of the 7th inning

tweets of the game . . . 


g101 | streak ends at eight

First and foremost, and update on The Skipper . . . 
It was reported earlier this afternoon that Eric had suffered a mild stroke. He is expected to make a full recovery but, will not be with the team for the next three series (including the upcoming east coast trip to BOS and BAL). Robby Thompson will take the helm in his stead. Heal fast and well, Skip! 

Wedge released, believed to have had mild stroke | Greg Johns

Mariners 1 | Indians 10

Guess there will be no “nine is fine” 😦
But, a series win (3rd in-a-row) and SIX of their last NINE is definitely moving in the right direction.

Joe’s personal winning streak (4) ended along with the team’s (8) today. He gave up the same number of earned runs today that he did during that streak as he posted his fourth shortest outing this season . . .
4.2 innings ~ NINE hits ~ SIX runs ~ FIVE earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} the bullpen of Hector and Lucas didn’t provide much relief ~ combining to give up another FOUR earned runs and THREE walks to only ONE strikeout

This will be brief . . .
TWO hits, both singles, ONE each by Justin and Nick.
Suffice it to say, Kazmir was “on” and the M’s bats, not so much.
They did score ONE run – it was unearned.

* another THREE dp’s = good
* rare error by Michael S = not so good (allowed an earned run to score)

tweets of the game . . .


g100 | Eight Straight! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The good news 🙂
I decided on the spur of the moment to attend this game (it was such a gorgeous night, seemed a shame to just go home an watch on TV!) what a good decision that was!

The expected news . . .
Earlier today, Erasmo Ramirez was recalled from Everett and Bobby LaFromboise was optioned to Tacoma

The not so good news 😦
A couple hours prior to the game, it was announced that Manager Eric Wedge still under-going tests/awaiting results and will spend another night in the hospital. Get Well Soon, Skip!!!

Mariners 4 | Indians 3

Erasmo, back on the mound for only his second start this season, took a couple of innings to get in a groove and, unfortunately, gave up THREE runs in that early going  . .
The first run came on a double and a single in the 1st (after there were TWO outs). The next TWO runs came via a single and a long ball (DEEP into the LF bleachers) in the 2nd (again, after TWO outs). Then, Erasmo settled down and tossed TWO+ scoreless before being replaced with TWO outs in the 6th. Overall, he was much improved from his last outing and, since the M’s did all their scoring early, he would be in-line for the win, leaving with a 4-3 lead . . .
5.2 innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Yoervis held serve beautifully! Going 2.1 scoreless innings giving up only ONE hit and ONE strikeout
} And then came Tom . . .
yes, it was a bit of an adventure (again) and there’s no question he was bailed out by bad base-running from the Tribe and awesome defensive instincts from his infield but, when you get the breaks, you have to capitalize – and they did.
Tom got save #23 and Erasmo win #1

Another fairly sparse night as far as offense goes . . .
isn’t it nice when FOUR runs is considered “sparse”?!?

Nothing “sparse” about Kyle lately, and tonight was no different . . .
THREE for FOUR, including a double, an RBI single and a run scored.

Raul and Kendrys hit back-t0-back doubles in the 3rd . . .
~ Raul scored on Kendrys’ two-bagger but then, Kendrys either showed poor judgement or got bad advice, because (with NO outs) he was thrown out at the plate trying to score from 3B on Kyle’s fairly shallow base hit to RF.
~ Michael hit the third double of the inning, which advanced Kyle to 3B and then to home plate on a WP.
~ Mike Z then recorded an RBI single scoring Michael and gave the M’s the 4-3 lead and the eventual EIGHTH STRAIGHT VICTORY.

SO fun and SO good to see the young ones contributing! The hits and power are nice but, it is truly a pleasure to see them showing more patience, working the count and, for a couple weeks now getting the starter out of the game early (prior to full SIX)

* Have to admit, The Tribe was a bit “Bad News Bears-ish” tonight (a total of THREE errors and some all-around sloppy play)
* On the other side, nice total of THREE double plays turned by the M’s, including the play of the game in the 9th . . .
with NO outs and runners at the corners (having reached via straight singles) a ground ball to Kyle, he checked the runner at 3B then threw to Nick at 2B (for the first out) who then threw to Mike at home plate, as the runner at 3B started to break for home, who threw to Brad covering 3B to eventually tag the runner out in the pickle between 3B and Home – have a look . . .

tweets of the game . . .


BREAKING NEWS after the game . . .  (seems we have another fast-mover)


g99 | Super pitching, just enough O and Closing Time returns

Some scary news prior to first pitch as Eric Wedge suffered some dizzy spells during batting practice. He went to the hospital and reports after the game were that he was resting comfortably there and staying overnight while awaiting test results. Thoughts and prayers . . . hopefully, the news of the Mariners SEVENTH victory in a row (under the sub-Skipper Robbie Thompson) helped him feel a bit better 🙂

Mariners 2 | Indians 1

Aaron was outstanding tonight with pretty much everything working ~ 99 pitches got him through . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

} Charlie posted a scoreless 8th with a strikeout (and assisted in the caught-stealing of Bourn
} Tom, dare I say “The Bartender”, had us holding our breath a bit – giving up a one-out double and then a ground ball that got the runner to 3B and then a two-out walk and then . . . B R E A T H E   a fly ball OUT . . . and his 22nd save . . . YES! In a way, it’s sort of good that he had just enough adversity that he was able to overcome (especially against THIS team – see game posts 42-45)

I loved that Kendrys was one of the first out of the dugout and VERY animated with Tom ~ you could just tell he was SO happy for Tom that he’s seemingly got his confidence back

Well, hits and runs were a bit harder to come by tonight than they have been lately (on BOTH sides) luckily, they were enough . . .
~ Kendrys’ 15th homer, a solo shot in the 4th, tied the game @ 1
~ Mike Z’s first homer at home gave the M’s the 2-1 lead (which they would not relinquish) in the 5th
~ Michael S ended his career high 10-game hitting streak

* Nice 1-3-6 to get Bourn tying to steal in the 8th (after he’d gotten aboard via a HBP from Charlie)
* Mike Z still showing solid behind the plate, including some dicey situations in the 9th with a tying run at 3B

tweets of the game . . . 


Tacoma News . . .
– Michael Morse began his rehab in Tacoma with a bang: TWO-run homer in his first AB (DH)
– James Paxton: 6 innings ~ 4 hits ~ 1 earned run ~ 7 strikeouts
– Stephen Pryor: one scoreless inning with a K
– Jesus Montero: 2/4 with a double and a run scored


Congrats to Brad Miller ~ the AL Player of the Week! (first M’s 


g45 | o m g

Mariners 8 | Indians 10

I don’t even know where to start.

I don’t ever remember a game such as this – there were TEN lead changes (counting the first lead and ties). Unfortunately, the LAST lead-change belonged to the Tribe.

As great as it was to see them scrape and claw to get those lead changes . . .
including homers in the 8th (Kyle to tie), 9th (Endy to go ahead) and 10th (Justin to take the lead – AGAIN)

It was devastating to see them lose on what has been their strength: pitching and defense . . .
With TWO outs in the bottom of the 9th, runners at 1B and 3B, Tom muffed a play at 1B that allowed the tying run to score. I hate to lay the blame on him (he’s been MONEY recording ELEVEN saves in as many opportunities) BUT, they’d be celebrating a thrilling victory on their way to Anaheim instead of being swept out of Cleveland . . . if he’d JUST made that play 😦

I can’t help but think that this series could be a turning point in the season ~ GOOD or BAD  . . .
There was SO much good, namely the clutch hits and power, that has been so sorely lacking. But then, losing because your strength ~ pitching and defense ~ falters is so disappointing and frustrating. They have got to find a way to put it behind them, to get it done with the strengths that have been there all along as well as incorporate their new found, shiny toy that is a bit of power and clutch-ness.

Kuma’s first inning was much like most of his innings have been 1-2-3 and, it went downhill from there . . .
He allowed FOUR runs in the second inning (the most he’s allowed in an entire game ALL season). He walked THREE (hadn’t walked a batter since May 4th in Toronto) and allowed ONE more run before his day was done. It was good that he finished well – facing just one over the minimum in his last TWO innings. Maybe, like Felix, he was due but, why does everyone have to be “due” at the same time?!?!

}Yoervis, also less than sharp today, allowed a couple of walks and a run
} Ollie and Carter combined for a scoreless (finally!) 8th
} and then, “Closing Time” was extended (see above)
} Charlie thought he was back in NY for a minute – he allowed a single, Justin committed his second error of the series (and the season) and then, the THREE-run bomb that ended the game, in heartbreak, once again. Seems there was some discussion on twitter, etc. about having Tom come back out for the 10th – I sort of wonder why Eric didn’t opt for Farquhar . . .

Except for Michael S (who is having a brutal 2-28 road trip) there are ZERO complaints about how the offense performed today . . .
~ well, OK. TWELVE strikeouts are nothing to by proud of but, typically, EIGHT runs is enough
~ 3 fer 9 w/RISP and a nice 50% ratio of extra-base hits (TWELVE hits ~ THREE doubles ~ THREE homers)
~ multiple hits by Kendrys, Kyle and Robert
~ RBI’s spread throughout the lineup
~ let alone the “clutch-ness” as described earlier – how often do you see homers in THREE consecutive innings? Especially when those innings are the 8th, 9th and 10th . . g a h!!!

* Kuma made a rare but, inconsequential error
* Tom’s error was the heart-breaker that sent it into extras instead of to a happy plane
* Justin’s error meant the homer was a game-winner, instead of the chance to maybe still be playing
* TWO double-plays, rather moot now

tweets of the game . . .