g94 | now THAT was different!

Mariners 11 | Tigers 9

expect the unexpected

  • nearly a FOUR-hour NINE-inning game
  • a total of TWENTY runs on TWENTY-SIX hits (and the M’s TWO more of each!!)
  • Tai struggles after being given a BIG lead
  • Guti with a pinch-hit grand slam (the ultimate game-winner)
  • two errors but, some sparkling DEE as well

Tai retired the side in order in the bottom of the 1st after being spotted that BIG lead in the top . . .
In the 2nd, the lead-off runner reached via an error by Kyle and a couple of singles later, the Tiggers were on the board. In the 3rd, a HPB pitch and a MOON shot (JD Martinez) brought them to within two. He bounced back a bit in the 4th with a 1-2-3 but, the 5th would be his undoing – a single and a homer gave the Tigers the lead (they’re just so potent!). A least it was good to see the control and the K’s but, that would be it for Tai . . .
FOUR.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ SIX runs ~ FIVE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Dave, Tom, Joe and Nando combined for THREE.ONE innings and Joe was the only one not to give up a run
} thank heaven for Carson – and a FOUR-out save

Well, not often this team posts FOURTEEN hits and ELEVEN runs so, despite giving up NINE, we’ll take it!
~ Every starter but ONE (Ack) had at least ONE hit (and Ack did post an RBI)
~ THREE had multi-hit games (AJ, Kyle and Robbie)
~ first FIVE went 9/23, walked FOUR times, scored NINE runs and only struck out TWICE
~ Nellie hit his longest Mariners homer

~ BOTH pinch-hitters (Mark and Guti) got a hit – Guti’s came with a little rye bread and mustard!

A couple of unfortunate fielding errors (Kyle and AJ) but, they made up for it in other ways . . .
* Beimel with a pickoff
* a nice DP (Brad to LoMo) for the 1st and 2nd outs of a 1-2-3 6th for Tom
* Brad with a couple of REALLY nice plays at SS (even the Tigers’ announcers were gushing 😉 )

tweets of the game . . .

Yes INDEED, he’s comin’ ’round . . .

After all he’s been through – so, SO great to see ~ Guti, Guti, Good . . . 

g85 | since July 1: W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L

Mariner 4 | Tigers 5

up down

Hate it when work gets in the way of baseball 😦

A somewhat alternate universe . . .

  • Mark had THREE of the only SIX total hits
  • Ack hit a homer
  • TWO stolen bases (Nellie and Brad)
  • Mayckol and David did well (after their combined disaster a couple days ago)
  • SEVEN walks (not often you get more walks than hits)
  • unfortunately, 0-14 w/RISP ain’t gonna do it

g84 | of iffy starts, back-to-back jacks, filthy pens and walk-off wins

Mariners 7 | Tigers 6

turning the tide

Tai allowed his first walk in ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN batters . . .
And, the REALLY unfortunate thing was the homer allowed to the next guy (and the next guy) as the Tiggers went back-to-back in the 2nd to take a 3-0 lead. He only allowed SIX total hits but, THREE of left the yard . . .
SIX innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE runs/earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Mark, just a walk in the park: struck out the side, in order, in the 7th
} Nando, hardly a walk in the park: THREE outs occurred but, not before a solo shot tied the game at SIX in the 8th
} Carson, just another walk in the park: struck out the side, in order, in the 9th and in the 10th he struck out TWO, allowed a double and, was able to escape w/a pop-up despite having to face an extra batter due to a boo-boo by Brad (that left him with runners at the corners and TWO outs instead of being out of the inning)
} Charlie, bit of a teeter in the park:  but, a strike out of the side none-the-less

Hello OH!!!!!!
for the second straight night the M’s score FIVE+ (and THIS time, it was enough!)
~ fun to see AJ and Guti go back-to-back (AJ’s first career grand slam and Guti’s first homer in the bigs since 2013)
~ Robbie also with a homer (now batting .417 for the month of July)

the bottom of the 9th held some “small ball” promise . . .
~ pinch hitter Seth, hit a solid single through the shift
~ pinch runner Brad advanced to 2B on AJ’s sac bunt
~ but Guti struck out
~ and Robbie flied out to shallow LF

to extras we went . . .
~ in the 10th: despite TWO walks (Nellie and Ack) THREE outs occur w/o a run
~ in the 11th: Brad with a lead off single but, erased on a FC by AJ, Guit singles and Robbie singles in the WINNING RUN!!!

* Tai picks off not ONE but, TWO
* LoMo w/and unassisted DP to end the 6th: a diving snare of a line shot doubled off the runner at 1B

tweets of the game . . .




g83 | FIVE is usually enough . . .

Mariners 5 | Tigers 12

five guy

It started slow but then, down THREE/ZIP the M’s came back to take what may have been the shortest lived 5-3 lead ever, as the Tiggers answered in the 6th (w/FIVE) AND the 7th (w/FOUR)

Kuma’s return from the DL was a bit dicey, to put it mildly 😦
He put up 1-2-3 in the 1st and 3rd but, allowed FOUR home runs ~ all solo shots ~ ONE in the 2nd, TWO in the 4th, ONE in the 6th and after a single followed the homer – he was done . . .
FIVE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FIVE runs/earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Guaipe was a mess:  TWO hits, a walk and THREE earned runs w/o recording an out
} from the frying pan to the fire:  Rollins was able to get THREE outs but, not before he gave up FOUR runs
} FINALLY, Joe and Carson were able to stop the bleeding:  combining for THREE scoreless innings – too little, too late

M’s had their chances in the 1st through the 3rd . . .
– w/runners on EVERY time (TWICE stranding a runner at 3B)
bats came alive in the 4th and 5th . . .
– Seth walked, Ack tripled home the first run, Brad doubled home the second run to get the M’s within ONE in the 4th
– Robbie and Seth singled and LoMo launched one to give the M’s the lead (5-3) in the 5th
deep freeze in the 6th through the 9th . . .
– TWO measly singles

* THREE double-plays (including a beautiful, ’round the horn, inning ending variety 5th)
(hate to think what the score might have been without them ;-( )

tweets of the game . . .


g123 | Good pitching beats good hitting . . .

. . . and good hitting beats mediocre pitching.


Pretty impressive that the M’s pitching was able to limit the high-scoring Tiggers to SEVEN runs in this series and consequently take TWO of THREE (who knows – if it weren’t for a silly, vindictive umpire, they could have pulled off a SWEEP!) and take a HALF-game lead on the second Wild Card spot as they head to Philly.


Mariners 8 | Tigers 1

Mr. Young, you are incredible!
2013 Baltimore Orioles Photo Day


  • Book-ended his start by retiring the side in order in the 1st and the 6th
  • Allowed a one-out double in the 2nd, one-out walk , TWO SB in the 3rd, one-out single in the 4th
  • Only real trouble came in the 5th when the first TWO batters singled and a ground ball out left runners at 1B and 3B w/ONE out but, TWO shallow fly ball outs and he escaped w/o damage

SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ ONE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts



Tom, Danny and Yourvis weren’t real sharp – they combined for FOUR walks in their THREE innings . . .
} Tom’s walk was interesting, as it resulted in Lloyd’s second ejection in as many games (Randazzo again – this time he threw him out from 3B!
} Danny’s walk ended up scoring as he allowed a double that drove the walker in
} Yourvis allowed TWO walks (w/ONE out) but, thankfully was saved by PBF (4-6-3 DP)

btw ~ the Tiggers TOP THREE ended up 0/10 today 🙂 

Nice to see double-digit hits and advantage taken on Tigger miscues (FOUR runs were UNearned) . . .
~ only TWO extra-base hits – Chris T double, Chris D triple
~ great to see Chris D contributing – 3/5 with an RBI triple
~ Austin, Robbie, Kendrys and Kyle all with TWO hits
~ runs all throughOUT the line up and RBIs from the middle

M’s DEE was solid as usual, Tiggers not so much . . . 
* Only ONE DP but, it ends the game (4-6-3)
* Tiggers had NO DPs and THREE errors that accounted for FOUR earned runs
* Davis stole THREE bases but, for naught

tweets of the game . . . 



p.s. be interesting to see what, if any, action Mr. Torre takes on the “reports” ~ one filed after each of the last TWO games ~ re: Randazzo’s falderal