g94 | now THAT was different!

Mariners 11 | Tigers 9

expect the unexpected

  • nearly a FOUR-hour NINE-inning game
  • a total of TWENTY runs on TWENTY-SIX hits (and the M’s TWO more of each!!)
  • Tai struggles after being given a BIG lead
  • Guti with a pinch-hit grand slam (the ultimate game-winner)
  • two errors but, some sparkling DEE as well

Tai retired the side in order in the bottom of the 1st after being spotted that BIG lead in the top . . .
In the 2nd, the lead-off runner reached via an error by Kyle and a couple of singles later, the Tiggers were on the board. In the 3rd, a HPB pitch and a MOON shot (JD Martinez) brought them to within two. He bounced back a bit in the 4th with a 1-2-3 but, the 5th would be his undoing – a single and a homer gave the Tigers the lead (they’re just so potent!). A least it was good to see the control and the K’s but, that would be it for Tai . . .
FOUR.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ SIX runs ~ FIVE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Dave, Tom, Joe and Nando combined for THREE.ONE innings and Joe was the only one not to give up a run
} thank heaven for Carson – and a FOUR-out save

Well, not often this team posts FOURTEEN hits and ELEVEN runs so, despite giving up NINE, we’ll take it!
~ Every starter but ONE (Ack) had at least ONE hit (and Ack did post an RBI)
~ THREE had multi-hit games (AJ, Kyle and Robbie)
~ first FIVE went 9/23, walked FOUR times, scored NINE runs and only struck out TWICE
~ Nellie hit his longest Mariners homer

~ BOTH pinch-hitters (Mark and Guti) got a hit – Guti’s came with a little rye bread and mustard!

A couple of unfortunate fielding errors (Kyle and AJ) but, they made up for it in other ways . . .
* Beimel with a pickoff
* a nice DP (Brad to LoMo) for the 1st and 2nd outs of a 1-2-3 6th for Tom
* Brad with a couple of REALLY nice plays at SS (even the Tigers’ announcers were gushing 😉 )

tweets of the game . . .

Yes INDEED, he’s comin’ ’round . . .

After all he’s been through – so, SO great to see ~ Guti, Guti, Good . . . 

g85 | since July 1: W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L

Mariner 4 | Tigers 5

up down

Hate it when work gets in the way of baseball 😦

A somewhat alternate universe . . .

  • Mark had THREE of the only SIX total hits
  • Ack hit a homer
  • TWO stolen bases (Nellie and Brad)
  • Mayckol and David did well (after their combined disaster a couple days ago)
  • SEVEN walks (not often you get more walks than hits)
  • unfortunately, 0-14 w/RISP ain’t gonna do it

g84 | of iffy starts, back-to-back jacks, filthy pens and walk-off wins

Mariners 7 | Tigers 6

turning the tide

Tai allowed his first walk in ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN batters . . .
And, the REALLY unfortunate thing was the homer allowed to the next guy (and the next guy) as the Tiggers went back-to-back in the 2nd to take a 3-0 lead. He only allowed SIX total hits but, THREE of left the yard . . .
SIX innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE runs/earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Mark, just a walk in the park: struck out the side, in order, in the 7th
} Nando, hardly a walk in the park: THREE outs occurred but, not before a solo shot tied the game at SIX in the 8th
} Carson, just another walk in the park: struck out the side, in order, in the 9th and in the 10th he struck out TWO, allowed a double and, was able to escape w/a pop-up despite having to face an extra batter due to a boo-boo by Brad (that left him with runners at the corners and TWO outs instead of being out of the inning)
} Charlie, bit of a teeter in the park:  but, a strike out of the side none-the-less

Hello OH!!!!!!
for the second straight night the M’s score FIVE+ (and THIS time, it was enough!)
~ fun to see AJ and Guti go back-to-back (AJ’s first career grand slam and Guti’s first homer in the bigs since 2013)
~ Robbie also with a homer (now batting .417 for the month of July)

the bottom of the 9th held some “small ball” promise . . .
~ pinch hitter Seth, hit a solid single through the shift
~ pinch runner Brad advanced to 2B on AJ’s sac bunt
~ but Guti struck out
~ and Robbie flied out to shallow LF

to extras we went . . .
~ in the 10th: despite TWO walks (Nellie and Ack) THREE outs occur w/o a run
~ in the 11th: Brad with a lead off single but, erased on a FC by AJ, Guit singles and Robbie singles in the WINNING RUN!!!

* Tai picks off not ONE but, TWO
* LoMo w/and unassisted DP to end the 6th: a diving snare of a line shot doubled off the runner at 1B

tweets of the game . . .




g83 | FIVE is usually enough . . .

Mariners 5 | Tigers 12

five guy

It started slow but then, down THREE/ZIP the M’s came back to take what may have been the shortest lived 5-3 lead ever, as the Tiggers answered in the 6th (w/FIVE) AND the 7th (w/FOUR)

Kuma’s return from the DL was a bit dicey, to put it mildly 😦
He put up 1-2-3 in the 1st and 3rd but, allowed FOUR home runs ~ all solo shots ~ ONE in the 2nd, TWO in the 4th, ONE in the 6th and after a single followed the homer – he was done . . .
FIVE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FIVE runs/earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Guaipe was a mess:  TWO hits, a walk and THREE earned runs w/o recording an out
} from the frying pan to the fire:  Rollins was able to get THREE outs but, not before he gave up FOUR runs
} FINALLY, Joe and Carson were able to stop the bleeding:  combining for THREE scoreless innings – too little, too late

M’s had their chances in the 1st through the 3rd . . .
– w/runners on EVERY time (TWICE stranding a runner at 3B)
bats came alive in the 4th and 5th . . .
– Seth walked, Ack tripled home the first run, Brad doubled home the second run to get the M’s within ONE in the 4th
– Robbie and Seth singled and LoMo launched one to give the M’s the lead (5-3) in the 5th
deep freeze in the 6th through the 9th . . .
– TWO measly singles

* THREE double-plays (including a beautiful, ’round the horn, inning ending variety 5th)
(hate to think what the score might have been without them ;-( )

tweets of the game . . .


g123 | Good pitching beats good hitting . . .

. . . and good hitting beats mediocre pitching.


Pretty impressive that the M’s pitching was able to limit the high-scoring Tiggers to SEVEN runs in this series and consequently take TWO of THREE (who knows – if it weren’t for a silly, vindictive umpire, they could have pulled off a SWEEP!) and take a HALF-game lead on the second Wild Card spot as they head to Philly.


Mariners 8 | Tigers 1

Mr. Young, you are incredible!
2013 Baltimore Orioles Photo Day


  • Book-ended his start by retiring the side in order in the 1st and the 6th
  • Allowed a one-out double in the 2nd, one-out walk , TWO SB in the 3rd, one-out single in the 4th
  • Only real trouble came in the 5th when the first TWO batters singled and a ground ball out left runners at 1B and 3B w/ONE out but, TWO shallow fly ball outs and he escaped w/o damage

SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ ONE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts



Tom, Danny and Yourvis weren’t real sharp – they combined for FOUR walks in their THREE innings . . .
} Tom’s walk was interesting, as it resulted in Lloyd’s second ejection in as many games (Randazzo again – this time he threw him out from 3B!
} Danny’s walk ended up scoring as he allowed a double that drove the walker in
} Yourvis allowed TWO walks (w/ONE out) but, thankfully was saved by PBF (4-6-3 DP)

btw ~ the Tiggers TOP THREE ended up 0/10 today 🙂 

Nice to see double-digit hits and advantage taken on Tigger miscues (FOUR runs were UNearned) . . .
~ only TWO extra-base hits – Chris T double, Chris D triple
~ great to see Chris D contributing – 3/5 with an RBI triple
~ Austin, Robbie, Kendrys and Kyle all with TWO hits
~ runs all throughOUT the line up and RBIs from the middle

M’s DEE was solid as usual, Tiggers not so much . . . 
* Only ONE DP but, it ends the game (4-6-3)
* Tiggers had NO DPs and THREE errors that accounted for FOUR earned runs
* Davis stole THREE bases but, for naught

tweets of the game . . . 



p.s. be interesting to see what, if any, action Mr. Torre takes on the “reports” ~ one filed after each of the last TWO games ~ re: Randazzo’s falderal


g122 | “Well, I’ve seen your act before.” — Tony Randazzo

What act would that be, Mr. Randazzo? If you’re implying that Lloyd has some sort of reputation (which considering his limited history as a manager, is highly unlikely) that would mean you are using that against him – which would be highly inappropriate.

Now, this is NOT to say that the umpire was the SOLE reason for the M’s losing this game (Mr. Price had a little something to do with that) BUT, had the strike zone been consistently called (on BOTH sides) Felix may have been able to go longer and the M’s batters may have had more of a fair shot at the plate.

Mariners 2 | Tigers 4

bad umpire

UNhappy Felix day 😦 . . .
His historic streak (of SIXTEEN games of SEVEN innings or more and TWO earned runs or less) came to an end. He threw a TON of pitches (92) thanks to the home plate umpire (to whom Lloyd gave a piece of his mind in the bottom of the 3rd just prior to exiting the field to spend the remainder of the game in the clubhouse) and was hit in the hip by a come-backer in the 4th (which he fielded to 1B for the out). Felix had far from his best stuff and it all added up to his shortest outing of the season since May 2nd vs. the Astros
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

The M’s gave up more than THREE runs for the first time in August and the bullpen showed they aren’t invincible either . . .
} Brandon gave up TWO runs on FOUR hits in his ONE.TWO innings
} Joe was solid in his ONE+ w/ONE hit and ONE strikeout

Not much going vs. Mr. Price (only THREE hits) – but they weren’t without their chances . . .
~ the best one coming in the 8th when they loaded the bases with ONE out but, ended up leaving all those ducks on the pond via an Austin K and a Dustin GO :/

~ then in the 9th, they had a serious chance against Nathan – Robbie with some head’s up base-running, advancing all the way to 3B from 1B when Nathan fielded a ground ball to 1B (that probably should have been a DP) with no one was covering 3B. Then, with ONE out, Endy then singled but, the rally died when Kyle grounded into a DP 😦

The M’s looked more like the Tiggers in the field tonight (and that’s not a good thing)
* Chris committed his fifth error
* Mike allowed a rare passed ball
* No DP’s turnd (but TWO turned against them)


tweets of the game . . . 



g121 | half game lead for the second wild card . . .

wild card









Mariners 7 | Tigers 2

James with a lovely QS in his third start since coming back from the DL . . .
SIX innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

} Tom and Dom and Danny each went ONE inning (Dom the only one that allowed a run -garbage time- w/TWO out in the 8th, Dom allowed a run via a walk, WP and a single)

Runs, Runs and more Runs!
~ The bottom third of the lineup (including Crazy Legs triple as a sub) went 6-11, scored THREE of the runs and collected THREE of the RBI
~ Robbie, Kyle, LoMo and Chris T all w/TWO hits (Robbie his 11th homer)
~ Interesting run in the top of the 9th w/runners at 1B (Chris T walk) and 3B (Crazy Legs triple) and ONE out – Chris T was caught stealing 2B and Brad scored

If there are those who didn’t know Chris T before this game, they do now (SportsCenter’s TopPlay) . . .

* Chris committed a throwing error in the 1st but, more than made up for it by assisting in all THREE outs that inning – and going on to assist FIVE more times (once on a DP) and record ONE unassisted put-out as well.
* Meanwhile, LoMo was on the other end of most of those Chris T assists (SIX to be exact) and he collected THRE more and ONE unassisted. I have to admit, LoMo has played MUCH better at 1B than expected (really not much of a drop off from Justin, and that’s saying a lot, as I believe Justin was a severely underrated first bagger)

tweets of the game . . .

g56 | “He didn’t disappoint. He just went out and did his job.”

That’s Lloyd for you – master of the understatement 😉

Because of a social engagement, I wasn’t able to follow the game until I got home (around the 4th inning). I was just listening on the radio as I took care of a couple of things around the house. But, even as I completed my chores, the game was going SO well, I was too nervous that I’d mess up the MoJo if I turned on the TV so, I continued to only listen until Roenis recorded that last out in the 9th 🙂







Mariners 4 | Tigers 0

Roenis had everything working for him today:  location, command, control and efficiency . . .
Consequently, he didn’t only go DEEP, he went COMPLETE ~ the M’s first complete game shutout of the season! Imagine that ~ the rookie would have the best game of his young career vs. one of the best hitting teams in the majors. He faced only THREE batters over the minimum and held the Tiggers top six to 1-21 AND kept the duo of Cabrera/Martinez hitless (only the third time this season the two have gone hitless in the same game). You go, Roenis!

“I was told that to have success (in the majors) you have to have command of three pitches,” Elias said through a translator. “The curveball, the changeup and the fastball were all working today.”

Yes they were, Roenis, yes they were.
NINE innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts

Nice to see double-digit hits vs a quality pitcher . . .
~ Endy, James, Kyle and Willie all with TWO hits
~ Endy with a run scored, James with an RBI and Willie with both (holding down 2B prettey well, I’d say)
~ Michael and Brad had the other TWO RBI (Brad with a home run! seems he’s starting to come ’round)
Fun to see them running . . .
~ Dustin and James both with steals
~ Willie caught stealing home (play was reviewed – and upheld – to ensure he had a lane to the plate)

* Kyle with a great bare-handed charge and throw
* ONE double-play (Kyle-Willie-Justin)

tweets of the game . . .


6-11 on the home stand, next up Felix vs. the Yanks (for the rainout make-up)