annnnnd . . . . he’s IN!!!

Edgar Martinez fina11y gets the call to the hall!

We’ve known it was coming, even before fun things like this . . .

Dear Edgar –

Thank you from the bottom of my Seattle Mariners’ fan heart for . . . 

  • the double
  • countless other at-bat moments in your momentous career
  • the light-bat and geoducks in Puyallup
  • your unassuming, humble nature
  • your unparalleled, loyalty to the team & to the city

Congratulations, Gar, on your long-awaited, much-deserved election to the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Cooperstown will have you forever but, Seattle had you first . . . 

Thank you for being ever, only a Seattle Mariner. 💙⚾️💙⚾️💙

Some of the MANY tweets . . . (see them all forever more at #EdgarHOF )

from the grief of the grid iron to the dream of the diamond . . .

Being SO close to feeling, for a second time, the euphoria still simmering from the first championship only to have it abruptly snatched away in the final seconds was pretty brutal (to put it mildly). It’s going to take some time.

Luckily, there’s a cure . . .

the delicious distraction that is BASEBALL 🙂 – some catchin’ up to do . . .

The CY Award that wasn’t

Felix Facts | From the Corner of Edgar and Dave

Why Felix Hernandez (unexpectedly) lost the Cy Young Award | Ryan Divish, The Seattle Times

Mariners Ace Felix Hernandez not winning Cy Young Award is a Stunner | Larry Stone, The Seattle Times

 “Yeah, I did,” he said. “It was a great year. I think I pitched way better than 2010.”

Goodbye to some old friends, hello to the new

  • 1B Justin Smoak claimed off waivers by the Blue Jays
  • RF Michael Sauders traded to the Blue Jays for LHP J.A. Happ
  • Signed free agent LF Nelson Cruz
  • RHP Matt Brazis traded to the Cubs for RF Justin Ruggiano
  • RHP Brandon Maurer traded to the Padres for LF Seth Smith
  • Signed Guti and Endy to minor league deals with invites to Spring Training
  • Signed free agaFA 2B Rickie Weeks

A message from Michael Saunders to Mariners fams | Ryan Divish, Mariners Blog

Mariners sign Nelson Cruz to 4-year deal |


Gar continues to garner high profile support

Randy Johnson endorses Edgar for HoF |

tweets of the off-season


g64 | of tributes, decent pitching and excellent DEE

Touching Tribute (the M’s always do “sappy” well ~ even a Yankee hater like me, had to shed a tear 😉 )


Jay and Edgar were on, before the game, along with Robbie and Felix to bestore Derek w/gifts . . .
Jay presented Jeter with a seat from the Kingdome (the venue where Jeter colleted his first MLB hit) Edgar presented the 2B bag from the game (it would be framed for Jeter after the series), Robbie gave him an inscribed watch (Rolex, no doubt) and finally, Felix presented him with a check to his Turn 2 foundation.

Mariners 2 | Yankees 3

Kuma had an un Kuma-like start to his start . . .
giving up FOUR hits (3 singles and 1 double) and TWO runs in the FIRST. He then settled in and allowed only TWO singles and TWO walks through SEVEN with three credits on PO along the way. Seems Kuma takes PFP seriously 😉  he had a couple of come-backers and threw to Willie at 1B and then Willie made a great back-handed stop and a toss to Kuma at the 1B bag (I swear that’s gotta be harder than it looks). It was in the 8th that Kuma gave up his second double and eighth total hit ~ to Jeter of course ~
In any case a very respectable start, The Bear definitely kept ’em in it . . .
SEVEN.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Unfortunately, Charlie promptly gave up a hit and and RBI to a lefty 😦 and the Yankees took the slim lead (3-2) that they would not relinquish. He induced a DP to end the 8th and, despite a HBP threw a scoreless 9th

Some VERY hard hit balls were deftly run down and/or caught at the wall . . .
woulda, coulda, shoulda as it was, M’s only recorded EIGHT hits ~ TWO for extra bases (doubles by Mike and Robbie)

THREE DP’s tonight . . .
* See the Mound section for Kuma’s glove work on one of them
* and a strike ’em out “tag ’em out’ that was kind of comical

tweets of the game . . .


Media Day…

Lots of interesting “tweet tid-bits” from yesterday’s Mariners Media Day – good news such as…

14 + / –
~Justin Smoak has lost 14lbs and 4% body fat
~Guti has gained 14lbs of muscle (with no signs of stomach trouble)

Casper Wells has been working out regularly and has had no further equilibrium issues

710ESPN will broadcast the games in Japan vs. the A’s, as well as the exhibition game vs. Hanshin

But, the most eye-opening factoid was this…

Of the 65 invitees to Spring Training – 55 have less than five years time in the big leagues, 45 have less than one year.  Yowsa – talk about baby M’s!

Then, of course, there was everyone’s favorite photo of the day…

via TwitPic

No Hall, just yet, for Gar…

Congrats to Barry Larkin, the loan selection to the Class of 2012.

Gar was 7th with 36.5% as reported by Greg Johns of
(an improvement over last year’s 32.9% but about the same as his first year – 36.2%)

Martinez received votes from 209 of the 573 BBWAA members who voted and finished seventh among this year’s 27 candidates, behind Larkin (86.4 percent), Jack Morris (66.7), Jeff Bagwell (56.0), Lee Smith (50.6), Tim Raines (48.7) and Alan Trammell (36.8).

Gar seems to have the right attitude about it all…
He knows, if it comes at all, it’s going to take some time.  Some balk at the late start that precluded 3000 hits and 500 homers.  Supporters point to the rarified air of career totals that exceed 300 homers, 500 doubles, .300+ batting average and .400+ on base percentage – that, by the way, he shares with only FIVE other major leaguers: Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Stan Musial, Rogers Hornsby and Lou Gehrig. Shabby company, you do not keep, Gar.

Of course, there is the ever-present debate, that dreaded two-letter word: designated hitter
I find the argument that Edgar Martinez should not be ‘in the Hall” because he did not play “in the field” pretty silly.  I wonder if those same writers feel an American League pitcher should never be in the HoF because they do not hit?  I mean, let’s get real – if there’s any DH that should be in the Hall of Fame, seems like it should be the one who the freakin’ “outstanding designated hitter” award is named after.

I know, it’s rather ironic that a fan like me, who swoons watching stellar defensive plays, should stump for a guy who “only hits“.  
I guess that speaks volumes not only to Gar’s body of work but, to his quiet, unassuming attitude, his staunch work ethic and his ever-loyal, Mariner-only career.

You’ll get there one day, Gar….  
You may not be the first Mariner in the Hall of Fame – Junior is eligible in 2016 and The Big Unit in 2015   (whether RJ will go in as a DBack or a Mariner, is a whole ‘nother debate) but you’ll get there – we WILL see the Seattle Mariners one and only Number 11 in the esteemed places where it belongs – in Cooperstown, NY and, retired at Safeco Field in Seattle, WA.

Some of my photos when “the street” was named…

Tenders, non-tenders, and such…

The deadline for tendering contracts was 9pm tonight.

Tendered: Jason Vargas, Shawn Kelley, Brandon League (all three arbitration eligible)
No surprises there

Non Tendered: Dan Cortes, Chris Giminez
Now two members of last year’s bully gone (Lueke traded for Jaso) and seems that Jaso’s addition made Gimenez expendable.  Not so sure about that though – catching hasn’t exactly been a strong suit ro the M’s (in terms of talent OR injury-freeness) but … good luck Dan and Chris, wherever you land!

The complete MLB “non-tender tracker” is here..


Unlike the “new” Marlins and the “shocking” Halos, the M’s were quiet at the Winter Meetings…

Recent additions…


And, it’s that time of year again…

Get Edgar to the Hall!


Down under goings on…

Denny Almonte and James McOwen selected to Australian Baseball League All Star Game


And, last but certainly not least…

Since the Seahawks just beat the Rams on Monday Night Football, I couldn’t resist sharing some Mariner related Seahawks tweets (I just LOVE how he is getting so into the Seahawks!)

 Felix Hernandez 

 great win guys congrats
 Felix Hernandez 

 good game bro congrats
 Jon Ryan 

 thanks Felix. Always good to get the W. Especially on Monday Night Football.

Jaso and "Peggy" and ‘Gar, oh my!

Brock and Salk interview…
John mentions that Safeco Field has been his favorite field in which to play.  Despite the dimensions, he likes hitting there, loves the batter’s eye – interesting that he said the batter’s eye can make a difference catching too (makes sense, just never thought about it before).

Of course he’s anxious to learn Felix and Michael 🙂

Carlos Peguero is leading the Dominican Winter Leagues in Home Runs, Runs Scored and Slugging %
(also strikeouts, but we won’t focus on that 😉

Gar is back on the ballot….
Will third time be the charm???

Larry Stone’s thoughts on the matter…