g108 | Felix scuffles in the 1st but, the King takes over till the 8th

Mariners 6 | Angels 4


Very strange start to this game (both for me and for the team) . . .

I arrived at the ballpark realizing I’d forgotten my portable phone charger so, I spent the first TWO innings near The Pen, at the ‘charging station’ watching a nearby TV and listening to the Halos broadcast via At Bat. Trout hit the THREE-run homer just as I plugged in (and, of course the Halos announcers were giddy – little did they know what would happen in the bottom of the inning 😉 )

Yes, that 1st inning was exasperating (Trout just seems to have Felix’s number) . . .
But, was SO good to see Felix dial it in and go a full EIGHT (something he had yet to do this season) and, ultimately, get the win . . .
EIGHT innings ~ THREE hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

Eddy gets his THIRD save in style ~ THREE up/THREE down ~ all K’s

FOURTEEN hits ~ only ONE for extra-bases ~ Zu’s THREE-run bomb in the 1st

  • Kyle the only starter w/o a hit
  • Nori and Adam both had THREE hits
  • Seth and Leonys both had TWO hits
  • only a total of THREE strikeouts

* error by Adam but, an OF assist by Seth to get the lead-runner in the 5th
* around-the-horn double-play (Kyle-Robbie-Adam) to end the 7th

tweets of the game . . .


g47-49 | let’s just move along . . .

ugh. swept aside AGAIN by another lessor team . . .


seems the M’s are playing to their competition of late.

g47 Mariners 2 | Twins 7
another bad night for Felix

g48 Mariners 5 | Twins 6
M’s had the bases loaded TWICE with only ONE run scored (via a DP – the other was THREE pop-ups in-a-row – can you spell F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N?!?) and, a whacky end to the game – after Guti homered in the 8th to bring it within one, he was up again w/runners at the corners and ONE out – both were thrown out after the catcher dropped and recovered a ball 😦

g49 Mariners 5 | Twins 5
another rough day for Tai, Guti did his part again, homering in the bottom of the 9th to bring them within ONE

tweets of the series . . . 

and, all was NOT lost, as I got to attend Saturday evening’s game with these lovely ladies . . . IMG_5532

g37 | first the sweepers, then the sweepees

Mariners 0 | Angels 3

only the second time this season the M’s were shut out

closed door

Strange series to be sure . . .

  • M’s swept the Rays (who came into the series having won 8 of their last 12)
  • M’s got swept by the Halos (who came into the series having lost 10 of their last 12)

Go figure.

Probably Felix’s best start this season . . .
SEVEN.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ NINE strikeouts
Unfortunately, much like seasons past but, UNlike the season so far this year – the bats were all but dead.

Bully . . .
Nick allowed an inherited runner to score (still think they should ‘share the blame’) and Monty pitched a scoreless 9th

Move along . . . nothing to see here 😦
TWO measly hits (both singles), TWO hit-by-pitch, ONE walk
yuckity yuk!

a nice DP to end the 2nd (and we’re thinking ‘we got this’ . . . *sigh*)


But, it was a fun day at the ballpark because I got to share in the misery 😉


g32 | #4 goes 4 fer 4 and Felix is the King of Wins . . .

Mariners 5 | Rays 2

Congrats to Felix, the Mariners all-time leader in victories . . .

Felix was far from his sharpest but, he hung in through seven full for the extra-special win. . .
~ Good news:  he only gave up FOUR hits
~ Bad news:  TWO of them were homers
~ Good news: they were both solo shots
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

Bully . . . 
Joel and Steve combined for TWO innings of ZERO hits/runs. Steve earning his TENTH save and preserving Felix’s historic victory 🙂


Have a day, Ketel!!!


tweets of the game . . . 


g22-24 | series win vs. World Champs

Now THAT’s the way to tackle a home stand 🙂


~ both series featured one-run wins, blowout wins and close losses
~ SIX games, TWO series, FOUR wins, TWO series wins (FIFTH series win in-a-row!)

g22 Mariners 1 | Royals 0

  • Felix spins a gem (and gets help from Nick on the last out of the 8th)
  • Seth provides the only run (solo shot in the 6th) the M’s would need
  • Leonys keeps the Royals off the board, leaving a mark on the CF wall
  • Steve saves the day

g23 Mariners 6 | Royals 0

  • the night belonged to Wade ~ first career complete game shutout!
  • Seth w/another homer, Kyle w/ a THREE-run shot (both in the 1st)
  • EIGHT walks ~ THREE scored
  • more great DEE

g24 Mariners 1 | Royals 4

  • the Royals seemed to single Tai to death (only one extra base hit, a double that scored) and no walks but, just too many pitches (96) to get past the 5th
  • the M’s only had ONE extra base hit the entire game but, good that it was Kyle
  • no sweep but, headed to Oakland riding the FIVE series wins 🙂

tweets of the series  . . . 


g16-18 | yes, you guessed it, another road series win!

g16 Mariners 5 | Angels 2 (in 10)

g17 Mariners 2 | Angels 4

g18 Mariners 9 | Angels 4

tweets of the series . . . 

g11 | arms strand MANY, bats do JUST enough . . .

Mariners 3 | Yankees 2

Both teams w/ TEN hits, ONE error, ONE homer
Y’s w/ONE more double and M’s batters w/SIX more K’s
BUT, the Yanks strand FOURTEEN so . . . .
the good guys win 🙂

winning is fun


Very strange start from Felix . . . 
SO many pitches, SO many walks but, history recorded

and his FIRST win but the strangest line ever . . .
FIVE innings ~ ONE earned run ~ SIX walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

The Bully gives up ONE but . . .
goes FOUR full w/THREE holds (Vidal, Nick, Joaquin) and Steve’s FIRST save

the bad . . .
batters w/THIRTEEN K’s (most so far) and only ONE walk (fewest so far)

the good . . .
pretty much everything else 😉
~ only TWO starters w/o a hit (Guti and Chris)
~ Leonys’s  only hit was a   L O N G   homer that tied the game at ONE

~ Robbie’s RBI single scored Ketel from 1B to break the tie

~ Nellie with TWO hits, ONE an RBI double scoring Robbie to make it 3-2 (where it stayed)

} Adam w/a fielding error
} TWO double plays turned (both Robbie to Ketel to Dae-Ho)

tweets of the game . . .