g22-24 | series win vs. World Champs

Now THAT’s the way to tackle a home stand 🙂


~ both series featured one-run wins, blowout wins and close losses
~ SIX games, TWO series, FOUR wins, TWO series wins (FIFTH series win in-a-row!)

g22 Mariners 1 | Royals 0

  • Felix spins a gem (and gets help from Nick on the last out of the 8th)
  • Seth provides the only run (solo shot in the 6th) the M’s would need
  • Leonys keeps the Royals off the board, leaving a mark on the CF wall
  • Steve saves the day

g23 Mariners 6 | Royals 0

  • the night belonged to Wade ~ first career complete game shutout!
  • Seth w/another homer, Kyle w/ a THREE-run shot (both in the 1st)
  • EIGHT walks ~ THREE scored
  • more great DEE

g24 Mariners 1 | Royals 4

  • the Royals seemed to single Tai to death (only one extra base hit, a double that scored) and no walks but, just too many pitches (96) to get past the 5th
  • the M’s only had ONE extra base hit the entire game but, good that it was Kyle
  • no sweep but, headed to Oakland riding the FIVE series wins 🙂

tweets of the series  . . . 



g16-18 | yes, you guessed it, another road series win!

g16 Mariners 5 | Angels 2 (in 10)

g17 Mariners 2 | Angels 4

g18 Mariners 9 | Angels 4

tweets of the series . . . 

g11 | arms strand MANY, bats do JUST enough . . .

Mariners 3 | Yankees 2

Both teams w/ TEN hits, ONE error, ONE homer
Y’s w/ONE more double and M’s batters w/SIX more K’s
BUT, the Yanks strand FOURTEEN so . . . .
the good guys win 🙂

winning is fun


Very strange start from Felix . . . 
SO many pitches, SO many walks but, history recorded

and his FIRST win but the strangest line ever . . .
FIVE innings ~ ONE earned run ~ SIX walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

The Bully gives up ONE but . . .
goes FOUR full w/THREE holds (Vidal, Nick, Joaquin) and Steve’s FIRST save

the bad . . .
batters w/THIRTEEN K’s (most so far) and only ONE walk (fewest so far)

the good . . .
pretty much everything else 😉
~ only TWO starters w/o a hit (Guti and Chris)
~ Leonys’s  only hit was a   L O N G   homer that tied the game at ONE

~ Robbie’s RBI single scored Ketel from 1B to break the tie

~ Nellie with TWO hits, ONE an RBI double scoring Robbie to make it 3-2 (where it stayed)

} Adam w/a fielding error
} TWO double plays turned (both Robbie to Ketel to Dae-Ho)

tweets of the game . . . 



g6 | well, THIS looks frighteningly familiar . . .

Mariners 1 | Athletics 2

OK, we have seen this movie WAY too many times in previous seasons.
Felix does his thing and the offense . . . does not 😦

ive seen that movie too

For the most part, Felix was Felix . . .
(a few too many pitches/walks but, for his second start, it was pretty stellar and definitely should have been rewarded with a win)
SEVEN innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

Bully losing its luster . . . 
Joel, Steve and Nick combined for THREE innings with Joel giving up the tying run in the 8th and Nick the winning run (solo shot by Crisp) in the 10th

~ only SIX total hits
~ TWO doubles (Kyle and Nori)
~ the only run was from the benefit of an A’s error
~ 0 fer 8 w/RISP ain’t going to get it done

No DP’s or errors (one of each on the other side)

a tale of two series . . .
The M’s scored 21 runs in Texas and won the series.
The M’s scored FOUR runs in the series at home (0-16 w/RISP) and got S W E P T

tweets of the game . . . 


g1 | Opening Day in Arlington

Mariners 2 | Rangers 3

So, after ONE game .  . .

  • Felix gave up FIVE walks and took the loss
  • all but THREE M’s batters are hitless (Sardinas doesn’t count, since he didn’t play)
  • Iannetta is batting 1.000
  • the M’s commit TWO errors Seager and Marte (accounting for TWO unearned runs)
  • the Rangers have only ONE hit
  • the M’s have TWO homers (Seager and Cano)
  • Monty has yet to post an earned run average

Something tells me, pacing this trajectory would be serious folly (seriously crazy game)

tweets of the game . . . 

Let’s Meet those who are going to own the zone . . .

Jerry gathered all the pieces with controlling the zone as his guide, now it’s time for Scott to assemble to puzzle into a complete picture of work ethic, peak performance and leadership.

Only ELEVEN players on the 25-man roster have been M’s before . . .

ROTATION | TWO new guys

FELIXhernandez RHP The King is still The King  ~ set to start his NINTH Opening Day
HISASHIiwakuma RHP thank goodness he’s back ~ came  t h i s  close to being a Dodger
WADEmiley LHP at least he’s an innings eater ~ 190+ in each of 4-full seasons
TAIJUANwalker RHP time for Tai’s breakout season ~ slider a key performance indicator?
NATHANkarns RHP beat out Paxton for the 5-spot ~ if he can match last year, not too shabby

BULL PEN | FOUR new guys

STEVEcishek RHP couple years removed from TWO 34+ save seasons ~ can he do it again?
JOAQUINbenoit RHP an oldie but, hopefully still a goodie!
JOELperalta RHP another oldie but, a necessity with Charlie out for the start of the season
TONYzych RHP has the stuff but, this will be his first time on an Opening Day roster
NICKvincent RHP he switched clubhouses late in ST ~ from the Pads to the M’s
VIDALnuno LHP not a great season last year (but, then, who in the M’s pen had one?!?)
MIKEmontgomery LHP started last season (posted TWO shutouts) ~ long relief this year?

CATCHERS | BOTH new guys

CHRISiannetta C needs a bounce-back season, though was still better than any M’s C
STEVEclevenger C has been better defensively than expected and the 7th lefty bat


ADAMlind 1B veteran solid first baseman with some pop but, only vs. righties
DAE-HOlee 1B   welcome to the U.S.! ~ plan to platoon with Lind vs. lefties
ROBINSONcano 2B after double hernia surgery in the offseason, bound to bounce back!
KETELmarte SS tasted the big leagues last season ~ won the starting SS spot out of ST this year!
KYLEseager 3B had a rough year at the hot corner (after his GG) but, looks to continue his upward trajectory at the plate
LUISsardinas U young at utility not always the case ~ hopefully, he can get some consistent time


NORIaoki LF consistency seems to be his motto ~ as in consistently on base
LEONYSmartin CF stellar defender at a crucial position (and a new daddy for the second time!)
SETHsmith RF great against righties, will platoon with Guti
FRANKLINgutierrez RF here’s to keeping him healthy, then there’s no stopping him!
NELSONcruz DH key is keeping fresh and focused  ~ no doubt Gar can help with that

At-a-glance observations . . . 

  • lack of lefty pitchers is a bit concerning
  • mix of platoons/experience of the position players seems like a great balance
  • from all accounts, newbies and veterans alike are “all in” on the vision and philosophy set forth from day one of the new regime and, to a man, they are all focused on C the Z



g145-147 | series win!

Mariners 10 | Angels 1

Mariners 3 | Angels 4

Mariners 3 | Angels 1

I attended the last game – a fun one!

Kuma was awesome . . .
he was only able to make it through SIX innings but, FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ NINE strikeouts

The bullpen has been out of this world in September and meeting the Halos was no different . . . .
ZERO runs allowed in this series!

The unlikely hero of the night was Jesus . . .
THREE-run bomb in the 4th – and that would be that 🙂

Plus, a couple of extras . . .
~ some fireworks between Weaver and Seager
~ AND Hyphen working some TV 🙂

tweets of the Kuma-Jesus show . . .