g44 | Kuma and the bats dig Arlington

Not a lot of power but, definitely a total TEAM win . . .
Stellar starting pitching, reliable solid relief, plenty of hits (including a few w/RISP for a change!), a couple of stolen bases and some solid DEE

team win






Mariners 6 | Rangers 2

Kuma, Kuma, Kuma!
Yeah, he gave up the homer to Adrian (after posting SEVENTEEN scoreless innings) and that was nearly all she wrote. Amazing that Kuma is performing at this level considering he had such a late start (the finger issue) and NO spring training. The Bear, The Machine – call him whatever you want, just don’t call him late to his 5th start (first FOUR have gone pretty well: 3-0 with a sub-TWO ERA ❤ ❤ ❤ )
EIGHT innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Charlie and Danny take care of the 9th

Everybody hits!
Well, almost. All batters had at least one hit ‘cept Justin and Mike (who walked and scored respectively)
~ Only TWO extra base hits (doubles by the N Carolina guys) in fact, there were NINE singles before the first double but, FOUR batters had MULTIPLE hits (Robbie, Kyle, Dustin, Nick) and each of them had at least ONE RBI (we’ll take it!)
~ Takin’ one (or TWO) for the team ~ Mike and Nick each were HBP and ended up scoring
~ Great to see Nick picking up where he left off in Tacoma (OK, so getting thrown out at 3B with less than TWO outs after singling in his first AB wasn’t so great :/ ) couple of singles, a stolen base and a sac-fly. Contributing.
~ Is Brad getting close? (I really hope so – love his spunk and attitude) a hit and a walk and a run scored.
~ Kudos to James – the hits just keep coming! ELEVEN straight starts with a hit to start his career (breaking Edgar’s record)

Couple of nice DP’s and a great OF catch by Michael . . .


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g14 | heart.breaker.

First true heart-breaker of the season . . .
Felix was Felix.
Unfortunately, Brad wasn’t Brad and Fernando wasn’t Fernando (hadn’t pitched in FIVE games).
You could look to blame the bats but, they WERE up against Darvish and managed to score the first run off him this season.

I saw SOME of the game from Tap House Grill where we were having Happy Hour for a friend/co-worker’s birthday – listened to the rest (worst part) on the way home 😦

Mariners 2 | Rangers 3

Felix was AWESOME, as per usual . . . .
They gave him the early lead (TWO runs in the 2nd) and he ran with it
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ NINE strikeouts

} Charlie relieved Felix after a lead-off triple in the 8t and allowed a hit which scored the run and then struck out the next batter and he was relieved by Yourvis who also recoreded a strikeout

} So, not that there’s ever a good time to blow a save but, a Felix start has to be one of the worst . . .
after TWO quick outs ( a fly out and a strikeout) Fernando allowed a hit and then a walke and then Brad muffed a throw to Robbie that would have been the last out of the game. But, away the Rangers went – tied the game on a wild pitch and got the winning run on a single.

Great to see Nick triple on the first pitch he sees in the majors this season (just called up from AAA Tacoma – where he’s been tearing it up – to replace LoMo who was placed on the DL today)

the TOP and the BOTTOM did their part . . .
Abe and Mike each with TWO hits and ONE RBI
But, that was all she wrote and ‘t wan’s enough

Brad’s error was about as costly as they come but, had they scored more or stopped the 9th inning bleeding at ONE rund ‘t wouldn’t have mattered.

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g157 | extra heartbreak

Mariners 5 | Royals 6 (in 12)

M’s are now 6-15 in extra innings 😦

Nice to see Brandon go a full SEVEN for the first time this season – and a strong seven, at that . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO runs ~ ONE run ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

The bullpen, as has so often been the case this season, was NO help what-so-ever . . .
} Charlie gave up THREE runs to give the Royals the lead in the 8th
} Tom, Danny, Ollie and Chance combined for 4.1 scoreless innings
} Lucas gave up a walk and an RBI double that would ultimately be the winning run

‘t is a rare thing to have nearly twice as many walks as hits . . .
the M’s had only SIX hits in the entire game  but, THREE were for extra bases – Kendrys and Michael homered, Kyle’s double didn’t come till the 10th.  FOUR of their ELEVEN walks came in extras (TWO intentional to Kendrys and Michael in the 10th)

BOTH teams had TWO errors (throwing errors for Nick and Abraham) AND outfield assists on throws home (Michael). The Royals turned THREE double-plays to the M’s ONE

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g154 | dueling youngsters, M’s blinked first

Mariners 2 | Angels 3 (in 11)

Erasmo was cruising along through SIX (as was Shoemaker) scattering a SIX hits and then came the 7th (where BOTH pitchers gave up their first TWO runs of the game). For Erasmo, they were both unearned, and given up by Chance after Erasmo left the game with a strained groin . . .
SIX innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO unearned runs ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Lucas, Carter and Bobby managed to keep the Halos scoreless for another THREE full innings but, Bobby couldn’t hold it and gave up a couple of singles in the 11th, the last one coming with TWO outs and ONE on for the game-winning hit.

Multi-hit games from Michael (who had BOTH RBI), Dustin and Nick but . . . .
TWO runs usually not gonna do it and, tonight was no exception

* Kyle with another error
* THREE double-plays (all Dustin-Nick-Justin)

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g153 | s o close . . .

Mariners 4 | Tigers 5

James had all he could handle with the Tiggers . . .
95 pitches in only FIVE innings is WAY too much and when you walk more than you strikeout, not a good sign. But, still a lot of good learnings to take away from this start.
FIVE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE runs ~ FOUR walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Tom and Charlie combine to give up TWO runs on FOUR hits and ONE walk and mess up a victory for James
} Yoervis retired the TWO batters he faced in the 8th

NINE hits for each team but only TWO for extra bases for the M’s (Nick double, Dustin homer) compared to FIVE for the Tiggers (FIVE doubles and  ONE homer) was the story

No errors and only ONE DP turned in the entire game (Seager-Smoak)

tweets of (and before and after!) the game . . .

g147 | lack of fundamentals sinks rooks and wastes Kuma’s gem

Mariners 1 | Cardinals 2 (in 10)

lead glove

Kuma tossed a gem (getting to that 200 inning milestone once again) but it was all for naught . . .
SEVEN innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout

the bullpen was a mixed bag . . .
} Charlie allowed a run on a walk and a hit
} Yoervis was strong in his 1.1 w/ no hits or walks and ONE strikeout
} things really crumbled in the 10th when Chance came in, struck out the first two batters, then allowed a single. Ollie relieved him and walked TWO to load the bases and then the winning run scored on a passed ball 😦

~ TEN hits is good.
~ Only ONE run on only ONE extra base hit (Mike’s third homer), not so much.
They were still in line to take this game, despite the lack of offensive production – the defensive miscues really hurt.

* Nick misjudged a pop-up that ended up going for a TWO base error
* Brad made a bad throw to Kendrys that allowed the tying run to score
* Mike allowed a passed ball with the bases loaded in the 10th that allowed the winning run to score

tweets of the game . . . 

g142 | Congrats ~and condolences~ to James

Mariners 6 | Rays 2

On the night James Paxton made his major league debut . . .
he was apparently only hours removed from learning of his grandfather’s death. What a tribute he was able to give him – recording a victory in his FIRST ever start! Yes, the Rays have been struggling of late but, they are in the playoff hunt and James handled them almost with ease for most of the game. His fastball was 94-97mph and his other stuff got better as he went along. His great debut was all the more impressive once it was reported, shortly after the game, what a heavy heart he held. Way to go, James! Here’s to many more lines like this in your career . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts


} Tom up to his old tricks (walking the first TWO batters) but, he was able to escape without damage.
} Chance, Luke and Danny kept the scoreless streak going – giving up only ONE hit, ONE walk and striking out THREE over the last TWO innings

Rather odd note . . .
this was the fourth straight game in which the M’s have scored exactly SIX runs (3-1 in those games) . . . . we’ll take it! And, the other thing we’ll take is the balance of manufacturing AND ready-made scoring.

We’ve seen Abraham run and catch . . .
tonight we got to see him walk, steal and bunt (once for an RBI on a safety squeeze!) – lovin’ the small ball 🙂

and the power was on display as well . . .
Justin and Kendrys both with solo shots and Nick and Michael both with RBI doubles

Michael made a FANTASTIC throw from RF . . .
A perfect, NO-hop, strike to Mike at the plate to keep the runner at 3B

Only ONE double-play but, it ended the game (those are always extra, special sweet!)

Super, scary moment when Justin and Nick were both going to field a pop-up, it went off Justin’s glove just as Nick was sliding to get out of the way. Unfortunately, his head (neck) was able to get out of the way of Justin’s knee. He was on the ground for several minutes but able to get up on his own eventually AND, he stayed in the game (whew!)

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Interesting that there was a Sounders’ match and a Mariners’ game simultaneously (thought they usually tried to avoid that) and great that they both were victors (and the games ended at almost exactly the same time)


g141 | spoilin’ the Rays

Mariners 6 | Rays 4

Definitely not one of Kuma’s stellar outings but, he kept ’em in it . . .
5.2 innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Yoervis bent, giving up a hit and a walk, but didn’t break in his 1.1. inning
} Ollie didn’t even record and out
} Carter got that rare distinction of the blown save AND the win for his ONE inning of work where he walked TWO and gave up TWO hits and a run
} Danny gave up a hit in the 9th but, recorded his THIRTEENTH save

Only EIGHT hits but nice that they were THREE for SEVEN w/RISP . . .
~ Justin with a TWO-run double
~ Nick and Kyle both with RBI singles in the same inning

And then there was Rauuuuuuul with his 27th homer (a solo shot) his second in as many games

* Nick and Guti both with steals
* Carter with a pick off (and Brad was picked off)
* Nice DP turned


tweets of the game . . .


g139 | Look, Ma . . . runs!

Mariners 6 | Royals 4

Taijuan got his second big league start . . . 
Pitched the same number of innings as his first (which, of course are being monitored closely), gave up double the hits and quadruple the runs (but then it was the Royals compared to the Astros). The good news is, he is getting invaluable experience and learning under his belt. Great to see him bounce back in the 5th ~ retiring the side in order ~ after his rough 4th inning where he gave up all FOUR runs . . .
FIVE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} the hitless/scoreless FOUR inning bullpen effort (Carter, Lucas and Danny) garnered a W for Lucas and an S for Danny (12th)

still only 2-12 w/RISP but, baby steps . . . 
ELEVEN total hits (including doubles by Kendrys, Nick, Raul and Justin) and the homer by Kendrys that broke the tie in the 9th and became the eventual game-winning hit.

* Nice base-running by Dustin, getting to 1B on a very close play and then taking 2B on a bad throw
* Guti was CS
* Zero DP’s for either side

tweets of the game . . .