g74 | Tai terrific, Robbie roars, Nando nifty

Mariners 3 | Angels 1



Like the glass half full or half empty, this may be a symbol of the team coming together or coming apart 😉

(also a subtle tip o’ the cap to the SCOTUS today 🙂 )

Tai’s terrific-ness is becoming a thing, his steeliness beyond his years . . .

  • In the 1st he got TWO outs on FOUR pitches then, gave up a solo shot (which would prove to be the Halos only run)
  • He only retired the side 1-2-3 twice: the 3rd and the 7th
  • And the 6th was a thing of beauty: he allowed a single (Trout), a HBP (Pujols) and then a sac bunt that got runners to 2B and 3B with only ONE out. . . Tai proceeds to get a strike out (Freese) and a fly out (Joyce)

and what a performance by the pen!

  • Charlie K’s the only guy he faced in the 8th
  • Carson allowed a hit (Trout) and a walk (Pujols) but then induces the DP

  • and, welcome back to our old friend Nando – shoots the arrow for the 15th time this season and preserves Tai’s 6th WIN


Not a bad night for the bats . . .
~ NINE total hits
~ FIVE for extra-bases
~ Robbie w/his fourth homer
~ Brad and Nellie both w/RBI doubles (Brad was 3/4 w/TWO doubles) and Mark w/a double as well (his first as a Mariner)

* Nice relay from Mark to Robbie to Kyle to nab Aybar (was reviewed but call upheld)

* Well-timed DP to get Carson out of a ONE out TWO on jam in the 8th

tweets of the game . . .

g69 | Walker had duel meanings tonight: the starter and the hitters :-)

Mariners 6 | Astros 3

Coming Together

Stellar starter + outstanding offense + dynamite defense + resounding relief = SERIES WIN!!!

Tai just keeps getting better and better . . .
tonight, he recorded a career high strikeouts and walked NONE (just needs to get a bit more efficient) his full line . . .
SIX.ONE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ ELEVEN strikeouts

the bullpen didn’t allow a run . . .
} Nuno didn’t recored an out (allowed a walk and a run)
} Nando, Mark, Charlie and Carson combined for a 2-hit, no run, no walk FOUR.TWO innings with Carson earning his FIFTH save, preserving Tai’s FIFTH victory

~ The first TWO runs came via TWO bases-loaded walks in the 2nd
~ Every starter but Zu had ONE hit (FIVE total walks) and THREE of them left the yard (all solo shots) . . .

~ The other run came off the bat of Robbie – an RBI single
~ LoMo with his FIFTH steal 🙂

* Brad had a couple of really nice spinning plays but, also had a scary moment when he nearly went into the stands to catch a foul ball but, instead crashed into the short wall (gonna have some sore ribs) and missed the ball due to fan interference (fan was escorted out)
* No DP’s on either side

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g63 | oy vey

Mariners 0 | Astros 13

Just a sad day all ’round 😦

balloon deflated

A rare struggle for Roenis (but, join the club, seems nearly everyone struggles vs. these ‘stros)
after throwing THIRTY-THREE pitches and giving up THREE runs in the 1st, he needed only NINE pitches for a 1-2-3 2nd – you thought maybe, just maybe, he could hold ’em there but ‘t was not to be . . .
THREE.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ EIGHT runs ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ TWO strikeouts

the bullpen didn’t fair any better . . .
} Danny gave up TWO runs (and was sent back to AAA after the game)
} Mark, Charlie and Carson each gave up ONE run
} Nando gave up a walk (the Astros had SEVEN total) but, was the only pitcher not to allow a run – go figure!

After the early onslaught yesterday, it seemed like they might have found something . . .
clearly not – at least not permanently (though it does seem as if there were quite a few very hard hit balls that were run down by the outfield)
~ a double for AJ, a single for Kyle
~ FIVE walks but, zilch across the plate  (

Kyle with a costly error in the 1st and a PB by Jesus

tweets of the game . . .

g61 | Felix (yes, The King) 8 earned runs in the 1st ~ Sucre (yes, the catcher) a 1-2-3 8th

Mariners 0 | Astros 10

pigs fly

Felix has had his bad days but, NEVER anything like this . . .
ONE THIRD of an inning ~ FIVE hits ~ EIGHT earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout

move along, NOTHING to see here . . .
total of FOUR hits ~ all SINGLES 😦

and, this wasn’t much better . . .
TWO double-plays but, an uncharacteristic error by Felix and just generally meh – yuck in the field

tweets of the game . . . 

the GOOD news . . .

g58-60 | Series Win!

Sometimes life gets in the way of baseball (and blogging)

Mariners 3 | Indians 2
Roenis gets his third victory and the bats get doubles galore!

Mariners 9 | Indians 3
Tai-wonderful, doubles barrage continues and add in a Kyle HR!

Mariners 0 | Indians 6
Happ not happy, bats not batty (only TWO total hits)

g45 | oh thank heaven for Simply Seager!

Mariners 7 | Rays 6


OK – JA and JOE both deserve MAJOR kudos as well 🙂

JA put up quite the gutty performance . . .
HIs last outing was shortened by a rain delay and he was in trouble right away in the 1st: gave up TWO runs on 30+ pitches that tied the game at the time. But, he hung in there through SIX, giving up ONE more run in the 3rd and working out of trouble in the 2nd and the 5th
SIX innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Tom and Charlie posted TWO scoreless
} and then came Nando . . . he loaded the bases with NO outs, allowed THREE runs (though the third run shouldn’t have happened – see “IN the FIELD”) that tied the game and would ultimately get the “W” (tell me how “pitcher’s wins” make ANY sense at all?!?)
} Way to go, JOE! a 1-2-3 10th for his first save

Well, ‘t was a Simply Seager kind of night . . .
THREE for FIVE, with TWO homers including a GRAND SLAM and SIX RBI – yowsa!

~ Great to see AJ back and contributing right away: lead off single, stolen base and scored a run in the 1st
~ Nellie was TWO for TWO, the second of which was his career 1000th hit
~ Welington, Brad and Chris were the only starters w/o a hit (Brad walked TWICE)
~ Robbie, Nellie, Kyle and LoMo all had multi-hit games

* AJ with a couple of nice catches (ankle seems just fine!)
* Robbie with a rare errant throw to 1B in the 9th: the runner was safe and a run scored instead of it being a game-ending DP

tweets of the game . . .


g34 | another ONE run loss . . .

Mariners 1 | Red Sox 2

this close

Great to see Roenis go SIX+ with a reasonable pitch count (89) and, more importantly, only ONE run (solo shot)
SIX.ONE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Mark and Charlie combined to finish the 7th
} Carson posted another scoreless inning (w/two strikeouts)
} Nando in with the game tied 1-1 in the 9th allowed a lead-off double, a sac bunt, a HBP and a sac-fly (which Rickie also dropped, which extended the inning but, the run would have scored regardless) which, ultimately, gave the Red Sox the win

Frustration ran high tonight . . .
~ M’s loaded the bases with ONE out in the 4th and failed to score (Zu struck out and Ack grounded out)
~ Justin came in to pinch hit in the 7th and absolutely stung it to RF and Victorino made a great catch, crashed in to the wall and was able to recover and throw to double the runner (Chris) off 1B
~ they had TWO on with ONE out in the 8th and Kyle hit into a DP
~ Only SIX total hits (all singles) and 0-6 w/RISP 😦

* Brad started his first ever game in LF – of course, the first play was to him – and, he caught it!
* Zu caught Ramirez stealing 2B – TWICE!
* M’s turned TWO once but, had TWO turned against them TWICE (one was that play by Victorino)

tweets of the game . . .

g32 | goin’ batty for the Vedder Cup!!!!!!

Mariners 11 | Padres 4

going batty

Not used to seeing an offensive onslaught like that!
My mantra is: “Chicks did the long ball but, REAL women love leather” but . . .
even I have to admit THAT was FUN 🙂 (especially in person with friends to share it with!)

After the 1st inning in which he threw all of NINE pitches, I thought, m a y b e this would really be James’ night. He did end up with a SIX inning shutout but, it was far from smooth sailing . . .

Pitching with a FOUR run lead in the 2nd, after retiring the first two batters, he proceeded to walk the bases loaded but, got Barmes to pop up on his THIRTY-EIGHTH pitch of the inning. The Padres also loaded the bases for Barmes in the 4th – this time he struck out. So, ‘t wasn’t always pretty but, the result was great as James records his first victory . . .
SIX innings ~ THREE hits ~ ZERO run/earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Danny continued to struggle, getting the lead off batter in the 7th but, loading the bases with a single and TWO walks
} Tom came in and got Kemp to hit a ground ball but, Chris booted it so, not only did the runner score from 3rd but, the bases were reloaded. He struck out the next batter then, allowed a single that scored the rest of the inherited runners and ended the inning with a strikeout.
} Charlie retired the Pads in order in the 8th
} Mark had a bit of a rough go (thankfully, the lead was LARGE) allowing a couple of walks, a double and a run

Let’s just say . . .
save some for tomorrow! 😉

~ Nice homer to hit ratio (SIX / FIFTEEN)
~ Kyle got the homer parade going in the 1st with a THREE-run shot
~ LoMo, Nellie  and Justin (pinch-hitting for Brad) all launched solo shots (Justin’s first as a Mariner)
~ Really awesome to see Zu coming around – 3/4 with THREE RBI via TWO homers (all three hits w/TWO strikes)
~ Brad (DH’ing tonight) had consecutive ground rule doubles (one in RF corner, one in LF corner
~ ALL the starters had at least ONE hit, FOUR had multiple hits
~ ALL but TWO starters scored at lease ONE run
~ ALL but THREE starters had at least ONE RBI

* Chris had the error in the 7th that led to TWO unearned runs
* he was also part of a tailor made double-play in the 3rd
* but, the WEB GEM of the night belongs to Dustin Ackley . . .

tweets of the game . . . 


g31 | of Kings and milestones and Mother’s Day sweeps . . .

Mariners 4 | Athletics 3

broom button

What a great story re: Jesus and Felix . . .
Jesus lost his mom back during Spring Training so, this was his first Mother’s Day without her. He was hoping to play during the weekend to honor her and the team went to Felix to get his input on which game he should catch (Felix’s or JA’s). Felix apparently did not hesitate – he said that Jesus wanted to honor his mom by playing on Mother’s Day so that’s what he was going to do. And, what a nice day he had! A single, a run scored, a great catch of a foul pop-up and catching Felix’s 2000th career K ❤

Felix being Felix . . .
he needed FIVE strikeouts for his 2000th career K so, of course, he got SIX 🙂

He wasn’t dominating today but, he did what he needed to do and, let’s face it, his “less than stellar stuff” is better than mosts actual stellar stuff.
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

the bully does it again! (amazing how a solid performance from the starter carries over to the ‘pen 🙂 )

} Charlie with an efficient and effective 1-2-3 8th inning
} Nando got to shoot his own arrow today (despite making the 9th more interesting than it needed to be, allowing a one-out solo homer) racking up his NINTH save and preserving Felix’s SIXTH victory (first time Felix has been 6-0)

The bats couldn’t get much going early (no hits thru THREE and only FIVE total) but, they managed to do   j  u  s  t   enough . . .
~ in the 4th, Rickie walked, Nellie singled (for the first Mariner hit) and then it was contagious: Kyle and Dustin both doubled (Dustin’s was with TWO outs and scored TWO runs!) and the M’s took the lead for keeps.
~ in the 5th they added on after Jesus singled (his first hit of the season), Seth doubled and Robbie hit a sac-fly to score Jesus

* once again, no DP’s be either team
* Jesus made a great over-the-railing catch of a foul ball in the 7th

tweets of the game . . . 

my photos of the game . . .



g29 | the bully and the bullet

Mariners 4 | Athletics 3 (in 11)


Yes, the bullpen finally showed it’s SPECTACULAR self and LoMo redeemed himself by launching a bullet to win it in the 11th (a shot which I called, by the way, when I noticed from my perch in section 331 after he made the error in the top of the inning that he would be the first batter up in the bottom of the 11th)

Tai threw a lot of pitches early (so did Gray – at one point they were neck ‘n’ neck, each having given up a double, a walk and were 50/50 balls and strikes) but, with all those pitches came a lot of K’s
FIVE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts 

Extreme kudos to the ‘pen – definitely more like the one we know and LOVE!
} Joe, Danny, Charlie, Mark, Nando and Carson combined for . . . 
SIX innings ~ ONE hit ~ ZERO runs ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts 
} Carson pitched TWO full, recording THREE of the K’s and was rewarded with the win

Nice to see . . .
~ TEN hits
~ FOUR for extra bases
~ THREE doubles (Brad, Robbie and Kyle – all in the right field corner, TWO in the same inning accounting for TWO of the runs and tying the game!)
~ LoMo’s hard hit balls starting be of the “drop” variety as opposed to the “at-em” variety. He had the FIRST RBI (single to score Kyle) and the LAST RBI (the walk-off homer)

OK, it wasn’t ALL rosy . . .
~ they did strikeout FIFTEEN times
~ and, poor Zu with the Golden Sombrero 😦

Defense displayed the gamut tonight . . .
* Nellie and LoMo both charged with fielding errors
* Kyle with an awesome basket catch of a foul ball – didn’t think there was any way he could get to it

* Robbie had a great diving catch of a low liner for the second out in the 10th

tweets of the game . . . 

my photos of the game . . .