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Goodbye, good luck, Dustin!

Today . . .

So long, JA!

See ya later (hopefully!) Mark!

g100 | effective Nando? clutch Zu? ineffective Carson? it’s a topsy-turvy world!

Mariners 3 | Diamondbacks 4


Monty a bit shaky in the first couple of innings but then settled down . . .
SIX.TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE runs ~ TWO earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Nando and JA (yes, the starter) combined for TWO.ONE innings of scoreless ball
} Unfortunately, Carson struggled mightily in the 10th, a couple of walks, a hit batter and a sac fly gave the Snakes the lead for good
} Nuno came in to get the last TWO outs of the 10th but, bats couldn’t muster up any magic

NINE total hits and FIVE walks and 2/4 w/RISP should have yielded more than THREE runs . . .
~ Mark had THREE hits, including TWO doubles, vs his former team
~ Robbie with TWO more hits including a solo shot in the 6th
~ Zu robbed AGAIN at the wall but, he also provided a TWO out RBI single to tie the game in the 9th (and extend his hitting streak to SEVEN games)

TWO errors, blech!
* Robbie with a botch of a shovel toss
* Brad with a fielding error in the 2nd that led to the DB’s third run
* NO DP’s turned but THREE turned against them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

tweets of the game . . .

g98 | from studly to stinking . . .

Mariners 6 | Blue Jays 8

we need a pitcher

Seems that when the M’s FINALLY score some runs, their normally steady pitching falls apart . . .
M’s have given up FIVE or MORE runs in THIRTEEN of the TWENTY NINE games they have score FIVE or more

Hardly HapPY . . .
After retiring the side in order in the 1st, JA couldn’t get out of the 2nd . . .
FOUR walks a HBP and a single yielded THREE runs and closed the book on JA
ONE.TWO innings ~ ONE hit ~ THREE runs/earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ ONE strikeout

} Vidal and Tom actually were pretty respectable in relief, combining for . . .
FIVE.TWO innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE run ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts
} and then came the FRE: lead-off walk, game-tying homer
} Carson, who should have had the day off but, due to the above issue, had to pitch (WE MISS YOU CHARLIE!) and consequently, was unable to record an out in the top of the 9th: a lead-off walk, a double, a single gave the Tiggers TWO more runs and the lead for good. Joe was able to come in and stop the bleeding, getting a DP and then a strikeout

SIX runs typically means a very good day but, as mentioned above . . .
it seems the M’s are determined to give up more runs than they get even when they score a nice total but, credit where credit is due . . .
~ the first FIVEย in the order (AJ, Kyle, Nellie, Robbie, Seth) went 7/19 w/FIVE runs scored and FOUR RBI
~ M’s scored in the first FOUR innings
~ Only TWO extra base hits: Robbie’s TENTH homer, Jesus’ FIRST (not only of the season but, of his CAREER!)

TWO more DPs . . .
* including another OF assist (this time from Seth, who also made his FIRST error of the season)
* and the Joe to Robbie to LoMo to finally record the first two outs of the 9th

tweets of the game . . .

g93 | Imagine that?!? Another ONE-run loss

Mariners 4 | Tigers 5

just two more

18-17 in ONE-run games

Happy Happ!
He pitched well, all things considered, only really frustration was the walk that ended up scoring on the double in the 2nd
SEVEN runs ~ FOUR hits ~ THREE runs/earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} Unfortunately, our typical “steady Eddie” (Mark) had an EXTREMELY rare breakdown . . .
on one pitch, he allowed his FIRST homer of the season (to that pesky Kinsler), blew the save lost the game and nearly doubled his ERA (from .62 to 1.20).

That said, as noted below, methinks the top of the order is WAY more to blame than the back of the bullpen in this latest heartbreaker ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Only EIGHT total hits and 3/11 w/RISP. . .
~ bad news: top of the order = 0/14
~ good news: middle of the order = 5/12 w/THREE runs scored and TWO SB (AJ)
~ better news: bottom of the order = 3/9 w/THREE runs driven in
~ GREAT news: ZU with a TWO-run double, an RBI single, a walk and NO strikeouts ๐Ÿ™‚

TWO DP’s including . . .
~ an OF assist from AJ to Robbie to end the top of the 3rd
~ and Kyle to Robbie to LoMo to end the top of the 4th

tweets of the game . . .

g85 | since July 1: W-L-W-L-W-L-W-L

Mariner 4 | Tigers 5

up down

Hate it when work gets in the way of baseball ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

A somewhat alternate universe . . .

  • Mark had THREE of the only SIX total hits
  • Ack hit a homer
  • TWO stolen bases (Nellie and Brad)
  • Mayckol and David did well (after their combined disaster a couple days ago)
  • SEVEN walks (not often you get more walks than hits)
  • unfortunately, 0-14 w/RISP ain’t gonna do it

g80 | run fun!

Mariners 9 | Athletics 5

fun run logo_kids

JA with a slow, dicey start and a great finish . . .
– a 5-4-3 DP to get out of the 1st
– 2nd not so lucky as the A’s scored THREE on a single, a double and a ground out
– but then, JA holds them scoreless the rest of his way
SIX innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Mark and Charlie each with a hitless/scoreless inning (the 7th and 9th respectively)
} Carson, however, was not so effective: a couple of singles and a double yielded TWO runs (thankfully, he had a LARGE cushion ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Took a while for the bats to get going but then, going, going, gone is what they did!
~ Robbie, Nellie, Kyle and Brad all with multiple hits
~ Every starter but Mark w/at least ONE hit

not ONE, not TWO, not THREE but, FOUR 2-run HOME RUNS!!!!
(click below to to launch the video of all four)

* only ONE DP (Kyle to Robbie to LoMo to get JA out of the 1st)
* some nice OF catches and LoMo and Kyle some nice snares in all that foul ground

tweets of the game . . .

after the game . . .ย 

Tom, Vidal and Roenis were optioned to AAA with corresponding moves to be announced prior to tomorrow’s game

g75 | shoulda, woulda, coulda

Mariners 2 | Angels 4

coulda shoulda woulda

JA gave up TWO in the 1st (via a single and a homer) . . .
and then proceeded to retire EIGHTEEN in-a-row!
then came the 7th and the wheels sort of fell off . . .
a double, a couple of walks, a single and a ground out all led to TWO more Halo runs and run JA from the game. Still, ‘t was a serviceable outing . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Mark allowed a single and a walk but, no runs in his ONE inning of work

Not enough happening here . . .
but, good to see Zu with some production – he scored both the M’s runs (singled, advanced, WP and also a solo shot)

* Beautiful relay from Mark to Brad to Kyle to nail a runner who thought he had 3B going home ๐Ÿ™‚
* On the other side of the ledger – TWO DP’s turned against them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

IN the DUGOUT – yikes!

tweets of the game . . . 

g70 | Well, at least it was fun to spend the day w/Dad :-)

Mariners 2 | Astros 6

dad and me

Kind of amazing that JA got through FIVE innings considering he through 40+ pitches in the first TWO innings . . .
(though Velasquez threw 43 in the 1st!)
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ TWO runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Tom seems to be allowing run after run of late . . .
} Joe had a scoreless 8th
} Nuno allowed a solo shot in the 9th

FOUR hits, all singles, nuf said

* the first TWO innings end in double-plays
* Brad with a fielding error

tweets of the game . . .

(I noticed that too and thought something was wrong with the gun)

oh, there was a little golf tournament held a few miles south . . .