g158 | Tai does what James and Felix couldn’t . . .

Well, at least this is more how we’re used to losing – ONE run games instead of blow outs but, wouldn’t you know, the M’s FINALLY get the great pitching to which they are accustomed (and from the rook, no less!) yet, they can’t eek across a single run. The post season math is getting hard . . .

Mariners 0 | Blue Jays 1

Tai was the total bright spot of the mostly putrid road trip and a real positive for the future . . .
EIGHT innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts 

Move along, nothing to see here . . .
THREE total hits, ONE double (Corey) and ONE walk (Zu – shock!)

ONE double -play turned (Robbie-to-Chris-to-Kendrys)

tweets of the game . . .


g138 | A very Happy Felix Day!

Mariners 2 | Athletics 1

Now THERE’s the Felix we know and love!
Not only his first win since Aug 11th but, he went EIGHT strong (in his last THREE starts he pitched only 17.2 innings and gave up TEN runs)

EIGHT innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Nando provided a quiver-less save – his 41st overall

Not a great volume of hits (8) BUT, what a ratio of EXTRA-BASE HITS (6)!
~ Robbie, Kyle and Chris T w/doubles
~ Kyle and Corey with back-to-back homers to take the lead (that would not be relinquished ) in the 7th

Strike ’em out, throw ’em out DP (Zu & Chris T) in the 5th nailed the A’s only lead-off batter that reached

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g106 | on the road again ~ and that’s a GOOD thing!

Mariners 5 | Indians 2

road sweet road






Kuma, Kuma, Kuma . . .
In the 1st, he uncharacteristically walked a batter and gave up a single but, was able to escape without damage. Then, he cruised through the next three innings, retiring the side in order in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th innings. The 5th was his only struggle and where he allowed both earned runs – on a couple of doubles and a single. He used 99 pitches to go SEVEN full and earn his 9th victory.
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

} Charlie and Yourvis combined for a ONE hit, scoreless 8th
} Nando’s arrow flew for the 29th time (with a couple of strikeouts on the way)

On the road again and wha-la! double-digit hits and more than TWO runs . . .
Not only that but, extra-bases galore!
~ Dustin apparently likes the lead-off spot = THREE hits, including a TWO-run double
~ Corey and Chris both had RBI doubles (scary moment for Chris in the 1st when he got hit in the hand – thankfully, he was OK)
~ Zu and LoMo were stranded after doubling (in the 2nd and 8th)
~ Zu and Kyle both with TWO hits – including a homer and a triple respectively


Nice to hear the Cleveland broadcasters gush about the M’s pitching AND DEE . . .
* LoMo with a nice diving catch and feed to Kuma at the 1B bag in the 6th
* Crazy, awesome catch by JJ to rob Swisher of an extra base hit in the 7th


tweets of the game . . .

g105 | another ONE-run loss . . .

Quite a series – sure woulda been nice to at least get the split. The first game of the series, Kuma had an unfortunately lapse in one inning (though since the offense failed to score – wouldn’t really have mattered) but, the next three games were each decided by ONE run, with only ONE of those in the W column.

Mariners 2 | Orioles 3 (10)






Roenis picked up where he left off after his last start . . .
After struggling mightily in his last three starts prior to the All Star break, he seems to have turned things around – with a nice outing vs the Mets and then here today vs the O’s. Roenis can’t quite get over that FIVE inning hump but, he cruised through the first TWO innings (striking out the side in order in the 1st) and then allowed THREE straight hits to lead off the 3rd:  a single, a double and an RBI single that tied the game but, was able to keep it tied by inducing a pop up AND a double-play to end the inning. Over his next innings, he allowed THREE walks and ONE hit but no more runs.
FIVE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Tom was terrific! TWO full innings with only ONE hit, NO runs and THREE strikeouts
} Brandon had his first real struggle since converting to a reliever. Ultimately, he struck out the side but, there was a double, a couple of walks (one intentional) and a bases-loaded single along the way to his first earned run as a reliever.
} Nando pitched a scoreless 9th in a tie game
} Yourvis had quite an inning – lead-off double and then TWO walks to load the bases. He also induced TWO pop-ups – unfortunately, there was a sac-fly in between them, that would ultimately be the winning run.

Finally, double-digit hits (BUT only 1 fer 7 w/RISP) . . . 
~ Kyle had a stinging line drive that stung a little TOO much, as Markakis was able to play if off the wall and throw a strike to 2B to nail Kyle trying to stretch it to a double (and get him by several strides a 2B). In his second AB he made the opposing pitcher work for NINE pitches before walking. Then, in rather ‘un-Kyle-like’ fashion, he struck out with TWO on, TWO out in the 7th and to lead-off the 10th.
~ Chris got his FIRST major league hit in his FIRST major league start (Thursday). Today his first major league RBI came in the form of his FIRST major league extra base hit (a double) in this his SECOND major league start. He also had a single in the 4th
~ Dustin and Zu both with THREE hits on the day – including Zu’s 8th inning homer to tie the game at 2

* Yowsa! And they say Corey can’t play the field – ‘t wasn’t real pretty but, what a catch to save a XBH!

* TWO nice DP’s (is there ever a bad one?) to end the O’s serious threat in the 3rd (they had already tied the game and had runners at the corners w/ONE out) and for the first TWO in the 9th
* Chris fielded a ground ball in the 8th with the bases-loaded and TWO out but his throw pulled Robbie off the bag and the go-ahead run (at the time) scored.
* JJ with a nice running catch for the second out in the 10th – unfortunately, the bases were loaded so the go-ahead run scored

tweets of the game . . . 

g99 | tonight, ‘t was the Mariners who were “amazing”

Mariners 5 | Mets 2






Roenis comes back firing . . .
it took him 90 pitches to get through 5+ (and, he left as a precaution – forearm cramps) but, he earns his first victory since June 22 (vs. Royals). Skip praised his command, his change up and poise.
FIVE.ONE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} Yes, Mr. Leone owes Mr. Ackley a steak dinner (see IN the FIELD for Ackley’s catch of Leone’s first pitch). He gave up a couple of hits but no runs
} Charlie got a couple of outs, including a strikeout
} Brandon continues to dazzle in his new role (has yet to give up a run in 14 innings) and went 1.1 tonight
} Danny made his first appearance since that epic battle in Anaheim on Friday – he posted a scoreless 9th

Willie was leading off and, apparently, for good reason . . .
THREE hits, TWO runs scored an RBI and a SB
~ Dustin also with THREE hits and an RBI
~ Kyle and Stefen each with TWO hits
~ Zu with a MAMMOTH home run to break the 1-1 tie in the 3rd
~ Willie, Robbie, Corey and Dustin all with doubles

Ack with a WEB GEM!!!!!
WHAT A CATCH – seriously robbing d’Arnaud of a home run! His glove was OVER the wall . . .

* Endy and James both with nice running catches
* Rare error by Robbie

tweets of the game . . . 


g98 | oh. so. close.

Mariners 5 | Angels 6

this close

I wasn’t able to see this one (as I was attending my fabulous father-in-law’s 90th birthday party!). Although I did hear the bottom of the 9th in the car on the way home 😦

‘t was a heart-breaker today but, to lose the first game in SIXTEEN innings, to win the second game in TWELVE innings and to have the third game come down to the 9th – I’d say the M’s are no longer looked upon as a ‘weak sister’ in the ALW (where they are 27-23)

As I’ve pointed out many times, the M’s play to the level of their competition like nobody’s business . . .
^ 28-18 vs .500 or better teams
^ 24-28 vs under .500 teams


Chris posted yet another QS, impressive considering the competition . . .
He threw a LOT of pitches and gave up a LOT of hits (including THREE doubles and TWO homers) but walked ZERO and was able to manage severe damage control. FIVE of his SEVEN strikeouts came in the first TWO innings
SIX innings ~ TEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} Yourvis pitched the 7th and recorded TWO strikeouts but also gave up a run to get the Halos one run closer at the time (5-4)
} In the 8th, Joe gave up a single and a fly out and Nando came in to get the final TWO outs. Unfortunately, he shot his arrow ONE inning too soon, as he would return for the 9th and . . . walk Trout, give up the game-tying double to Pujols, give up a single to Hamilton, IBB Kendrick and, AMAZINGLY, get Freese to GDIP (including an out at home of course) to extend the inning and the game. But then, after IBB’ing Navaro (Friday night’s 16th inning hero) Green would get a base hit – the game winner. And Nando would get the loss AND the blown save (his third).

Started out oh, so promising . . .
Kyle hit a TWO out solo homer in the first and then FOUR consecutive singles (Stefen, Justin, Corey, Dustin) scored TWO more giving the M’s the 3-0 lead in the 1st

Kudos to Halos pitcher Skaggs who really settled down, keeping the M’s off the board in innings 2-6. But, in the 7th, the M’s broke through again . . .
Zu collected a ONE out RBI double (scoring JJ, who pinch ran for Corey) and then Endy hit a TWO out single to score Zu

~ Willie was the only starter without at least ONE hit
~ Kyle and Zu both had TWO hits
~ RBI and runs were sprinkled nicely throughout the lineup

Since I didn’t see or hear (except the 9th) all I can say re: the DEE is . . .
what a double-play (the second of the game) in the bottom of the 9th!


tweets of the game . . . 


g94 | of Kuma K’s, Seager Believers and Robbie Clobbies . . .

four star

Before the game it was announced that the M’s would have a fourth representative at the 2014 All Star Game . . .

Fernando Rodney will help represent the M’s (along with Felix, Robbie and Kyle). He replaces David Price (who is pitching tomorrow, so would be unavailable). But, Nando is plenty deserving with his league leading 27 saves. And, it’s only right that the BEST BULLPEN IN BASEBALL has representation at the mid-summer classic.

Congrats to ALL of our ALL STARS – you make us PROUD!!!


Now back to the pretty awesome ALW showdown that was played tonight . . .

The Bear picked right back up where he left off vs. the Twins . . .
– He struck out the side in order in the 1st
– Gave up a couple of singles with ONE out and was able to strike out TWO more to end the 2nd
– Retired the side in order in the 3rd
– One aboard via an error, eventually erased on a nifty DP (see IN the FIELD) in the 4th
– Retired the side in order in the 5th
– Gave up a single in the 6th
– Retired the side in order in the 7th AND 8th
– Came ONE out away from a complete game but, allowed a lead-off single and then a TWO out homer
– lost the shut-out but, earned his EIGHTH victory
Another item worth pointing out . . .
the A’s lead the MAJORS in walks with 359 – Kuma walked ZERO
EIGHT.TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

~ The M’s went quietly in the 1st but, made Chavez work in the 2nd, after Kyle struck out, Corey doubled and Dustin singled him home for the M’s first run. Jesus struck out between walks by Brad and Endy and then JJ grounded out. Nice to see Dustin and Corey (who have been struggling mightily) contributing.
~ Brad was tossed in the 4th for arguing a strikeout call. I listening to the A’s broadcast here and there (via MLB At Bat) and it was kind of comical and very obvious that their announcers have NO love lost with the  home plate umpire tonight (Bob Davidson) as they went on and on about him, inferring that he’s just a bit egotistical (Willie took over at SS for Brad). Apparently, Keith Law doesn’t think too highly of him either . . .

~ Kyle showing his All-Star ways, drives Robbie home and follows right behind him via his 15th homer (13th at Home Sweet Safeco (to make it 3-0)
~ the 8th was pretty interesting as it played out . . . Willie singles and Jesus moves him along with a bunt (we finally have a bunter!) and then Endy singled and Willie was motoring – but, the single was fielded by Cesdepdes who has a rocket for an arm and he just nailed Willie at the plate (Lloyd challenged but, the call was upheld). But wait – there’s more! JJ walked and Robbie went Clobbie 🙂 (making it 6-0 at the time)

* Super Duper DP to end the top of the 4th – Kyle had to charge it but, was able to make a strong throw to Robbie who, of course, completes the turn to LoMo at 1B
* In the 8th, All-Star Kyle makes a fabulous over-the-bag snare and then an across-the-body throw to LoMo who digs it out (he’s been MORE than respectable at 1B) to get the speedy gentry for the third out.

tweets of the game . . . 


g42 | dang that ONE pitch, argh, those ONE run losses . . . .

Second straight one-run loss – in fact, the M’s last FIVE losses have been by a total of SEVEN runs.
That Dozier guy seems to be flying under the radar – he sure was the difference maker tonight.

Roenis pitched well – yes, he gave up a THREE run homer (to one of the league’s hottest hitters) . . .
but, the way he bounced back from that and retired the side in order in the next TWO innings showed poise beyond his years and experience. I think he’s a keeper . . .
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Yourvis posted a scoreless 8th and gave them a chance (once again) to come back

0-6 w/RISP tonight, 1-8 last night ~ including multiple times stranding a runner at 3rd with less than two outs ~ ain’t gonna get it done. Bats are streaky, as they’ve had good chunks of time when timely hitting was a strength.

James and Michael are working well at the top of the order and accounted for the only RBIs . . .
James with his first major league triple and Michael with his second homer of the season are two bats that have been hot lately

* no errors 🙂
* ONE DP (didn’t get to follow too much of the game so, not sure if there were any highlight plays)

tweets of the game . . .

g38 | FOURTEEN hits, TWENTY wins

And the hits just kept on comin’!

hit parade





Mariners 12 | Rays 5

Felix more Felix-like tonight, until the 7th, when he was thrown out (1st career ejection) . . .
He had scattered FOUR singles through SIX innings w/ZERO walks. Then came the 7th where the singles weren’t scattered but, back-to-back-to-back to load the bases. Then, Felix proceeded to strike out TWO but then, gave up a bases-clearing double on his 111th pitch and he was done – literally and figuratively (he was thrown out of the game due to some “words” he had for the umpire as he was coming out of the game). Not that Felix would use it as an excuse but, he had leads of 3-0, 8-0 and 9-0 ~ could be tough to stay loose in those  l  o  n  g   half innings  . . .
SIX.TWO innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} Tom came in and promptly allowed the inherited runner to score on a double but, got the next guy and then retired the side in order in the 8th (including TWO K’s)
} Yourvis got ONE of everything (inning, hit, earned run, walk, strikeout)

Back-to-back “yellow line” doubles in the 1st, sort of portended the final result . . .
~ Dustin and Brad were the only starters who went hitless (though Brad scored after reaching on an error)
~ Justin and Mike were the only starters with hits who had only ONE (but, BOTH were homers)
~ The rest of the line-up, each with multi-hit games (and each of those had at least ONE run or RBI)
~ Top ‘o the Order (James, Stefen, Robbie) SEVEN for THIRTEEN w/SEVEN runs scored and FIVE RBI
~ SIX extra-base hits (THREE homers: Justin, Mike and Stefen; THREE doubles: James, Robbie, Stefen)
~ Only THREE walks but TWO from Mike (who had only walked THREE times in 104 AB’s this season)
~ kudos to the TB starter, Ramos as he ended up staying thru SIX.TWO – truly taking one for  the team


* Only ONE double-play turned but, THANKFULLY, no errors tonight

* TB couldn’t say the same – they were charged with FOUR errors – all in the same inning)
* Some nice OF play (especially a sliding catch by James!)


tweets of the game . . .


g34 | ONE run on TWO hits in inning THREE


1.5 games back . . .

the bear




Mariners 1 | Royals 0

Kuma, The Bear, is BACK with a ROAR . . .
He had no Spring Training (due to the finger issue) and only one rehab start. His first start was so-so but, this one was arguably one of the best the M’s have had all season. Only 94 pitches and . . .
EIGHT innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} After a couple of 1-2-3 saves (and even a 1-2-3-4) Nando had our stomaches churning . . .
He walked the first batter, gave up a sac-bunt and walked the next batter. Lloyd sauntered out for a mound visit and after that came a strikeout and a ground out and then the arrow flew (10th save). Thank goodness Kuma’s stellar-ness was not wasted!

j  u  s  t   enough . . .
It’s certainly not everyday that the team with TWO hits beats the team with FOUR hits 😉
Not only that but, the TWO hits came in the same inning (the 3rd) and led to the solitary run . . .
Mike led off with a double, Michael moved him to 3B with a sac-bunt, Stefen struck out, Robbie was intentionally walked and Corey singled home Mike. wha!laa! Score 1-0 after the 3rd and that’s where it would stay.

* NO errors and MUCH crisper play tonight all ’round
* Robbie had a shoe string catch of a chopper and a scoop to Justin in the 3rd
* Nice diving snag of a low liner by Smoak for the first out of the 6th
* DP = Kyle-Robbie-Justin


tweets of the game . . .