g155 | series loss but . . . . Rauuuuuuul is indeed cool!

Mariners 5 | Angels 6

A rather Jekyll and Hyde night for Joe . . .
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ SIX earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ NINE strikeouts (125 pitches!)

} Good to see a clean inning, including a K, from Tom

The M’s out-hit the Halos (9 to 6) but just didn’t get enough across but, HUGE congrats to Rauuuuuuul !!!!
In the 9th inning, Raul got the M’s to within ONE run with his 29th homer of the year ~ which tied Ted Williams for most as a 41-year-old. It was all the 300th homer of Raul’s long, solid career.

No DP’s from either side (unfortunately, ONE steal ~ of home ~ for the Halos ~ and it was the difference of the game)

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g151 | I sense a pattern here ~ M’s stuck on TWO, Tigers adding on . . .

Mariners 2 | Tigers 6

Brandon with one of his best starts of the season . . .
He needs to gain efficiency, as it took him 86 pitches to get through FIVE innings but, considering the competition, this was an extremely encouraging outing for Brandon.
FIVE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

As for the bullpen . .  . blech!
the combination of Yoervis + Charlie + Carter = FOUR earned runs on FIVE hits and TWO walks. Bobby was the only effective one, striking out Fielder for the last out of the 8th

When your offense has FIVE extra base hits . . .
~ THREE doubles (Michael, Carlos, Kendrys)
~ ONE triple (Michael)
~ ONE home run (Raul’s 28th)
it SHOULD bode well. When they only have ONE other hit – it doesn’t 😦

NO DP’s, an error by Zunino, some lazy play and a bad throw – not exactly sterling today 😦

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g150 | dog, er . . . tiger, days

Mariners 2 | Tigers 4

Joe had an ominous start, allowing a couple of singles and a WP in the 1st for the Tigers first run . . .
he then settle down and cruised through the next FOUR innings (with the help of a couple double plays). But, with TWO outs in the 6th, he gave up a walk (to Miggy) and THREE straight singles for the Tigers next TWO runs and that would be that.
5.2 innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Tom was able to get that third out of the 6th right away but, allowed a run on a couple of singles in the 7th
} Ollie posted a clean inning but, ‘t was too little, too late for the O

Only SEVEN total hits  – TWO of the extra base variety – from the young and the old . . .
~ Abraham’s hot bat stays that way with TWO more hits, including his 2nd homer
~ Raul hit his 20th double

* Justin with a rare error
* Carlos, while he didn’t get any hits, filled in nicely for Brad at SS (including being in TWO of THREE double plays)

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g145 | b l o w n OUT

Mariners 2 | Astros 13

blown out






And so, for Joe, it turns out the first pitch of the ballgame was an omen of the evening. The solo shot in the first was followed by a an RBI double in the 2nd and THREE doubles, THREE steals and a single in the 3rd to score FOUR and that would be it . . .
THREE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ SIX earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ FIVE strikeouts

} wow – a night were Tom was the ONLY pitcher that DIDN’T give up a run (TWO full innings of hitless/scoreless ball, in fact)
} Carter, Chance and Luke combined to give up TEN hits, SEVEN runs, FIVE walks and SIX strikeouts in FOUR innings

~ For the THIRD night in-a-row, only FIVE hits and at least ONE error
~ Raul’s double was the only extra base knock

* Abraham with another error 😦
* ZERO double-plays turned
* Man – can (and do!) those Astros run!!! (FIVE stolen bases – THREE of which ended up scoring)


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g141 | spoilin’ the Rays

Mariners 6 | Rays 4

Definitely not one of Kuma’s stellar outings but, he kept ’em in it . . .
5.2 innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Yoervis bent, giving up a hit and a walk, but didn’t break in his 1.1. inning
} Ollie didn’t even record and out
} Carter got that rare distinction of the blown save AND the win for his ONE inning of work where he walked TWO and gave up TWO hits and a run
} Danny gave up a hit in the 9th but, recorded his THIRTEENTH save

Only EIGHT hits but nice that they were THREE for SEVEN w/RISP . . .
~ Justin with a TWO-run double
~ Nick and Kyle both with RBI singles in the same inning

And then there was Rauuuuuuul with his 27th homer (a solo shot) his second in as many games

* Nick and Guti both with steals
* Carter with a pick off (and Brad was picked off)
* Nice DP turned


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g140 | of strong starts, let downs, come backs and heartbreak . . .

Mariners 6 | Royals 7 (in 13)

Oh no, Joe your nemesis (the “big” inning) reared it’s ugly head again . . .
this time in the 5th when the Royals scored THREE to get to within ONE and then he was gone . . .
4.2 innings ~ ELEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Brandon wasn’t much help – giving up THREE runs of his own in his 1.1 inning of work
} Charlie and Luke were impressive through their FOUR innings, recording a combination of TWO hits, ONE run and FIVE strikeouts (with Tom in their for 1/3 – giving up a hit and recording an out)
} Chance look great for a time – retiring the first FIVE batters he faced (including TWO strikeouts). It was that FOURTH pitch to the FIRST batter of the THIRTEENTH inning that hurt 😦


ELEVEN hits and SIX runs is good, right? Yep, ‘cept when the other team gets NINETEEN hits and SEVEN runs 😦

extra-base hits galore . . .
~ Homers by Justin and Raul and
~ Doubles by Abraham, Dustin, Michael and Kyle

Sure started out great . . .
with THREE in the 1st and adding on in the 3rd and 4th and then tying it (via Raul’s homer) in the 9th to send it to extras – where they had their chances, just couldn’t get it done.

THREE double-plays turned and NONE turned against them


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g139 | Look, Ma . . . runs!

Mariners 6 | Royals 4

Taijuan got his second big league start . . . 
Pitched the same number of innings as his first (which, of course are being monitored closely), gave up double the hits and quadruple the runs (but then it was the Royals compared to the Astros). The good news is, he is getting invaluable experience and learning under his belt. Great to see him bounce back in the 5th ~ retiring the side in order ~ after his rough 4th inning where he gave up all FOUR runs . . .
FIVE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} the hitless/scoreless FOUR inning bullpen effort (Carter, Lucas and Danny) garnered a W for Lucas and an S for Danny (12th)

still only 2-12 w/RISP but, baby steps . . . 
ELEVEN total hits (including doubles by Kendrys, Nick, Raul and Justin) and the homer by Kendrys that broke the tie in the 9th and became the eventual game-winning hit.

* Nice base-running by Dustin, getting to 1B on a very close play and then taking 2B on a bad throw
* Guti was CS
* Zero DP’s for either side

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