g106 | Kuma and the solo shots!!!

Mariners 3 | Red Sox 1

solo shots

~ bad news: only FOUR hits
~ good news: THREE of them were homers

that’s Kuma “the Bear” we know and love!
SEVEN.ONE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

then Drew gave us all heart attacks when he relieved Kuma in the 7th . . .
first batter he faces singles, second pops up and the third L  O  N  G  fly out to Nori at the wall – whew!!!

Then Edwin made it interesting in the 9th . . .
he actually, shock, allowed a run – but, got it done in the end for his SECOND save in as many chances, preserving the well-deserved W for Kuma!

As mentioned at the top, only FOUR hits but THREE of them were homers . . .
All solo shots: Nellie, Zu and Adam
Anyone noticed Zu’s OPS??  1.190 (yeah, I know it’s a small sample size but, jiminey!!)

A couple of nice/timely catches in the OF . . . 
Seth with a basket catch at the wall in the 4th and Nori with a catch of a scary fly ball (w/two runners on) in the 8th

No DP’s turned by the M’s (one turned against them)

Robbie’s sick play to end the game

tweets of the game . . .

THIS. is AWESOME . . .



g97 | ‘t was a hit parade north of the border ~ whoa Nellie!

Mariners 14 | Blue Jays 5

hit parade

NINETEEN hits!!!


Kuma not super sharp but, with some nice adjustments and ending with a quality start . . . 
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ THREE strikeouts

Wade L w/his first career save and in the process gives the pen a rest . . .
THREE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TWO strikeouts


  • Every starter had at least ONE hit
  • SEVEN starters had multiple hits (including Nori, Robbie and Shawn w/THREE each)
  • Whoa, Nellie ~ TWO hits + BOTH homers + ONE a grand salami = SEVEN RBI
  • Kyle also with a homer (of the TWO run variety)


  • No DP’s turned (FOUR turned against them but, TWO of those scored runs)
  • A couple nice catches in the OF (including a nice throw by Nori that almost nailed a runner)

tweets of the game . . . 

g90-92 | Who’s your daddy?

Awesome outing from Kuma in the middle-game they won (and Steve earned his 22nd save) but, little else to write home about in this series 😦

Mariners 3 | Astros 7

Mariners 1 | Astros 0

Mariners 1 | Astros 8

tweets of the series . . . 

g82 | sweet sweep complete!

Mariners 9 | Orioles 4

four brooms

Pretty fun to be in attendance for the completion of a FOUR-game SWEEP!
Especially, when it was shared ❤

Not Kuma’s best effort but, thanks to the “bully and the O”, it was plenty good enough . . .
SIX innings ~ TEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ ONE strikeout

that bully of Edwin, Joaquin and Vidal combined for . . .
THREE innings ~ TWO hits ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

Another double-digit hit game including . . .
FIVE doubles (Ketel, Kyle, Robbie and Nellie) and THREE of them went back-to-back-to-back in the 7th (Nellie, Kyle and Adam)

Only ONE homer but, boy, was if memorable . . .
Seth’s FOURTH game in-a-row with a homer and this ONE counted for FOUR!
And, oh, by the way, it was his first career grand slam 🙂


  • Martin had a bit of an unusually rough day in center – an error and a couple of mis-cues but, not too concerned – he’ll learn from it.
  • No DP’s turned by either side

tweets of the game . . . 


g77-78 | split with Pit . . .

Mariners 5 | Pirates 2

Mariners 1 | Pirates 8

Thankfully, I attended the win and it was a beautiful night out for baseball!




Started in the upper deck . . . 


Stayed till sunset . . .


then ventured down . . . 

Kuma was the old Kuma . . .
SIX.TWO innints ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ FOUR strikeouts

Edwin and Steve took it the rest of the way . . .
allowing only combined hit. Steve recorded his EIGHTEENTH save, preserving Kuma’s SEVENTH victory.

The bats went batty!

  • TWELVE hits including TWO doubles (Ketel & Kyle) & a MONSTER 2-shot by Nellie
  • each starter except Guti and Chris had at least ONE hit
  • Guti had ONE of only TWO walks and scored
  • Robbie and Kyle each had THREE hits

Nice plays in the field . . .
Despite an error by Dae-Ho, TWO double plays and a nice OF assist from Leonys


Mariners Win!!!

And, we won’t talk about the next night 😦

g70-73 | spittin’ bristles in DEtroit . . .

I can’t even . . .


Mariners 7 | Tigers 8 (in 12)

Mariners 2 | Tigers 4

Mariners 1 | Tigers 5

Mariners 4 | Tigers 5 (in 10)

the story of this series was gettin’ ’em on, not gettin’ ’em in when it really counted . . .

and, to add insult to  injury . . .
So, Adrian Sampson, called up to replace Wade Miley (who went on the DL earlier this month) didn’t get to make his second major leagues start, he experienced issues in his warm up in Detroit and now, is scheduled for elbow surgery 😦

tweets of the series . . .

g67 | Guti, Guti ~ have a day!

starting fast and adding on . . .


Mariners 8 | Red Sox 4

Kuma solid, just shy of quality (one too many runs, though one more inning)
SEVEN innings ~ NINE hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ FOUR strikeouts

Bully nicely done . . . 
Dave Rollins back for a bit and Steve w/his SIXTEENTH save

M’s bats were none too kind vs. their old pal Elias . . .
~ especially Guti – SIX rbi in FOUR innings (TWO homers and a bases-clearing double)
~ nice patience throughout the line up (SIX walks)
~ Robbie w/his NINETEENTH homer (most ever as an AL 2nd baseman)

* TWO dp’s turned, both: Kyle-to-Robbie-to DaeHo
* Ketel with his 10th error 😦

tweets of the game . . . 



g61 | Rangers win the homer derby but, M’s take the game!

SEVEN, count ’em SEVEN home total home runs (and they say Safeco’s a pitcher’s park!)

Mariners 7 | Rangers 5


Rangers racked up FOUR to the M’s three but, when all was said and done, the Mariners emerged victorious. Having received a nice quality start from Kuma and TWO big blasts from DHL 🙂

Kuma was far from dominant but, was just good enough to get the job done . . .
Yes, the Rangers hit THREE homers against him but, all solo shots
SEVEN innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

Nick and Steve each allowed ONE run but, thanks to some wackiness in the 8th, no harm, no foul 😉 and Kuma earned his FIFTH victory, Steve his FOURTEENTH save

Only SEVEN total hits: FOUR singles, THREE homers (TWO by Dae-Ho, ONE by Kyle)

No highlight reel defense this game but, just good to know our CF is back!

tweets of the game . . . 

g54-56 | swept outta Arlington

that certainly didn’t go as planned or desired . . .

nobodys perfect

the first TWO games they were just out pitched (Karns and Walker w/season-worst starts) and out hit . . .

g54 Mariners 3 | Rangers 7

g55 Mariners 4 | Rangers 10

but, the third game was clearly a case of “where’s the DEE?” . . .

g56 Mariners 2 | Rangers 3

Kuma allowed a single to the first batter of the game and then proceeded to retire TWELVE straight. Unfortunately, he had to throw many extra pitches in the Rangers 5th where TWO of their THREE runs were UNearned (Sardinas and Romero each recorded key errors as well as UNrecorded faux paux that very likely made the difference between Kuma going NINE and getting a win and only going SEVEN and being tagged with the loss (Luis should have turned a DP to end the inning and later booted a ball, Romero also committed an error AND didn’t come up firing after fielding a fly ball, allowing the runner on 3B to score). Hurry back Ketel and Leonys!

tweets of the series . . .