g9 | spittin’ bristles in LA

Mariners 2 | Dodgers 5

Save for Nellie and the depleted yet, effective, bullpen, not a lot to write home about tonight.


Taijuan still struggling, mightily . . .
FOUR innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ THREE strikeouts
– Only ONE of the SIX hits was for extra-bases (but, it was a TWO-run double)
– TWO of the FOUR walks scored (as well as a HBP)

The bullpen was stupendous – gave them EVERY chance to come back . . .
} Tyler and Danny combined for FOUR scoreless innings allowing THREE hits and THREE walks and striking out FOUR

EIGHT total hits, only TWO for extra-bases . . . 
~ Nellie’s FIFTH straight game with a homer (SIXTH homer in FIVE games) was the highlight 🙂
~ Zu hit it hard in the once and the CF’er made a great play (in fact, a LOT of the Dodger fielders made great plays!). He then finally recorded his first hit of the series (a ground rule double) but, was erased when he was thrown out at home on a Justin single 😦

~ And then there was Robbie’s faux paux . . .

The defense was less than stellar tonight . . .
Nellie with an error in RF and overall, just not sharp (mentally AND physically)

tweets of the game . . .

g8 | that one hurt . . .

Mariners 5 | Dodgers 6


More homers (including Nelson’s FIFTH in FOUR games) can’t overcome strikeouts and pitching woes . . .

burlap tissue


Kuma was far from sharp – he threw a TON of pitches (95) and walked WAY too many (not his MO) . . .
FIVE innings ~ SIX hits ~ FOUR runs ~ THREE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Carson posted another “clean-sheet” in his ONE inning of work
} Charlie ran into a bit of trouble, allowing TWO hits without recording an out in the 7th
} Yoervis had a spectacular appearance in the 7th: came in with TWO on, NO out and recorded a strikeout AND a double-play! Then in the 8th: a couple of ground outs, a single and Zu nails a would-be 2B stealer (see IN the FIELD below)
} Nando blew his first save of the season when he allowed back-to-back singles to start the 9th. Then, it appeared they he may pull out a miracle when a fielder’s choice ended with tagging the runner at 3B out. But, what followed was the ultimate BAD FRE: a walk to load the bases and a single (by Howie Kendrick, who else?) that scored TWO. Dodgers win by ONE.

and the power surge continues!
~ back-to-back homers in the 1st for Robbie and Nellie made it 3-0 early

wait, there’s more! they can also play small ball . . .
~in the 4th, Willie was HBP, Kuma sacrificed him to 2B and he scored on Rickie’s RBI single
~in the 5th, the M’s loaded the bases via walks and Willie grounded out to score Nellie from 3B

but, the bad news is the TWELVE strikeouts . . .
~ including FOUR for Zu 😦

* nice play in the 5th blooper:  over Willie at 1B but, Robbie backing up and tossed easily to Kuma covering at the 1B
* Carson had to pitch to one more batter in the 6th after an errant throw (luckily, it only cost him a few pitches, no runs)
* great throw and catch/tag by Zu and Robbie respectively in the 8th to nail a would-be, base-stealer (but, he was initially called SAFE – Robbie immediately pointed to the dugout because he KNEW he’d tagged the runner on the shoulder before his foot hit the 2B bag:  played challenged, play over-turned)

tweets of the game . . . 

g7 | first TWO were charmed, third straight, extra-inning game not so much

For the third time in as many games, the M’s took the game to extras on the road. Unfortunately, third time was NOT the charm, despite an early 4-0 lead and hitting FOUR homers. Still a lot to be encouraged about: the power is coming alive from multiple bats, the DEE is still strong and I have a feeling the pitching will get stronger as we go along. Plus, the Dodgers are no weak sisters!

James had a bit of a rough go in the middle innings (to say the least) BUT, good to see him hang in and finish strong, retiring the last FOUR batters he faced . . .
SIX.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

Despite depletion (Tom on 15-day DL, Danny and Nando not available) the BP ALMOST muddled through . . .
} Charlie and Carson each got an out in the 7th
} Dominic (up to replace Tom) posted scoreless 8th and 9th but only recorded ONE out before loading the bases
} Tyler struck out the first batter he faced (Crawford) but then allowed the game-winning hit – valiant effort, good experience

bringing the BOOM – only ____ hits but, FOUR were homers . . .
~ Nellie with TWO (fourth, third in as many games)

~ Kyle with ONE (second)
~ Ack with ONE (third)
The bad news is the FIFTEEN K’s

* Kyle with an awesome diving stop and strong throw to 1B for the first out of the 2nd
* nice knee-high basket catch after coming in for the 8th
* smooth put out by LoMo to Dominic covering 1B for the second out of the 8th

tweets of the game . . .