g17| of fielding errors, pitchers walks and general yuckiness . . .

Mariners 5 | Twins 8


So, I wasn’t feeling well on Saturday and, needless to say, this game did nothing to improve my mental, physical or emotional condition 😦

The offense continues, for the most part to do what should be enough but the defense is totally breaking down which is not helping the already struggling starters not name Felix or Happ.

James didn’t get much help early from his defense. who played a big part in the Twins ability to score a run without the benefit of a hit in the 1st (though James’ TWO walks didn’t help matters either). After that, he retired SIX straight before the homer in the 4th but, another walk and an error and a hit in the 5th and that would be it for JP, who had thrown a TON (106) of pitches and ended up with a rather odd line . . .
FOUR.TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ FOUR runs ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

The bullpen didn’t fair any better . .
} Dom, Tyler and Yoervis combined for THREE innings ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout
} Lucas faired the best of the bunch (in his 2015 debut, called up when Kuma went on the DL) going TWO.ONE innings and allowing TWO walks and recording TWO strikeouts but ZERO hits or runs

Only EIGHT total hits from the offense but, considering that included FOUR doubles and a homer, should have been enough
The Good News . . .
~ Robbie extended his hitting streak to ELEVEN with a solid single in the 1st
~ ONE thru FOUR in the order went 7/17 with FOUR runs and FOUR RBI
The Bad News . . .
~ FIVE thru NINE in the order wnet 1/18 with ONE run and ONE RBI
~ Zu recorded TWO more strikeouts and LoMo continues to hit balls right at people

ugh! the errors and blunders are starting to mount . . .
* TWO errors (Kyle and AJ) in the 1st led to bases loaded with only ONE out
* Kyle had another error in the 5th that helped give the Twins the lead they would not reliquish

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g159 | salvaged and still breathing . . .

So, the M’s ACE and their Ace in-the-making lose BIG, the rook goes a stellar eight but loses and their only win in Toronto comes from the ‘bull-pen’ game – go figure.

still breathing







Mariners 7 | Blue Jays 5

This ‘bull pen’ start definitely wasn’t pretty but, the M’s will take the final result . . .
Tom “started” but only went 1.1 while giving up TWO earned runs. They proceeded to use EIGHT more pitchers, Danny the only one to go TWO innings. Joe also gave up TWO runs, they all combined for NINE strikeouts. Nando gave up ONE run but, shot the arrow for the 47th time this season.

The bat finally awoke! Of their TEN total hits, SEVEN were for extra-bases . . .
~ LoMo with TWO homers (FOUR rbi) and Zu with ONE
~ Brad with TWO doubles, Robbie and Kendrys each with ONE
~ Runs scored all through out the line up

THREE errors (Chris, Kendrys and Brad) but, thankfully didn’t factor in

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g154 | team meltdown . . .









Mariners 1 | Astros 10 

Mr Young’s struggled continued . . .
He gave up TWO 2-run homers in the 1st, an RBI double in the 2nd and back-to-back solo shots in the 4th which is when Lloyd finally made the switch . . .
THREE innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Erasmo came in to relieve Chris and basically cruised through the 4th, 5th and 6th allowing only a walk and a single and no runs. Then came the 7th – where a THREE-run homer sealed the deal for the ‘stros
} Lucas had mop up duty – retired the side in order in the 9th

Move along, nothing to see here but, ONE walk by Austin, who scored the only run on Robbie’s RBI hit . . .
Things looked good in the 4th with THREE straight singles and no outs – Chris T struckout and Austin grounded into a (controversial – out on interference) double play. Only THREE more scattered singles the rest of the way.

Only ONE double-play turned but, THREE turned against them

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g150 | of bad elbows, stellar relief and explosive OH

going batty






Mariners 13 | Angels 2

Roenis had a rough 1st inning . . .
when he hit the lead-off batter and gave up THREE straight singles for the Halos first TWO runs. He settled down in the 2nd and 3rd allowing only one over the minimum but, then in the 4th he gave up a single and had to leave the game with an injury mid-way through the next AB 😦
THREE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ ONE strikeout

the bullpen, called into early duty and they could not have performed better = SIX scoreless . . .
} Carson continues to impress – he threw TWO complete w/ONE walk and ONE strikeout to earn his first major league victory!
} Brandon, Tom, Joe and Lucas each threw ONE inning, Joe gave up the only hit in relief

Well, well, well! What do we have here?!? RUNS, RUNS, RUNS, and lots of fun with numbers – that’s what we have here!
~ SIX doubles (Ack, LoMo, Kendrys, Chris T and Zu)
~ THREE of the SIX doubles were in the 5th inning and drove in runs (Zu, Chris, Ack)
~ Every starter with at least ONE hit
~ Kyle, Kendrys, Chris T and Zu all with TWO
~ Runs and RBI’s nicely scattered throughout the lineup
~ ZERO homers

* Joe with a throwing error
* Nice DP turned to end the 1st w/runners on
* Zu threw out Hamilton trying to steal 2B
* Gotta love Zu’s ‘wiser than his years’ handling of Roenis. Apparently he let Skip know that something didn’t seem quite right fairly early on so, they were watching him close and sure enough (unfortunately) he had to come out of the game (elbow MRI coming tomorrow)

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g149 | what happened to our Road Warriors?

Mariners 1 | Angels 8


They say, all good things must come to an end unfortunately it also coincided w/Kuma’s troubles of late . . .
He retired the first EIGHT men he faced (including FOUR via K) but, once he allowed that TWO-out walk, Kuma wasn’t able to recover. He allowed a single and another walk, then the dagger was the SEVEN-pitch AB to Pujols who doubled and cleared the bases (then another double scored him and in seemingly a blink – it was FOUR-zip)
THREE.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ SEVEN earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR earned runs

} the bright side, was the pen of Dom, Lucas, Erasmo (!) and Yourvis combined for . . .
FOUR.TWO innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ TWO strikeouts

Only SIX hits . . .
~ TWO for extra bases (LoMo and Robbie doubled)
~ the lone run came via a Humberto ground out that scored LoMo

ZERO DP’s turned (TWO turned against them) and Robbie with a rare error

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g142 | bookend losses, middle-trip wins . . .

Despite the loss today (another of the ONE run variety), the M’s still prove to be ROAD WARRIORS . . .
losing the first game to the A’s and the last game to the Rangers but, coming away with a 5-2 road trip.







Mariners 0 | Rangers 1

James with another nice outing – SIX of his EIGHT starts have been of the “quality” variety . . .
SIX innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Dom, Lucas and Tai each recorded an out in the 8th, retiring the Rangers in order
} Tai went on to pitch the complete 8th, giving up a triple to the second batter but, a sharp ground out to Kyle and a strikeout and he escaped trouble.

M’s outhit the Rangers by a couple (8-6) but, fell short in the run department . . .
~ First time the M’s have been shutout in Arlington since September of 1991
~ Austin and Robbie both with TWO hits
~ Kendrys and Jesus each with a double
~ Kyle and Corey with the other hits
Gotta tip the cap to Holland, Tolleson and Feliz (who the M’s have STILL NEVER scored upon)

* interesting bottom of the 3rd when the Rangers ran into THREE outs . . .
a DP caught the lead runner between 2B and 3B and, for some inexplicable reason, the runner at 1B kept going and was tagged out at 2B. Martin then singled on a bunt but during the next AB, he made the mistake of trying to steal and was easily thrown out by Jesus

* even MORE interesting . . .
Danny pinch ran for Kendrys with ONE out in the 9th and got to 3B on a single by Kyle but, was stranded there when James popped up to shallow left and Justin flied out to deep left

* M’s recorded TWO double-plays, to the Rangers ZERO
* But, they also had RARE errors from both Robbie and Jesus

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g136 | oy . . .

::: The good news: M’s pitching held the A’s to ONE run over 7.1 innings 🙂
::: The bad news: the A’s scored FIVE runs in the first .2 innings 😦

To say it wasn’t Chris’s day (again) is a bit of an understatement . . .
This was the shortest outing of his career (which was preceded by another very short outing)
.TWO inning ~ FOUR hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ZERO strikeouts

Here’s hoping the M’s starting staff, in general, can pick it up in the coming days and weeks – TOO MANY short outings of late.

The bright spot of the day was Taijuan’s outing of long relief . . .
at one point, he retired TEN straight and he through 89 pitches – 61 for strikes!
SIX innings ~ SIX hits (ONE double, the rest singles) ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Joe and Carson (major league debut) finished off the 8th (which, unfortunately, was the A’s final inning) by retiring the side in order.

Not much to see here . . .
I mean REALLY not much to see here . . .
Brad hit a solo shot – which accounted for ONE THIRD of the M’s hits (Kyle and Endy each hit singles). They actually had more walks (5) than hits (when does THAT ever happen?)

Only turned ONE DP and Zu had a PB

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g92 | not lack of hits, lack of hits that count

Once again, the M’s outhit the Twins 12-9
Once again, the M’s lose to the Twins

As mentioned earlier in the season, M’s MO seems to be playing to the level of their competition . . .

  • 23-14 vs. teams OVER .500
  • 26-29 vs. teams UNDER .500

So, bring on the A’s!!!

So, the much talked about “bullpen day” has come and gone . . .
Tom (Tall Tom from Tucson, as Rick would say) gave up a walk in the 1st but, otherwise cruised through the first two innings. Then came the 3rd – a walk, a single, a double steal and a rare throwing error by Mike allows one runner to score and the other to advance to 3B (and subsequently score on a sac-fly). Tom used 53 pitches but, couldn’t get that third out in the 3rd (though it wasn’t all his fault) . . .
TWO.TWO innings ~ ONE hit ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Danny wasn’t too sharp – he got the last out of the 3rd, pitched a scoreless 5th and gave up a couple of 2-out singles before being replace by Joe who promptly gave up a 2-run double to Morales. Since the runners were inherited, Joe’s scoreless innings streak remained in tact (NINETEEN innings now) – something I’m on record as saying is not fairly credited (or debited 😉 )  – still say they should “share” the earned runs – one guy let them get on, the other let them score)

} Dom, Charlie and Lucas – performed as we are accustomed THREE innings of scoreless ball

~ Bases loaded TWICE and nothing to show for it :/
~ Hitters 1-4 had NINE of the TWELVE hits
~ Only ONE of the TWELVE hits was for extra bases (Kyle’s solo shot in the 3rd)
~ JJ was involved in TWO replay reviews: both overturned in Twins favor (pick off at 1B and 3B sac fly)
~ Hey, they were 1-3 w/RISP :/
~ LoMo with a couple of at ’em balls tonight – seriously, they are BOUND to start dropping
~ Michael was lifted in the middle of an AB in the 8th with a back issue 😦 (Dustin inherited TWO strikes and got the third on the first pitch he saw)

the Condor making some nice catches in the OF and nearly took out Robbie in shallow right . . .

A nice DP and a couple of “Robbie’s” but also, the fateful throwing error by Zu and a mis-play by JJ that allowed TWO runs to score

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g24 | lights out ‘pen + come-back bats = SERIES WIN!!!

Great way to end the home stand!
An exciting come-from-behind win against a division rival and a series win! (and no drama in the 9th 😉 )

lights out







Mariners 6 | Rangers 5

After a decent season debut in Miami, Brandon imploded vs. the Rangers at Safeco . . .
It started out well, as he retired the side in order in the 1st but, the Rangers got TWO in the 2nd  on a double and a couple of singles. Then, he couldn’t get out of the 4th as they scored another THREE runs off him via a single, double, single, stolen base, double . . .
THREE.TWO innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Lucas came in with ONE out in the 4th and eventually stopped the bleeding but, not before giving up a wild pitch (that thankfully only advance a runner to 3B, not home) and a walk.
} Lucas pitched another full inning, as did each of Charlie, Tom and Danny combining for a fab day . . .
FOUR.ONE innings ~ ONE hit ~ ZERO runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} I’ll admit to feeling more than a little trepidation when Fernando took the mound with a ONE run lead in the 9th (given some of his recent outings) but, no sweat. He went right after them and recorded his first 1-2-3 save as a Mariner 🙂 (including TWO strikeouts)

Cap tippin’ time for Matt Harrison who appears to have picked up right where he left off vs. the M’s since his multiple surgeries as the M’s didn’t have their first base-runner until Michael led off the 4th with a walk (but, was erased on a force out the next play). M’s got their first run on a ONE out RBI double by Robbie in the 4th.

Robbie scored the M’s second run in the 6th on ~ you guessed it ~ a wild pitch (I think this series must be some sort of record with runs scored via WPs)

And then, the Simply Seager Show began . . .
Kyle led off the 7th with a home run and then, in the 8th, after Justin doubled with TWO out and Dustin hit a pinch-hit infield single, Kyle launched a THREE-run shot giving the M’s a ONE run lead they would not relinquish. Oh by the way – that’s Kyle’s FIFTH homer and SECOND multi-homer game in FOUR games – I’d say he’s had quite the home stand 🙂

* Cole made an outstanding catch in LF, robbing Rios of at least a double
* Stefen committed his first error of the season
* Justin made another great diving play (though this one only resulted in ONE out)

tweets of the game . . . 


g11 | tiring of the cap tippin’

cap tip








The A’s just keep coming and coming with spectacular pitching (haven’t seemed to skip a beat, even with their injuries) and their defense was more to form today and yesterday than in that first wacky game. Despite losing 2 of 3 in BOTH series, the M’s have played the A’s close (over all run differential 14-16, compared to domination over the Angels 31-13). So, hopefully, the fact that the M’s were the last in the majors to lose back-to-back games is more about the A’s stellar pitching than the M’s recent bat struggles.

At least the M’s don’t face the A’s again till early May ~ maybe by then the bats can figure something out 🙂

Mariners 0 | Athletics 3

It didn’t result in a win but, Chris Young had a nice outing (granted, backed up by his OF DEE) . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO runs ~ THREE walks ~ TWO strikeouts
(considering it was his first big league start in nearly TWO years, not too shabby!)

Pretty sad . . . .
Robbie had TWO of the THREE total M’s hits, Brad had the other

Only the second game without an extra base hit . . .
M’s are 0-5 in games without a home run and 0-5 in games with two or less extra base hits

* Cespedes had a dropped fly but, other than that, the DEE was pretty stellar on BOTH sides
* Lots of long fly balls at the wall, Smoaky with his usual GG worthy DEE and Willie with a nice diving catch in LF

tweets of the game . . .