g137 | s w e e p !

Mariners 3 | Athletics 2


not only that BUT, FIVE in-A-row!!!!!

Kuma, being “the Bear” we all know and love . . .
He was cruisin’ but, then gave up a homer and a single in the 7th so was pulled after only 79 pitches – but, gave them the chance to win and earn his well deserved 7th victory . . .
SIX.ONE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE run ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

the bully bent but did not break . . .
} Vidal allowed a hit to the only batter he faced and Tony had to get the somewhat elusive remaining TWO outs of the 7th
} Logan gave up the only other A’s run and got TWO outs in the the 8th and The Bartender continued his nice run, by earning a FIVE out save (his TENTH)

Only EIGHT total runs (and only ONE for extra bases – Mark’s double) but . . .
singles, stolen bases, wild pitches and sac flys were enough
(the base-running, despite Ketel’s SB, was more than questionable 😦 )

* No DP’s but ONE turned against them
* Brad with a leaping snare of a smash liner
* Sean with a great running catch

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g136 | So far, so good in September

Mariners 8 | Athletics 3

sweet sept

FOUR games, FOUR victories

Felix more than fine with a little extra rest . . .
EIGHT innings ~ SIX hits ~ THREE runs/earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ NINE strikeouts

} Joe allows a hit but then induces a nice DP and then a pop-up to end the game and preserve Felix’s SIXTEENTH win

Sean just keeps on truckin’ . . . 
TWO for TWO (including his FIRST big league homer!) with TWO runs scored, an RBI and TWO walks

~ Ketel, Kyle, Seth and Brad were the others with multi-hit games
~ LoMo only had ONE hit but, it was a biggie – a TWO-run shot (also had another RBI)

* TWO double-plays
* Ketel continues to shine at SS

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g135 | down early, up late

Mariners 11 | Athletics 8


Well, not exactly what you drew up for Edgar . . .
ONE.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE runs ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ ZERO strikeouts

the pen (and when I say ‘pen, I’m talking nearly the ENTIRE bullpen) was stellar then bad then so-so, then stellar again . . .
} Jose went ONE.TWO hitless, scoreless (and ultimately would get the WIN)
} Tony and Mayckol combined for THREE innings and THREE runs
} Logan, Vidal, Carson and Tom combined for THREE innings w/FOUR hits and ZERO runs (Tom earned his NINTH save)

THIRTEEN hits, SIX for extra-bases . . . not too shabby!
~ Kyle, Stefen and LoMo all with multi-hit, multi-RBI nights
~ Ketel, Kyle, Stefen all with multi-hit. multi-run nights
~ Brad with only ONE hit but THREE RBI

* John with a nice caught stealing of Burns – TWICE!
* TWO dp’s turned

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g133 | see-saw in Houston ends on the up end

Mariners 7 | Astros 5


Not Roenis’ best effort (too many balls and too many pitches) but, he hung in  . . .
FIVE.ONE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ FOUR runs ~ FOUR walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

on the other hand, NICE bullpen tonight!
Mayckol gave up a couple of hits and a run but, the rest of the pen (Logan, Carson and Tom) combined for TWO hits ZERO runs and ZERO walks with FOUR strikeouts. Bartender earned his SEVENTH save and Logan is FIRST win (since 2009)

NINE total hits, THREE for extra-bases . . .
~ Guti, Mark and LoMo w/homers (Mark and LoMo’s were both TWO-run shots, LoMo’s a PH GW!)
~ Seth with a triple
~ Kyle and John (!) each with a stolen base, Robbie got caught
~ Guti on fire! besides the homer he walked and scored in Brad’s single and singled and scored on Mark’s homer

Not such a stellar defensive effort . . .
* John and Brad each with throwing errors
* No DPs turned but, TWO turned agains them

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g122-124 | woeful series w/the pale hose . . .

A couple of things that are abundantly clear (though may get a bit lost among the bullpen blow ups and the offensive woes):
~ Much as I love Crazy Legs, have to admit that Ketel is making a great case to be the shortstop of the future – awed by his defense and not too shabby as the lead-off guy
~ Nelson is on FIRE
~ Guti, when in, has also been smokin’ hot
~ Robbie and AJ aren’t doing too bad either
~ the bullpen CAN be lights out but, is usually the opposite

the future is now

Mariners 4 | White Sox 11
‘t wasn’t a very Happy Felix Day . . .
far from his worst outing and, he did give them a chance (which Nando, Dave and Rob did NOT) but, not near what we expect from Felix. As for the bats, the power was there (two homers: Mark and Nellie, a double: Ketel) but, as per usual, the production w/RISP was not.

Mariners 3 | White Sox 6
Really too bad for Vidal . . .
as he pitched really well, allowing only ONE run through his SIX.TWO innings (a solo shot in the 2nd) but, as has been the story more often than not of late – the bullpen (specifically Danny and Carson) melted down, allowing a combined FIVE runs in the 9th (that tied the game) and the 10th (that won the game for the Sox)

Mariners 8 | White Sox 6
Hey, look, a win!!!
A great first FIVE innings for Tai but, then he fell apart a bit in the 6th when he allowed two singles, a double, a homer and FOUR runs (one, an inherited runner that Kensing allowed to score) and Seattle’s lead went from 7-1 to 7-6. Thankfully, the M’s picked up an “insurance run in the 8th and were able to hold on the the 8-6 score as the bullpen of Carson and Tom actually did their job well.

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g114 | scoring early, scoring late . . .

Mariners 6 | Orioles 5 (in 10)

early and late

Tai was not very efficient (110 pitches) but pretty effective . . . 
He had a shaky start, giving up THREE of his FIVE hits, the walk and BOTH runs in the 1st – then Tai settled down, at one point retiring ELEVEN in-a-row
SIX innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO runs/earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

The first half of the bully, unfortunately, was NOT as effective . . .
}Tom gave up a TWO-run homer in the 7th and Joe a solo shot (to tie it) in the 8th

The second half of the bully ~ yowsa, back to form!
} Carson (9th) and Nando (10th) combined for TWO.TWO hitless, scoreless innings – Nando with the win

THIRTEEN total hits ~ FOUR for extra-bases . . . 
~ Nellie didn’t waste any time extending his hitting streak to TWENTY-ONE w/his 34th homer in the 1st
~ Mark added a 3-run TRUM-BOMB in the same inning to give the M’s the 4-2 lead
~ Robbie and Seth combined to go 5/8 each with a run scored and Robbie also walked
~ Brad had a THREE hit night with a walk and a run scored
~ Kyle with a sac-fly that scored Brad in the 2nd
~ and AJ was the hero of the night with the game-winning RBI in the 10th scoring LoMo

No DP’s for either side, the O’s committed TWO errors (but neither resulted in a run)

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