g106 | KKKKKKKKuma and the late inning bats!

Mariners 4 | Twins 1 (in 11)


Coming into this game, The Bear hadn’t allowed a run to the Twins in 33+ innings . . . 
he added another EIGHT and ONE THIRD innings before giving up a solo shot w/ONE out in the 9th
Sucks that Kuma didn’t get the win but, the team will take W’s any way they can right now!
EIGHT.TWO innings ~ THREE hits ~ ONE run/earned run ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts

Look Ma, an effective, efficient bullpen performance! (that’s EEBP for short 😉 )
} Carson gets a bit of redemption after yesterday’s blown save, striking out the only batter he faced
} Nando wasn’t quite as lights out as yesterday (walked the lead-off batter) but, retired the next THREE in order
} Tommy allowed a lead-off double but then, was able to retire the next THREE in order  and record his second save

Not a lot of scoring, by either side, given they BOTH scored their FIRST runs in the 9th on solo shots . . .
~ The M’s homer? Who else? Nellie! (29th)
~ the only other extra base hit – Jesus M’s double
~ LoMo had a pinch-hit RBI single in the top of the 11th

~ AJ added some 11th inning insurance: a TWO-run single
~ How ’bout that Ketel Marte?!? The rookie got his FIRST major league hit, went 3/4 with a run scored and a walk

* No DP’s turned (but, TWO turned against them 😦 )
* Kyle with a GREAT diving stop and throw to 1B for the out

* AJ with a NICE catch at the WALL to rob an extra-base hit
* Kuma with a “defensive” defensive move . . . .

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g104 | of cool pitching and hot hitting

Mariners 6 | Twins 1

frozen baseball

Well, way to finally give the BP a rest ~ Tai ain’t messin’ ’round . . . .
NINE innings ~ ONE hit ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ ELEVEN strikeouts

hot bats

The only TWO guys to not get a hit, still contributed: Ketel walked and scored (in his major league debut) and Brad hit TWO sac flies

~ Nellie is on FIRE: 4/5 including a double and his 27th homer
~ Mark with another TWO hits and TWO RBI
~ AJ and Jesus also with TWO-hit games each with an RBI (Jesus, his first homer of the season)
~ Zu extended his hitting streak to TEN games

* Brad had an error
* Jesus seeming serviceable at 1B: NINE put outs (filling in while LoMo is day-to-day)
* Ketel only had THREE put outs: usually, they didn’t find the “new” guy early – two in the 8th, one in the 9th (filling in while Robbie is day-to-day)

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g18 | either: O – (P+D) = L ~or~ (P+D) – O = L

Mariners 2 | Twins 4 

disjointed 2
Seems the theme of the season is . . .
~ when the M’s get pitching and defense, they get NO hitting
~ when the M’s get hitting, they get NO pitching OR defense

WAY past time to get it all together! Here’s to a successful road trip


Roenis’ first start (called up due to Kuma’s DL stint: grade1 lat strain, out 2-4 weeks) was,  a l m o s t  a QS. He had runners on base in every inning but the 5th but, was able to get out of jam after jam. And, according to Lloyd (who was ejected) and the numerous “umps in the stands”, it should have been MUCH better 😉
FIVE.TWO innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

The bully got a work out today . . .
} Carson, Tyler, Danny, Nando combined for THREE.ONE innings, giving up only TWO hits and TWO walks and ZERO runs
} Tyler posted a 1-2-3 10th but lost it with a walk, a bunt, an IBB and a TWO-run triple

XBH were once again plentiful (THREE doubles and a homer). Alas, OH fer TWELVE w/RISP and they stranded a runner at 3B in FOUR different innings (TWICE w/less than TWO outs)
~ Robbie breaks his ELEVEN game hitting streak
~ Seth with his first homer as a Mariner and, there was NO doubt about it . . .

Well .  . .
* at lease no errors today but, a few less than stellar attempts in the OF
* nice Strike-em-Out, Throw-em-Out DP to end the 3rd

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g17| of fielding errors, pitchers walks and general yuckiness . . .

Mariners 5 | Twins 8


So, I wasn’t feeling well on Saturday and, needless to say, this game did nothing to improve my mental, physical or emotional condition 😦

The offense continues, for the most part to do what should be enough but the defense is totally breaking down which is not helping the already struggling starters not name Felix or Happ.

James didn’t get much help early from his defense. who played a big part in the Twins ability to score a run without the benefit of a hit in the 1st (though James’ TWO walks didn’t help matters either). After that, he retired SIX straight before the homer in the 4th but, another walk and an error and a hit in the 5th and that would be it for JP, who had thrown a TON (106) of pitches and ended up with a rather odd line . . .
FOUR.TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ FOUR runs ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

The bullpen didn’t fair any better . .
} Dom, Tyler and Yoervis combined for THREE innings ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ ONE strikeout
} Lucas faired the best of the bunch (in his 2015 debut, called up when Kuma went on the DL) going TWO.ONE innings and allowing TWO walks and recording TWO strikeouts but ZERO hits or runs

Only EIGHT total hits from the offense but, considering that included FOUR doubles and a homer, should have been enough
The Good News . . .
~ Robbie extended his hitting streak to ELEVEN with a solid single in the 1st
~ ONE thru FOUR in the order went 7/17 with FOUR runs and FOUR RBI
The Bad News . . .
~ FIVE thru NINE in the order wnet 1/18 with ONE run and ONE RBI
~ Zu recorded TWO more strikeouts and LoMo continues to hit balls right at people

ugh! the errors and blunders are starting to mount . . .
* TWO errors (Kyle and AJ) in the 1st led to bases loaded with only ONE out
* Kyle had another error in the 5th that helped give the Twins the lead they would not reliquish

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g16 | The King . . . of efficiency (and, Seattle!)

King Felix . . .
NINE innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ NINE strikeouts
bullpen needed that!
nuf said.

~ Only SIX total hits (and a LOT of line drive outs – not just by LoMo 😉 )
~ THREE for extra-bases, including Nellie’s NINTH homer  & LoMo’s FIRST (in fact, his FIRST XBH) and Kyle’s FOURTH double
~ ZERO walks (and Felix didn’t allow one either – seems rather rare to have NO walks in the ENTIRE game!)

Brad had an error but, LoMo had the PLAY of the GAME . . .

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g92 | not lack of hits, lack of hits that count

Once again, the M’s outhit the Twins 12-9
Once again, the M’s lose to the Twins

As mentioned earlier in the season, M’s MO seems to be playing to the level of their competition . . .

  • 23-14 vs. teams OVER .500
  • 26-29 vs. teams UNDER .500

So, bring on the A’s!!!

So, the much talked about “bullpen day” has come and gone . . .
Tom (Tall Tom from Tucson, as Rick would say) gave up a walk in the 1st but, otherwise cruised through the first two innings. Then came the 3rd – a walk, a single, a double steal and a rare throwing error by Mike allows one runner to score and the other to advance to 3B (and subsequently score on a sac-fly). Tom used 53 pitches but, couldn’t get that third out in the 3rd (though it wasn’t all his fault) . . .
TWO.TWO innings ~ ONE hit ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Danny wasn’t too sharp – he got the last out of the 3rd, pitched a scoreless 5th and gave up a couple of 2-out singles before being replace by Joe who promptly gave up a 2-run double to Morales. Since the runners were inherited, Joe’s scoreless innings streak remained in tact (NINETEEN innings now) – something I’m on record as saying is not fairly credited (or debited 😉 )  – still say they should “share” the earned runs – one guy let them get on, the other let them score)

} Dom, Charlie and Lucas – performed as we are accustomed THREE innings of scoreless ball

~ Bases loaded TWICE and nothing to show for it :/
~ Hitters 1-4 had NINE of the TWELVE hits
~ Only ONE of the TWELVE hits was for extra bases (Kyle’s solo shot in the 3rd)
~ JJ was involved in TWO replay reviews: both overturned in Twins favor (pick off at 1B and 3B sac fly)
~ Hey, they were 1-3 w/RISP :/
~ LoMo with a couple of at ’em balls tonight – seriously, they are BOUND to start dropping
~ Michael was lifted in the middle of an AB in the 8th with a back issue 😦 (Dustin inherited TWO strikes and got the third on the first pitch he saw)

the Condor making some nice catches in the OF and nearly took out Robbie in shallow right . . .

A nice DP and a couple of “Robbie’s” but also, the fateful throwing error by Zu and a mis-play by JJ that allowed TWO runs to score

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g91 | of rookie struggles and non-clutch bats . . .

To say it wasn’t Roenis’ night is a bit of an understatement . . .
He gave up SEVEN TIMES as many hits AND runs in his 3.1 innings as the bully did in their 5.2
On the broadcast, the camera caught Felix, Roenis and Lloyd deep in conversation in the dugout. Shannon said she asked Felix about the conversation, was he just interpreting? Apparently not, Felix told her that he reminded Roenis that you learn more from your bad games than your good games 🙂
THREE.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ SEVEN runs ~ SIX earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Stephen (just activated!), Dom and Brandon combined for a stellar FIVE.TWO innings allowing only ONE run on TWO hits and striking out SIX

The M’s actually out hit the Twins 12-9 . . .
though Robbie’s double was their only EBH (compared to the Twins FOUR doubles – all off Roenis)
~ Batters 1-4 had EIGHT hits, unfortunately that whole RISP is still a bit of an issue
~ And, only ONE walk (after ZERO yesterday)

I remember when the Twins were known for their fundamental DEE – not sure if that’s still a general impression but, they sure looked beyond fundamental in the field tonight.
* Brad with a nice little low pick and flip to Robbie in the 4th
* Kyle with a nice snare of a grounder to start a DP that ended the top of the 5th
* LoMo with a very unfortunate error that led to a couple of runs and, for all intents and purposes, put things out of reach

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g90 | no ground lost but, could have gained . . .

Pretty Even Steven ‘cept for the final score . . .

  • EIGHT hits apiece
  • TWO DP’s turned by each
  • Good starters, stellar pens
  • M’s were oh fer FOUR, yet the Twins were oh fer NINE – and they won – go figure :/

Mariners 0 | Twins 2

frozen bats

Mr. Young turned in another stellar start – as most would take  this from their 3rd/4th starter . . .
SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts

} Yourvis gave up an inherited runner in the 8th and Joe had to get out of a jam (couple of singles and a walk)

~ Only ONE extra base hit – LoMo’s double
~ Batters 1-6 account for all EIGHT hits
~ Batters 7, 8, 9 were 0-9 w/FOUR strikeouts
~ Maybe the most telling stat over the past few games is the lack of walks – ZERO tonight

* FOUR DP’s total and what seemed like lots of at ’em balls
* Wouldn’t ya know, Fuld would return Michael’s favor tonight

tweets of the game . . .