g90-92 | Who’s your daddy?

Awesome outing from Kuma in the middle-game they won (and Steve earned his 22nd save) but, little else to write home about in this series 😦

Mariners 3 | Astros 7

Mariners 1 | Astros 0

Mariners 1 | Astros 8

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g83-85 | home sweepers to road sweepees

Mariners 1 | Astros 2
yet another ONE-run loss, Wade M threw a nice quality+ start but, McCullers all but shut down the M’s bat and oh, the wasted chances (lead-off triple in the first that doesn’t score and bases-loaded with no outs = no runs)

Mariners 2 | Astros 5
Tai had to come out of the game due to his previous foot injury, Monty filled in great but, bats were fairly non-existance

Mariners 8 | Astros 9
heart-breaker, down early, tied middle then a roller coaster till the bitter end

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g80 | Wade and the Big Bats . . .

oh, and that Edwin guy, and that Steve guy – they’re pretty special too 🙂

Mariners 5 | Orioles 2

big bat

Hey there, the “other Wade” is fitting in quite nicely!
his second QUALITY start as a Mariner in as many tries
(and BOTH of them vs. great hitting teams) and he gave all props to Chris
SIX innings ~ THREE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ FIVE strikeouts

the bully was even more spectacular!
Monty, Edwin and Steve (20th save!) combined for . . .
THREE innings ~ ONE hit ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SIX Ks

Double-digit hits again 🙂
TWO doubles (Dae-Ho and Nellie)
THREE homers (Seth-again!, Kyle, Dae-Ho) TWO of them w/runners on

tweets of the game . . . 


g75| lookie here, a series win!

Mariners 5 | Cardinals 4

Home stand off to a good start, baby steps . . .

baby steps


Nathan retired EIGHT straight to start the game . . .
then allowed a run w/TWO out in the 3rd and a THREE-run shot in the 5th (he just can’t seem to get over that 5th inning hump) but, tonight it was enough for the W . . .
FIVE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ THREE strikeouts

TEN hits ~ all singles ~ FOUR walks
~ Leonys, Robbie and Adam all with multiple hits
~ Dae-Ho w/TWO RBI
~ Nellie, Kyle and Adam each w/ONE


Kyle again flashing the leather . . .



tweets of the game . . .

g70-73 | spittin’ bristles in DEtroit . . .

I can’t even . . .


Mariners 7 | Tigers 8 (in 12)

Mariners 2 | Tigers 4

Mariners 1 | Tigers 5

Mariners 4 | Tigers 5 (in 10)

the story of this series was gettin’ ’em on, not gettin’ ’em in when it really counted . . .

and, to add insult to  injury . . .
So, Adrian Sampson, called up to replace Wade Miley (who went on the DL earlier this month) didn’t get to make his second major leagues start, he experienced issues in his warm up in Detroit and now, is scheduled for elbow surgery 😦

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g68 |all things considered, the rook showed promise

Mariners 2 | Red Sox 6


‘t was a pretty tall order for local talent, Adrian Sampson’s major league debut . . . 
and, it started out well, working out of THREE-single trouble in the 1st, a lead-off walk in the 2nd, getting his first strikeout (and his first clean inning) in the 3rd but, then allowing a couple of homers: a solo shot in the 4th and killer THREE-run shot in the 5th
Live and Learn.
FOUR.TWO innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ TWO strikeouts

Monty goes THREE.ONE (his longest of the season – maybe stretching him out to start) and gets THREE K’s but, allows another TWO runs.

At least the rest of the pen should be fresh . . .

Promising start with the bases-loaded and no outs in the 1st  . . .
but, when they only came away w/ONE, even this rosy one was discouraged.
Then a nice solo shot by Adam to take a TWO-nothing lead I was back to encouraged.
But, that would be that . . . such is the ebb and flow of the game and the season.

TWO more DP’s but, another (ELEVENTH) error for Ketel

tweets of the game . . .