g91 | In YS, Kyle on, Robbie at bat = good things

Mariners 4 | Yankees 3

double trouble

The Bear was extremely effective and efficient (just the ONE mistake that went for a 2-run homer) . . .
It was curious that Lloyd pulled him prior to a full SIX (76 pitches) but, it was hot and he said the didn’t have the “zip to his legs” he saw earlier in the game. Guess he’s just being cautious, as this is only his third outing since coming off the DL and his good to great performance is going to be vital in the second half. Fun Fact: of Kuma’s FIVE strikeouts, THREE were to Alex 😉
FIVE.TWO innings ~ FIVE hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Joe, Mark, Vidal and Nando combined for TWO.ONE scoreless innings
} Carson had to really work for that SEVENTH save, giving up a lead-off double and a couple of strikeouts but the second strikeout was a WP that got away from Zu and the runner was able to get to 1B and then the following batter got an RBI via a ground out but, thankfully, on Carson’s THIRTIETH pitch, the last guy grounded out.

Only SEVEN total hits but, when TWO of them are TWO run homers, it helps (he also had a single).
When those TWO homers are from Robbie, in YS, it all the sweeter (Kyle was the one aboard both times). . .


No DP’s turned by either side or really any web gems to note

tweets of the game . . .

g90 | Monty and Kyle can’t quite carry . . .

Mariners 3 | Yankees 4

cant do it alone

Chalk up another QS for Monty . . .
SIX of his NINE starts have been QS, TWO of those were complete game shutouts, one of his “non-QS” was only a third of an inning away. Anyhoo, really great outing from Mike – he really had to pitch – and it was great to see. He walked ONE in the 1st but ended up striking out the side. When he got into trouble, he was able to limit the damage (e.g., a double, a single, a walk and a couple of WP’s in the 4th but a pop-up and a couple of strikeouts yields only ONE run) and end on a good note in the 6th retiring the side in order.
SIX innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ NINE strikeouts

} The good news: the BP of Joe, Tom and Vidal combined for TWO innings and struck out and only gave up ONE hit
} The bad news: the ONE hit was a solo shot by ARrod that was, ultimately, the game winner

Kyle did his thing, as per usual, in YS . . .
not ONE but TWO homers, accounting for all THREE M’s runs

~ AJ had a couple singles and Mark and Mike each had one, just not enough

* Zu with catcher interference
* Nice DP to end the 6th (Brad to Robbie to LoMo)

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g51-53 | spittin’ bristles at home vs. the Yanks

Rosy was out of town for two of the three games but, actually attended the third (got to see Tai pitch awesomely and get rewarded with a loss 😦 )

Mariners 2 | Yankees 7 – What’s up with The King?

After mowing ’em down in the first THREE innings, Felix was out of the game before FIVE full after giving up SEVEN runs on SIX hits and FIVE walks. The demise started in the 4th when the Yanks first run scored on a WP and it was down hill from there, including a grand slam in the 5th off the bat of Teixeira

Mariners 3 | Yankees 5 – Way to go, Monty!

Yes, it was a loss but, ‘t wasn’t Monty’s fault!
Great to see a young one cruise through his first major league start – that was the silver lining.
The dark clouds were . . .
~ the bullpen (specifically Nando, Tom and Joe): that surrendered the tying run in the 9th and THREE in the 11th
~ the offense: only managing to muster ONE extra base hit (AJ doubled) and going a paltry 3 fer 17 w/RiSP

Mariners 1| Yankees 3 – Another stellar start by Tai, another inept performance by the “OH”

Each team only managed FIVE hits, trouble was TWO of the Yanks hit left the park (ONE w/ONE on)
Tai’s line is certainly NOT one that deserved a loss . . .
EIGHT innings ~ FIVE hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ SEVEN strikeouts

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g66 | swept away at home . . .

Mariners 3 | Yankees 6

swept away

Unfortunately, unlike in NY, the 1st inning was an omen for Roenis . . .
He gave up a home run to Ellsbury in the 1st inning of both games. In NY he settled down immediately and only gave up ONE more run and THREE more hits in SEVEN innings. No such luck tonight, just no command.
THREE.ONE innings ~ SIX hits ~ SIX earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} But, the bully was SOLID ~ Dom, Danny, Yourvis and Charlie combined for FIVE.TWO scoreless innings, allowing only FOUR hits and ONE walk and striking out SIX

Gotta tip the cap to Mr Whitely AND the Yankee OF . . . .
I lost count of how many HARD hit balls died in Yankee OF’ers gloves 😦
As it was, most of their EIGHT hits were for extra bases . . .
~ THREE doubles – LoMo, Ack and Brad
~ ONE homer – LoMo’s first as a Mariner
~ BUT, seems like that total could have been easily doubled if it weren’t for great OF play (and some say defense isn’t important :/)

Most of the great DEE occurred when the Yanks were in the OF (see above) but, there were a couple of interesting things to note . . .
* No DP’s by either team
* Yanks made a throwing error on a pick-off attempt but, the M’s couldn’t capitalize
* Charlie made a great recovery on a come-backer that took a bad bounce – looked like a second baseman on that throw to 1B

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g65 | only TWO again ~ maybe fitting, considering “The Jeter Tour”

Let’s just hope TWO is enough tomorrow 😉

Prior to the game, it was announced . . .
Justin to the 15-day DL (strained quad) and Logan activated

After the game, it was announced . . .
Michael to the DL (AC joint inflammation – shoulder) corresponding move to come


Mariners 2 | Yankees 4

Chris didn’t have it tonight but . . .
he hung in through FIVE and amazingly, for him, didn’t have any fly-ball outs ~ in fact, the only fly ball flew ALL the way out ;-(
FIVE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} The Bartender served well tonight ~ THREE innings of scoreless ball w/THREE strikeouts and Joe added another scoreless frame

It seems Mr. Tanaka came as advertised . . .
Time to tip the cap ~ only SIX total hits, though TWO went for extra bases (Zunino’s double and Robbie’s first homer at Safeco Field as an M making things interesting for a moment in the 9th)  and ELEVEN strikeouts. I guess they now know how other teams feel after a Felix start 😉

Didn’t see the game, just some highlights . . .
* Robbie with a signature ‘nifty flip’ to 2B to start a DP (
* unfortunately, the M’s had TWO DP’s turned against them)

tweets of the game . . . 


g64 | of tributes, decent pitching and excellent DEE

Touching Tribute (the M’s always do “sappy” well ~ even a Yankee hater like me, had to shed a tear 😉 )


Jay and Edgar were on, before the game, along with Robbie and Felix to bestore Derek w/gifts . . .
Jay presented Jeter with a seat from the Kingdome (the venue where Jeter colleted his first MLB hit) Edgar presented the 2B bag from the game (it would be framed for Jeter after the series), Robbie gave him an inscribed watch (Rolex, no doubt) and finally, Felix presented him with a check to his Turn 2 foundation.

Mariners 2 | Yankees 3

Kuma had an un Kuma-like start to his start . . .
giving up FOUR hits (3 singles and 1 double) and TWO runs in the FIRST. He then settled in and allowed only TWO singles and TWO walks through SEVEN with three credits on PO along the way. Seems Kuma takes PFP seriously 😉  he had a couple of come-backers and threw to Willie at 1B and then Willie made a great back-handed stop and a toss to Kuma at the 1B bag (I swear that’s gotta be harder than it looks). It was in the 8th that Kuma gave up his second double and eighth total hit ~ to Jeter of course ~
In any case a very respectable start, The Bear definitely kept ’em in it . . .
SEVEN.ONE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Unfortunately, Charlie promptly gave up a hit and and RBI to a lefty 😦 and the Yankees took the slim lead (3-2) that they would not relinquish. He induced a DP to end the 8th and, despite a HBP threw a scoreless 9th

Some VERY hard hit balls were deftly run down and/or caught at the wall . . .
woulda, coulda, shoulda as it was, M’s only recorded EIGHT hits ~ TWO for extra bases (doubles by Mike and Robbie)

THREE DP’s tonight . . .
* See the Mound section for Kuma’s glove work on one of them
* and a strike ’em out “tag ’em out’ that was kind of comical

tweets of the game . . .


g57 | delayed SWEEP ~ take THAT NY rain-outs!

Felix, the M’s OH and the Yanks DEE (or lack thereof) was a good combo to complete the sweep 😉

broom 1

Mariners 10 | Yankees 2

The King was The King ~ we’ve come to expect nothing less, especially when he pitches in NY . . .
While he allowed EIGHT hits and TWO runs – the runs were a bit flukey (see the fielding section) and only ONE of the Yanks’ hits was for extra-bases (Solarte double). Felix retired the last NINE batters he faced, striking out THREE of the last FOUR . . .
SEVEN innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} The bullpen was plenty rested (thanks to Roenis’ CG yesterday) and Charlie and Joe were able to combine for TWO scoreless innings (ONE hit, ONE K)

wow – where do I begin?!?

I’ll start with the small contributors and work my way up . . .
~ James and Endy the only ones without a hit (but, James laid down a bunt and Endy scored a run)
~ Robbie, in his first game back after missing FOUR with a hand injury, walked TWICE and he and Justin each collected ONE hit and ONE rbi
~ Dustin was building a picket fence – ONE hit, ONE run, ONE rbi, ONE walk
~ Brad continues to climb out of a pretty deep hole, posting a hit, a run and TWO rbi tonight (rbis that were actually the turning point of the game – making it 4-2 at that point)
~ Zu contributed with TWO hits, ONE runs and ONE rbi
~ Michael scored ONE run and posted THREE rbi on TWO hits – including an “insurance” run (or so we thought at the time 😉 ) via a solo shot

and now ~ da, da-da, dun . . .

The STAR of the night – Kyle with FOUR extra-base hits!
THREE runs, THREE RBI, ONE double, TWO triples, ONE 3-run homer (his first on the road!)

Funky play that netted the Yanks their only runs in the 4th . . .
with TWO out Ichiro hit a ground ball that Felix kick-saved but, Brad didn’t glove it (tried to make a bare-handed play) and missed it entirely so, the runs scored. Two batters later, Brad redeemed himself with a great knee-sliding catch and throw to Kyle to nail Ichiro trying to go from 2B to 3B

The Yanks had their issues in the field as well . . .
Gardner and Jeter both missed catching a pop-up – bounced out of Gardner’s glove and toward Jeter where it rattled around a bit more without any urgent chase from Derek who, apparently thought it was foul and it resulted in Kyle’s second triple. And, in the 7th, with TWO on and Endy bunting, Phelps tried to throw to 3B instead of 1B – it was a close play and Zu was called safe (Girardi challenged but, the call was upheld and the M’s had bases-loaded, no outs)

* Endy made a fabulous diving catch to rob Ichiro of a sure double and James a nice running catch on Solarte’s lead-off fly ball that were it not for Jame’s jump and exact route would have been at least a long single.

tweets of the game . . .


g26 | if you listened hard, you could hear Yanks fans crying “uncle” ~or~ “we want Felix!” :-)

So yeah, I’ve no doubt there was a collective sign of relief from Yankee fandom when it was announced that, due to the rain out, they would miss Felix.


Yanks, meet Roenis.

The game after Zunino was the SECOND youngest player to record FOUR hits in his FIRST game at YS, Roenis did this . . .


Interesting to note that, going into this game . . .

^ Mariners = 1-2 vs teams UNDER .500, 10-12 vs teams OVER .500
^ Yankees = 12-8 vs teams UNDER .500, 3-3 vs teams OVER .500

Clearly, the M’s need to play better against the lessor teams.
Clearly, the Y’s have had a soft schedule, so far.


Mariners 4 | Yankees 2

’tis a game of adjustments and, young Roenis seems to be making them quite well . . .
He was pretty ticked with that lead-off homer to Ellsbury. So much so that, he struck out the side, in order, after that. That lead-off homer would be the ONLY extra-base hit he would allow in his SEVEN innings of work (in fact, that would be the only Yanks’ XBH period). At one point, Roenis struck out FIVE in-a-row. Despite the fact that the results haven’t been there every time, his raw skills are quite evident and you can just feel him improving – awesome to see him put it all together and go SEVEN strong without a TON of pitches and improve his CONTROL, take COMMAND and gain CONFIDENCE – way to go, Roenis!

SEVEN innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO runs ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ TEN strikeouts

} Yourvis 1-2-3 8th and Fernando without TOO much drama (a single to Ichiro with TWO outs) preserved the SECOND win for Roenis, the TWELFTH victory for the M’s and his SIXTH save.

~ Early returns of Michael leading off = thumbs up! His THREE hits was the only multiple tonight.
~ A bit disappointing to see Corey, Justin and Mike go 0’fer
~ But, really encouraging to see that everyone else had at least ONE run and/or ONE RBI. Contribution up and down the line up is a GOOD thing!

* TWO very nice double plays
* and ONE rather ugly attempt at a DP (error charged to Robbie but, seems Brad was a bit mis-placed) that resulted in an un-earned run with the next batter
* Kyle with an awesome, jumping snare of a smash liner for the first out of the 7th


tweets of the game . . .


g64 | when the pitching comes through, the bats do not

Mariners 1 | Yankees 2

I decided at the last minute to attend the game today. It would have been SO worth it if the M’s had pulled it out. As it was, the loss made my mound of chores and errands put off all the more daunting. Oh well, at least there was that bit of history in seeing Mariano Rivera throw his last pitch ever at Safeco Field which resulted in his 23rd save of the season and a series win for the Yanks . . .

Felix really had to work hard today (especially in the first TWO innings, where he threw 40 pitches and gave up both his walks and his only run). Despite his great final line, it just seemed like he never truly got into a groove. He also didn’t get a lotta help from his defense and, there was a bit of a scare in the 7th – after he got the first two batters out, Rick Griffin came out to the mound with Wedge. Not sure what the issue was but, he stayed in and struck out Gardner on THREE pitches for the final out.

SEVEN innings ~ FIVE hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

} the bullpen of Charlie + Yoervis + Ollie wasn’t particularly sharp today, giving up a couple walks, a couple hits and the go ahead run in the 9th

The M’s made Phelps work a bit in the first couple of innings as well. Jason led off the 1st with a single and Kyle walked with two outs but they couldn’t capitalize. In the 2nd, they were able to tie it up: Kelly had a great NINE pitch AB that resulted in a double and Alex walked (his first time on base since his call up) and Brendan singled to get Kelly home and tie the game.

But, 1-1 is where it would stay until the 9th. In fact, Phelps faced the minimum in innings 3-7.

Alex had a lead off double in the 8th but, after a sac bunt by Brendan, Jason and Nick struck out to end the threat.

There was a glimmer of hope in the 9th when Kyle roped a single (extending his hitting streak to 13) on the first pitch but, Kendrys killed the hope by grounding into a double play (I’m thinking he needs to sit out a game or two and rest that back, clearly he’s not been himself the past few games). Raul was intentionally, unintentionally walked and hope rose again when Chavez, pinch hitting for Kelly hit a single but, as I tweeted above – that was all she wrote.

There was a nice DP turned in the 2nd but, other than that, the defense looked a bit sub-par today (Brendan with a throwing error allowing a runner to be safe at 1B) and Nick with an attempt at a back hand that failed

tweets of the game . . .

(there was a conspicuous absence of tweets during the game but, found this one much later)


g63 | Y’s / M’s season series tied at 3

Mariners 1 | Yankees 3

Didn’t see much of the game today and the innings I did see found me a bit distracted by the fact that today was the wedding day of my best friend’s first child and only son and, as such, made the loss easier to take 🙂

Looks like Safeco Joe posted a quality start, though not quite up to par with his typical home start . . .
6.2 innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} The bullpen of Danny + Ollie + Carter combined for 2.2 innings of scoreless ball w/THREE strikeouts

Pettitte and Co. held the M’s to a meager FOUR hits . . .
~ Kyle, who extended his hitting streak to 12, had two of them (ONE off Andy, ONE off Mo)
~Brandon Bantz went 0-2 in his major league debut
~ Michael M drove in the M’s first and only run via a sac fly to score Jason and tie the game at 1-1 (good to see his back coming back around, though he still can’t go full speed with the tender quad)

– Some nice grabs in the OF by Jason and Raul (the old guys surprise in the field now and then)
– Nick with a DP attempt in the 5th was only able to get the lead runner as he bobbled the ball on the transfer
– Brendan just keeps doing his thing at SS (great play to end the 6th)
– Brandon had a couple CS chances (apparently, a skill he’s quite adept at) but, both thefts were successful

quote of the game . . .(via via Greg Johns, MLB.com)

Brandon Bantz made his first career start for the Mariners at catcher, going 0-for-2 before being pinch-hit for in the eighth. Bantz received a standing ovation from the crowd before his first at-bat, with home-plate umpire Laz Diaz telling him to tip his cap before getting into the box.

“That was something I didn’t really expect at all,” said Bantz, called up this week when Jesus Sucre injured his left hand. “I got some chills through my body there. I didn’t really know what to do. Do I wait, do I let them keep going, do I step in here? Then Laz looks at me and said, ‘You’re not stepping into the box until you give them a wave.’ That was a moment I’ll never forget, the Mariners faithful there. I appreciate that a lot. That was pretty cool.”

* Carlos Triunfel recalled from AAA as Jesus Sucre goes to the 15-DL with a hand injury
* Kendrys left the game in the 6th (replaced by Alex Liddi) with back stiffness 😦

tweets of the game . . .